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    • AnnaNana

      Some Favorite Music Videos:
      The third song in this set: (from minute 6:25 to the end of video)
      The third song in this set: (from minute 5:00 to 6:37)
      The second and third song in this set: (from minute 2:08 to the end of the video)
      The first and second songs in this set: (from beginning of video to minute 5:46)
      The second song in this set: (from minute 1:51 to 6:11)
      The second song in this set: (from minute 3:21 to 6:30)
      The second song in this set: (from minute 2:40 to 6:56)
      Jehovah God is Love. He will resurrect His Family and His Organization and heal them all. We are One Family with One Father. Jehovah's Word Always Comes True. Praise Jah!
    • NuNu

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    • Mic Drop

      Guy eating sushi at Fred Meyers in Vancouver, WA

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    • Grazia Chiafele  »  misette

      Bonjour, je suis Grazia Chiafele et je vis à Mouscron en Belgique. Je suis Témoin de Jéhovah et je me suis inscrite sur Misette et tout s’est bien passé.
      J’ai reçu un mail de confirmation de votre part.
      J’ai accès aux perles spirituelles (je pense qu’il s’agit de la soeur Michelle), mais pas à la vidéo par écrit. Est-ce normal ?
      Merci beaucoup 
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