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    • The above is complete hogwash.  What happened is that Joseph "Judge" Rutherford" tried to butter Hitler up in a conciliatory letter, before Hitler went completely bat-crap crazy ... but Jehovah's Witnesses in Germany almost "to the man" resisted Hitler, and were imprisoned and put to death without compromising any integrity toward God. Many Elders in Germany caved in to Hitler, because they were trying to appease Rutherford, but the rank-and-file JWs actual stand was magnificent, as a whole, and as a group. And TTH did NOT indicate in any way that he "hated Trump". You are seeing things that are not there ... BECAUSE it is you, Matthew9969, who has  a case of WDS "Watchtower Derangement Syndrome" and because your reasoning and logic processes are dominated by your bogus agenda, you are seeing things that are not there, and projecting those fantasys as originating from others. "Be true to your own self, and it follows, you can be false to no man" (paraphrased) . You have become in your derangement one very sad person to read, and that is why I voted you last two posts "sad" You waste what intelligence you have. Oh, and Matthew9969, If you want freedom of speech for yourself, morally, you have to allow for it in others, even if it is what YOU consider bluster and gross error.  To have the moral high ground you can legitimately point out someone's error, or ask them to "prove it", or to act, and call them a hypocrite, with or without a sound basis ... but you CANNOT demand or even contemplate that they "shut up", for not seeing things the same way you do.
    • Jw's boast about how they were the most liked in concentration camps, they also supported the Hitler war against the Jews, and they believe it was a satanic/demonic act for a military to stop Hitler. So given the context, the JW's wish that Hitler would have never been defeated, actually feel sorrow that he didn't succeed.  TTH, dude, if you hate Trump so much, then get off your jw ass and vote against him. But wait you can't vote against him because you are not allowed to vote. So grow some balls, meaning be a man, and vote against Trump or shut up.  
    • What is it with this idiot? His first remark bashes me for seeming to criticise Trump: His second bashes me for seeming to praise him: As his many accusations at JWs are shot down, he is degenerating into just another source of vitriol. As for cheering for Trump, an elder leading a pioneer meeting—dare I say it was the circuit overseer?—emphasizes the importance of neutrality and the challenges of completely remaining so. “Now we all know that Trump is crazy, but.....” he starts. Two sisters look at each other, and the one says to the other: “I know that my father is a good man, and he voted for Trump.” That CO is very atypical. I’ve never heard another one mention the president, or any president, either way. Doubtless he watches the network news at the end of the day, where they do nothing but bash the president. Making any country great again doesn’t necessarily do it for those accustomed to treating equally those of any “nation, tribe, people, and tongue.” (Revelation 7:9) As for the photoshopped Trump beating up on the CNN bobble head, the average Witness who sees that thinks of how he tries not to do like that with the householder. He observes that Trump is bombastic whereas he tries to be polite. Often his politics go no further than that.
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