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    • @Arauna Hi, you have a lot of knowledge about UN and world affairs. What do you know about the Federal Reserve? And who owns it? And what are the objectives of the Federal Reserve? And how are the owners of the Federal Reserve tied to UN? I think you would be excited to learn more. Here is a 7 minute video I would recommend you  sOaXQJjYk1Y And here is a wonderful documentary explaining history since crusaiders:   I think you would enjoy.
    • I enjoyed the honesty and laughed out loud many times.  So I will also be honest.  I think the above sentence refers to me.... and I agree.  I have often thought my judgment is not very good regarding interaction with the nasty characters on the forum. It gives jehovah no credit. Sometimes, while showing the  impatient side of my personality - I chided myself,  but still went ahead.   The watchtower was a wakeup call for me - thank you Jehovah. None of us is so strong we cannot fall. Deceit comes in many forms.  While I do write some crazy things, I am glad I have an outlet for a very creative imagination. But i am always grateful to know the truth, be in the field regularly, and be at the meetings.  I am in an absolutely lovely congregation and I love all the young ones. I think I may be the eldest.  I should cherish it much more and rather spend more time on building even better relationships in the congregation. I am not a dignified elderly person. I hate coming across as dignified and pious. I do not take myself too seriously.... so there!  You know me a little better!  However, I have learnt that there is no compromise on Jehovahs principles..... but one should always try to see the other side to act in a compassionate, merciful, just and wise way.  I am unconventional in every way and therefore had to learn to curb /pummel a colourful personality to be fit for Jehovah's purpose. ...... and still learning to improve all the way!   It is hard to navigate this world as a JW and that is why I take my hat off for the young ones who remain so obedient and exemplary! 
    • Thanks. A very interesting article. Did you notice he talks about a " new world order" similar to the Yalta agreement when the world was divided after WW2?  China and Russia are now major players.  Russia with its orthodox social  and Islamic social elements (at present Islam and communism in alliance); additionally Putin is talking of "purging" free thinking "liberal "elements remaining from 1991. So the new leadership of the world may shift to communist countries who want a NWO where they play a major leadership and  economic role.  Religion will be subject to the state - or none allowed - as in China.  At present Catholicism is taking the lead to create unity of religion...riding like a queen. This is my theory:   if you know the  outcome  you can start to fill in the steps leading to it.  Satan may try to create one world false religion in opposition to jehovah like he did at tower of Babel, when the peoples were disbanded to thwart their plans.  (They would quickly have reached the world situation we are in right now with one world language  - end up with the power and technology to control others to do what pleases the leaders - they were bent on creating an empire.)  Satan is now being drawn out for final battle and wants to combine it (no religion or false religion) with a totalitarian rulership whereby all peoples will be controlled under its jurisdiction - those who follow the true God will be eliminated.  China has overreached itself economically (debt) but has good relations with Russia - who seems to think it will take the lead in NWO with China.   (They are,  of course, underestimating militant Islam - and Russia will eventually turn against it as China has done). The secular western world has already been brainwashed by the new philosophy and will be a pushover.  Hindu religion is also becoming militant and has been declared the official religion of India. India and China have good relations apart from the problems in Tibet and its other borders with Islam. How this will resolve we have to wait and see.  The NWO people want a federation of blocks if fedral nations who co-operate. They want to remove several borders to do this. They only want a few digital currencies which are all linked to one world bank or one controlling organization. They want to prove that humans can rule the earth successfully in their own way and  will eventually call " peace and security". The article,  link above,  says that US will be so embroiled in internal strife (if trump is re-elected) that the world will (most probably) have to be divided without US playing a major role. I agree the radical left are already indoctrinated in post modern philosophy and are militant in a bolchevist way.  The racial divide is also spurred on by "outside/subversive" money.  If Sanders (or one of his kin comes in ) we will gladly become part of a global community. Either way - US  will eventually be in a global community. Whatever happens - the dollar will lose its power; more wars ensue; a chinese or a global financial collapse with USA's debt in the mix - events most probably will allow one coordinated digital money system to be installed.  Most nations will willingly give over their autonomy to a group of co-operating nations..... be it UN or a new organization. They will turn against religion and we know the rest. In thia picture of current events and plans I see the final outcome...... one artificially united system in opposition to jehovah.... I may be wrong..... because unpredictable and unexpected twists to human plans occur.  It is after all speculation on current world events.
    • I don't think anyone will bother replying to your assumption as it is rather silly. Of course we know what the definition of an apostate is.
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