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    • Everybody knows the book exists. Pioneer service school also has a book not for general distribution. Everybody knows it exists. They either know of it specifically or they know of it in the ’Well.....duh!’ sense that they know that any training of any class of any subject in any discipline just may feature a curriculum and textbook not for general distribution. It is not a conspiracy. The world is not flat. GM did not invent a 100 mile per gallon carburetor that they have sat upon for umpteen years.
    • @James Thomas Rook Jr. I believe this 'Rule Book' shifts the goal posts quite often, with updates on certain matters.  Also as you say it is Elder's eyes only. So how do the congregants know proper the 'rules' then ?  Surely each Elder could 'translate' the rules according to His own needs.  And as you say 'Most JWs don't even know about that book.  What does that show ? It shows that congregants are naive and blindly follow the words of the Elders.  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Separate comment  @Srecko Sostar John 10:16 Jesus said :- "I have other sheep, which are not of this fold; I must bring them also, and they will hear My voice; and they will become one flock with one shepherd." So there are two folds it seems. A fold can be a hollow in the ground, or a group of people.  I always thought a 'fold' was a fenced area in a field or farm yard.  My point is that i think the Greek scriptures are for the Anointed to follow more closely. The Anointed are in one fold, the earthly class in a different fold. But are one flock because they follow the one shepherd, Jesus Christ. However, i think God and Christ demand much more from the Anointed because this is the testing ground of the Anointed, here and now.  The earthly class will get a thousand years to grow back to perfection, and then a final test. 
    • I find you very amusing Mr Rook. It seems that you feel you can say things against your GB and its Org, but others should not.  Come on, Holy Spirit is not like drinking a casual cup of coffee.  Holy Spirit is a gift from Almighty God through Jesus Christ. I would at least expect to see some kind of positive result from it.  Since the great disappointment of 1975, the Org has lost momentum, lost congregants, lost direction, changed it's teachings, is now losing money in multiple court cases, has lost credibility as to being a 'clean' 'wholesome' Organisation. It is stumbling and bumbling along. Being led by 8 men who are totally lost. Blind leading the blind, and oh what a pit they have fallen into.  The very fact that you expect nothing, and get nothing, shows there is NO Holy Spirit in JW Org.  I'm off to my kitchen to get a casual cup of coffee    
    • I tend to think on things as being the tip of an iceberg   And to be boring, this brings us back to that Database they are withholding.  Oh what wonderful information must be in that 20 + year Database. 
    • From time to time there is some TV program here, where some young Catholic are proud to say how they respect marriage as Bible talking about. I don't know is it good to talk about people of any religious belongings as more or less "moral" than in some other religious group.  Compare this two practices: JW dfd members who are sexually immoral. In some other religion they kill them. Does second religious group show more zeal for "purity" inside their religion? Do they act as "god's servant who carry sword and punishing all who brake the law according to authority god gave them"? When whole World will be coming JW congregation, would/will sinners be dfd or killed? And, who will execute the judgment?  
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