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    • @Anna  I don't think you answered the situation where by a person LEAVES the JW Org because they know about the disgusting things that go on in it, such as Child Sexual Abuse Earthwide. And they know about the false teachings which have been made so clear on this forum. And they do not want to teach lies to members of the public.  What is your opinion then of such a person that leaves the JW Org of their own free will ?  If they are to be treated as a 'tax collector' or a 'person of the nations' then shouldn't JWs talk to them ? Jesus spoke to and ate meals with such ones.    Quote @Anna  " The basics are in the Bible, for anyone to see " But JWs have to obey the GB's / JW Org rules, so your comment doesn't help.   
    • Quote  @Arauna  " Probably the most superficial posting here on this forum because there is no concept of historical context.   Always placing old articles and using modern laws and attitudes to  defame Jws " Historical concept :-   Acts 10 v 34 & 35.  34  At this Peter began to speak, and he said: “Now I truly understand that God is not partial, 35  but in every nation the man who fears him and does what is right is acceptable to him.   Add to this that :- Act 5 v 9 Berean Literal BibleBut Peter and the apostles answering said, "It is necessary to obey God rather than men.   Now put those two together and you will get.   If we are to serve GOD properly we must treat all people, of any colour, equally, because this is what God tells us to do. Even if it means disobeying the laws of men.    ANYONE guided by Holy Spirit would have known what was the right and wrong of it all.    Stop making excuses for the Bible Students and early Witnesses.     
    • They are all backstabbers, here—the GB, the COs, the elders, the MSs, the.....really, everybody but me. But it doesn’t bother me. When I see them sneaking up behind my back to do this (which is always) I have learned to whirl around and take them out with a kick to the head like Chuck Norris.
    • If you drive a car on the road and you follow the road rules..... you do not encounter a problem and you do not feel as though you are under law....  BUT break the rules such as going over a solid white line ..... one stands a chance of killing your own family or another in an oncoming car..... or the police may catch you....   So you are only under law when you break the law. ..... When you keep/observe the law you are safe and free.....   So there is only police control when you break the law or the law of disaster steps in because of risk behaviour.....  So the org has no control.... your own behaviour puts you at risk....... but irresponsible people with risk behaviour see it as encroachment on their freedom.
    • Yes, Anna. I found, how it is unreasonable, out of common sense, not to have normal conversation of two human, or at least, as minimum to say, Hallo. Sometimes it would depend on in what relations they were before, of course.   When you mentioned, Christians 24/7, i suppose how that would include to "love the enemy" as Jesus said. If some JW member want to "love his enemy" in Jesus' context of teaching, i guess how dfd or dis member are not consider to be worst than "the enemy, men from nation" ?! :)) Or is he/she? If we go so far in conclusions about some bro/sis, perhaps it will be good to remind self how sort of "final judgement" for all of us will be in some future time, i guess, and not now. And process subject in that "judgement" will not be because we belonged or not belonged to particular religion, now, but because of some other issues.  Below is quote from WT publication what JW believes it is Judgmental Day. (Judgment Day will be not only a time of instruction from God but also a time for those alive to apply what they learn and enjoy the blessings that result.) - https://www.jw.org/en/library/magazines/g201001/what-is-judgment-day/.
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