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Memorial of the Death of our Lord Jesus Christ

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Jehovah's Witnesses commemorate Christ's death as a ransom or "propitiatory sacrifice" by observing the Lord's Evening Meal, or Memorial. They celebrate it once per year, noting that it was instituted on the Passover, an annual festival. This is the only celebration the Bible commands Christians to observe.

Of those who attend the Memorial, a small minority worldwide partake of the unleavened bread and wine. This is because Jehovah's Witnesses believe that the majority of the faithful have an earthly hope. Only those who believe they have a heavenly hope, the "remnant" (those still living) of the 144,000 "anointed", partake of the bread and wine. In 2014, the number of persons who partook worldwide was 

    Hello guest!
, whereas the number who attended was 
    Hello guest!

The Memorial, held after sunset, includes a talk on the meaning of the celebration and the circulation among the audience of 
    Hello guest!
    Hello guest!
Jehovah's Witnesses believe the bread symbolizes Jesus Christ's body which he gave on behalf of mankind, and that the wine symbolizes his blood which redeems from sin. They do not believe in transubstantiation or consubstantiation. Because many congregations have no members who claim to be anointed, it is common for no one to partake of the bread and wine.

See also: What is the meaning of the bread and the wine served at the Memorial?

Jehovah’s Witnesses observe the Memorial after sundown on Nisan 14, according to the reckoning of the Jewish calendar that was common in the first century. The Jewish day begins at sundown and extends until the following sundown. So Jesus died on the same Jewish calendar day that he instituted the Memorial. The beginning of the month of Nisan was the sunset after the new moon nearest the spring equinox became visible in Jerusalem. The Memorial date is 14 days thereafter. (Thus the date for the Memorial may not coincide with that of the Passover kept by modern-day Jews. Why not? The start of their calendar months is set to coincide with the astronomical new moon, not the visible new moon over Jerusalem, which may come 18 to 30 hours later. Also, most Jews today keep the Passover on Nisan 15, not on the 14th as did Jesus in harmony with what was stated in the Mosaic Law.)

Memorial is always held on the first full moon after March 21st. It's always a full moon because Memorial is always held 14 days after the new moon. Hebrew months start on the new moon (the new month). Therefore Nisan 14 is always a full moon (+- 24 hours).

    Hello guest!


Why is it observed annually?


Talk: The Last Hours of Jesus Christ

Particularly beginning in the 1930’s, prospective members of the “great multitude,” or “great crowd” of other sheep, began to manifest themselves. (Rev. 7:9, 10, KJ; John 10:16) These were at that time referred to as Jonadabs. For the first time, in its issue of February 15, 1938, The Watchtower specifically invited them to be present at the Memorial, saying: “After six p.m. on April 15 let each company of the anointed assemble and celebrate the Memorial, their companions the Jonadabs also being present.” They did attend, not as partakers, but as observers. 

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1 hour ago, Cheeto said:

Nissan 15 falls on April 22 this year. So why was the memorial a month early this year?

I would simply point you to this discussion however it is not a concise answer to your question:

I will ask @JW Insider to see how he would phrase a simple answer to that question.

(Although be prepared for supporting documentation to follow ;)

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I called Headquarters and they wouldn't say why it was in Adar, and not Nissan. I am aware of how they have counted the times for eons. As a witness,  I studied it also. But EVERY sorce I went to showed it was at the incorrect time for the Memorial.  I just want an answer!  Not a refference to another place in the publications that proves again, that it was on the wrong date. 

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Hi. I'll try to answer your question fairly simply.


The basic reason is a difference in methods for when an extra lunar month needs to be added. In general every lunar calendar must add about 1 extra month every 3 years to match back up to the seasonal, solar calendar. In fact it's actually not 1 out of every 3 (which is the same as 6 out of 18), but it's 7 out of 19. If it were exactly 1 out of 3, you probably wouldn't see much of a problem because it would be easy to always match up to the Jewish calendar. We'd always know exactly when the leap month was going to be added. But a 7 out of 19 pattern could be done several different ways. The first table below, shows only three of a dozen different methods that could be used, and every one of them would be exactly right again after 19 years.

