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    • Unfortunately we have seen time after time the watchtower can twist, lied and change things as it suits them, so im sure they can make something up.. And remember the watchtower doesn't need to defend themselves if JWs doesn't know about it.... 😆😆😆
    • @Witness  the video is (for me anyway) over the top Americanism unfortunately. BUT what he is saying is true.  We can see how the first sentence of this report starts off.  1.  Expert Opinion, Holly Folk, Massimo Introvigne, J. Gordon Melton. 1. We have been requested by the law firm of Mr. Shane Brady, representing the “Christian Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses in the Netherlands”,  Shane Brady, it seems, is/ was in 2007, an "in house Witnesses lawyer and respected 'Bethelite'. and a senior religious leader.... that defended the blood issue in 2007.  I can't quite understand how this Mr Brady can be be a full time JW living in Bethel / HQ in USA, and at  the same time be part of this Law Firm below.  https://wghow.ca/partners-associates.htm    Shane H. Brady, J.D. Partner Shane received his law degree from Osgoode Law School (Toronto, Ontario) (later converted to J.D.) and was admitted to the Ontario Bar in 2001. He articled under the tutelage of our eminent founding lawyer, W. Glen How, O.C., Q.C., L.S.M. Few other mentors could have provided the breadth and depth of legal education. Shane has done trial and appellate work in civil, family, constitutional, and criminal law. Shane has advocated for mature minors' rights to make their own medical treatment decisions. He was the primary lawyer in a case from the provincial trial court to the Supreme Court of Canada, resulting in the seminal decision of the Supreme Court of Canada in AC v Manitoba (Director of Child and Family Services), 2009 SCC 30, [2009] 2 SCR 181. Currently Shane specializes in international human rights work in the European Court of Human Rights, the Court of Justice of the European Union, and the United Nations Human Rights Committee, representing clients in both European and post-Soviet countries.  So is he only representing JWs ?   So it was this Mr Brady, JW leader, Lawyer, currently specialising in human rights, that hired the EXPERT OPINION report, using a man, Massimo Introvigne  that writes about satanism and From 2008 to 2016 he has served as vice-president of the Catholic movement Alleanza Cattolica  Massimo Introvigne is also known to :-    he advocates doctrinaire positions that favour groups like Scientology.   Sorry the writing is a mess, it's grabbing quote that don't want to fit together.   But, oh dear, the GB and their lawyers seem to have a lot to answer for. I honestly wonder how God and Christ feel about it all. What is Jesus feeling right now, that he actually died for this mess ?             
    • In the video from the linked post, Paula White says: "...we declare that any strange winds, any strange winds that have been sent to hurt the church, sent against this nation, sent against our president, sent against myself, sent against others, we break it by the superior blood of Jesus." I hope this clears up any misunderstandings.
    • Maybe, you should ask a JW after they hear both Jackson and Travis Brooks give their weather-related accounts.  That will give you your most accurate answer.  Jackson:  “We truly have seen Jehovah’s hand in helping the project”  How? “Just one example”… that Jackson enhanced upon was, how the weather cooperated with the production of the Bible. Who then, controlled the weather that summer?  “Jehovah” Travis Brooks – “Jehovah’s blessing is the most important thing we can have on our projects”.  What was the greatest blessing to finish the work? Sand, delivered by a typhoon, at the hand of "Jehovah".   What does the average JW think when hearing both of these examples?  God provides, through the actions of weather, when the organization is facing an obstacle...relief or aid, through a weather-related event.     
    • Well did they say that or not?
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