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    • I think the world is not aware how badly China is exploiting resources in Africa and south America..... the european colonies or USA  never went this far.  ..... I guess because there still was abundance at the time. China is taking all that is left.  I saw footage of trees (large circumference - old trees)  on hundreds of trucks standing in line ready to leave for the port to China.  Kenia's forests are being dessimated and animal habitat ruined - no cry from Green Earth or one of those organizations.   Recently saw 3 lion prides - shot dead and paws cut off for the Chinese market.  I cannot explain to you the revulsion I felt to these people who have no respect for what we have left on earth.   China is now the new world consumer..... and it does not respect animal life. It eats anything and everything.  all in front of it. They do not have christian-judeo conscience.  Speak to people who have lived there for a number of years  - they have no compassion to the western degree.   They will not stop the exploitation until nothing is left.
    • I don't either. I try to get information from original sources when possible, leaks, info from FOIA requests, even those we are not supposed to see, anti-Chinese criticisms that come from pro-Chinese sources, and pro-Chinese admissions that come from generally anti-Chinese sources. The best "gems" come from researching items that come from sources which apparently slip up and accidentally admit the opposite of their usual agenda. (Such as the Bolton interview I heard.) Here's an innocuous example: Let's say that a person who generally writes anti-Chinese propaganda says something like, "well it's true that China has a 5 percent GDP growth rate this year, but this already represents a slowdown and presents a better picture than it can probably maintain, because [trade tarriffs, high debt, etc. etc.] . . . "  In the above, we can be pretty sure that the 5 percent growth rate has a high chance of being correct, or even understated, because it was admitted to be true, even when the person probably didn't want to admit it. Further research would show that the actual rate had been 6 percent, and that it really was a "slowdown" -- but a slowdown that is still twice as fast as the US growth rate. International financial newspapers and magazines which I used to get at work all the time were always full of "surprises" like this to help you build up a picture from such items. A reader has to be skeptical at all times, of everone on every side of an issue, and do this a lot, to get a better overall picture. 
    • True, we know all these facts.... the hypocracy, the disrespect for life, the military industrial complex at work.  America had the power and used it.....to bring untold suffering in other countries. Russia and China was building power in this time....... So what makes me think China and Russia will use their power to the full extent  when the have supremacy ?   The imperfect /wicked nature of mankind.... If you had to advise a child... would you let them watch?  Many new ones do not have the discernment needed to see where the deceit lies.  The advice is the best they can give because all would not listen in any case.
    • John Bolton did not admit all those common American tactics out loud, nor would he ever purposely say that China has not used these tactics -- even if they haven't. Bolton proved himself a liar on several occasions in the past, and I tend to tune him out when NPR, CNN or FOX is playing somewhere in the background. All Bolton explicitly said was that he was concerned that China's tactics are taking away former African friends and allies and diverting resources that America was once able to exploit more easily, because China uses different tactics that are attractive by comparison. You may or may not know some of the tactics America uses and/or former colonial powers in Africa have used for exploitation, but there is a concerted effort to try to pin those same exploitative tactics on China. I'm sure Bolton would gladly say that America has never used these tactics and only China uses these tactics if he thought he could get away with it. All he really said was that whatever tactics China is using, it is gaining them preference over America: that we are losing friends and they are gaining friends. This has been a big problem with American anti-Chinese rhetoric for years now. China has like an 80+ percent  approval rating for its policies in Pakistan working together on ports, rairlrods, energy, trade. Nothing is altruistic of course, since China is helped by these same projects. But America is pushed out of the picture in Pakistan, since America is more militaristic and always wants to squeeze out resources and build military bases and have control over a country's finances, and makes countries pay for American corporations who take out much more profit for themselves. China wants the same resources in Africa that America does, but America has sometimes used its own military, or paid for death squads to keep cheap labor working when they complain about abuse, especially in mines. So, when I hear things like all the military bases that China has built in Africa, I immediately check to see if they even have even one, and then I check to see how many the United States has. When I hear that China is using the old predatory loan scheme that America is famous for, I check to see if there is evidence they have even done this once. I've started to recognize that almost everything China is blamed for, might even be true to some extent, but it is nearly always a projection of what has been done in a much worse way by others.
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