Since 1929, inclusive, we (JWs) have always followed the exact method in the "Christendom" column. (Always produces the same week as Easter.)  Prior to 1929 we (JWs) always used the exact method represented in the "Jewish" column.

The column in "Method 1" is just for comparison, although it's a well-documented method that has been used by many persons who find it simpler to remember a "1 out of 3" pattern for 18 years, and then correct it with an extra in the 19th year. The problem is that the method is too erratic and unnecessarily makes Spring about 5 weeks late in the 19th year. If these "leap months" are spread out more evenly, as in the "Jewish" method, then Spring will start no more than about 17 days early or 17 days late. In fact, the "Christendom" method effectively starts "Nisan 14/15" at the first full moon after the vernal spring equinox, so that the range is no more than 15 days before, or 15 days after.) 

Every range of 19 years in the following table should contain 7 years with 13 lunar months rather than 12.

Year# Method 1 Jewish Christndm Actual Yr
1 12 lun 13 lun 12 lun 1997
2 12 lun 12 lun 13 lun 1998
3 13 lun 12 lun 12 lun 1999
4 12 lun 13 lun 13 lun 2000
5 12 lun 12 lun 12 lun 2001
6 13 lun 13 lun 12 lun 2002
7 12 lun 12 lun 13 lun 2003
8 12 lun 12 lun 12 lun 2004
9 13 lun 13 lun 12 lun 2005
10 12 lun 12 lun 13 lun 2006
11 12 lun 12 lun 12 lun 2007
12 13 lun 13 lun 12 lun 2008
13 12 lun 12 lun 13 lun 2009
14 12 lun 13 lun 12 lun 2010
15 13 lun 12 lun 13 lun 2011
16 12 lun 12 lun 12 lun 2012
17 12 lun 12 lun 12 lun 2013
18 13 lun 13 lun 13 lun 2014
19 13 lun 12 lun 12 lun 2015
20 12 lun 13 lun 12 lun 2016
21 12 lun 12 lun 13 lun 2017
21 13 lun 12 lun 12 lun 2018



As you know, our calendar year is usually 365 days and sometimes 366 days, so that the average is about 365.25 days. So we divide it into months of either 28, 29, 30 or 31 days. So, our average month is therefore about 30.4 days. 

But if you measure each month by the time it takes the moon to cycle through all it's phases, then the average "lunar month" is 29.5 days. That means that if you start each lunar month when you see that first sliver of a "new moon," then it could be about 30 days until the sighting of the next new month, then 29 days the next new month after that, then 30, then 29, etc.

But that means that by the time you go through 12 lunar months, you will have a "year" of only 354 days. (12x29.5=354)  That's about 11 days shorter than a standard solar year. So if you want to stay matched up to the solar seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn, WInter) you will have to add an extra lunar cycle (i.e., an extra 29 or 30-day month) about every three years. Otherwise, if you keep losing 11 days every year, then in a few years you will find yourself trying to pick summer fruits in the middle of winter, which doesn't work very well in Israel's climate, or almost any climate in the northern hemisphere.

Also, if you work it out more exactly, you will see that you it isn't exactly 1 extra lunar month for every 3 years, but 7 every 19 years. But even if it was always as easy as just 1 out of 3, and the pattern repeated continually, there is still no absolute reason to count every three years from the same starting years. The one out of three method works out to mean that you follow a pattern of -11, -11, +19, (repeating), which will be explained below. But there is no reason that one the pattern could not be chosen as -11, +19, -11, (repeating), or +19, -11, -11 (repeating). It's as if in the following example, you arbitrarily picked 2018 or 2019 as the FIRST YEAR and started repeating the cycle in that year, instead of 2017. 

Assume the current year is correct for when it starts the month of Nisan. (2016)

  • FIRST YEAR: Subtract 11 days to start Nisan next year (2017)
    • 11 days, because 12 lunar months are 354 days and this is 11 days short of 365.
  • SECOND YEAR: Subtract 11 more days to start Nisan the year after that (2018)
    • 11 days short again, same reason.
  • THIRD YEAR: Add 19 days to start Nisan the year after that (2019)
    • 19 days, because 12 lunar months is still -11 (354) but you add a 30-day month (a second Adar) so that this year will be 384 days long.384-365=19; 30 minus 11 equals 19.
  • REPEAT CYCLE for another 3 year cycle: -11, -11, +19.  (Ths can work for up to 18 years before you will need an extra adjustment.)

I made a table of all the Memorial dates since the Watchtower started in 1879 up to the present. The following table includes includes only the years 1997 to 2018. These can be used to check the years that were effectively given a 13th month (second Adar). These are the years when Memorial is about 19 days later in the year than the previous year, rather than about 11 days earlier in the year. I bolded them. Notice that Easter is always the Sunday after our Memorial. Passover is always within a day or two, or within a day or two, plus an entire month.

1997 3/23/1997 3/30/1997 4/22/1997
1998 4/11/1998 4/12/1998 4/11/1998
1999 4/1/1999 4/4/1999 4/1/1999
2000 4/19/2000 4/23/2000 4/20/2000
2001 4/8/2001 4/15/2001 4/8/2001
2002 3/28/2002 3/31/2002 4/28/2002
2003 4/16/2003 4/20/2003 4/17/2003
2004 4/4/2004 4/11/2004 4/6/2004
2005 3/24/2005 3/27/2005 4/24/2005
2006 4/12/2006 4/16/2006 4/13/2006
2007 4/2/2007 4/8/2007 4/3/2007
2008 3/22/2008 3/23/2008 4/20/2008
2009 4/9/2009 4/12/2009 4/9/2009
2010 3/30/2010 4/4/2010 4/30/2010
2011 4/17/2011 4/24/2011 4/19/2011
2012 4/5/2012 4/8/2012 4/7/2012
2013 3/26/2013 3/31/2013 3/26/2013
2014 4/14/2014 4/20/2014 4/15/2014
2015 4/3/2015 4/5/2015 4/4/2015
2016 3/23/2016 3/27/2016 4/23/2016
2017 4/11/2017 4/16/2017 4/11/2017
2018 4/1/2018 4/4/2018 4/1/2018



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On 3/31/2016 at 10:47 PM, Cheeto said:

I called Headquarters and they wouldn't say why it was in Adar, and not Nissan. I am aware of how they have counted the times for eons. As a witness,  I studied it also. But EVERY sorce I went to showed it was at the incorrect time for the Memorial.  I just want an answer!  Not a refference to another place in the publications that proves again, that it was on the wrong date. 

As I'm sure you already know, the whole purpose of adding a second Adar is so that Nisan continues to start as closely as possible  to the vernal equinox. (Spring in the Northern Hemisphere.) When the lunar year starts slipping back behind the solar year, the Jewish method tends to correct the year with a leap month, one year before it's really necessary to meet the goal of keeping Nisan as close to the beginning of Spring as possible. So this results in a wider range of possible dates that's closer to a 5 week range of dates that includes the equinox, when it's actually possible to keep it slightly more accurately to within nearly a 4 week range of dates that includes the equinox. By correcting the year to align the equinox with Nisan a year before it was really necessary, they (the Jewish method) added the second Adar one year prior to when "Christendom's" method would have added it. But "Christendom's" method is slightly more accurate, astronomically. And it's a bit simpler to calculate, and a little more consistent. You'll notice in the last chart of my last post that Passover usually aligns with Memorial, and the 6 times that it didn't, it was always because Jewish "leap-year" Adar was a year earlier than the method we follow.

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This is fine. I understand that. Yet the why the memorial is a MONTH before Passover leaves out the point that Jesus spent his last meal with the Apostles at Passover.  So regardless of when spring equinox falls on whose calender, the Passover meal WAS part of the meal Jesus had withe them. Passover HAS to be when the crops are green, etc. because of this being a lunar calendar they went by. No matter how the GB chooses to do it, Passover will ALWAYS be figured correct.  The memorial WAS at the wrong time. Not at Nissan 14, But Adar. You said what I knew, but have NOT answered the WHY Adar 2 is ignored.  Spring is spring. Adar 2, or leap year. Same=same.  Passover will NEVER change, just like God doesn't change. 

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@Cheeto  I don't understand why you say Passover will never change. It's as if you believe there is only one correct way to determine when to add the leap month called "Adar II." Here is some evidence that the method is sometimes arbitrary.

[BTW, I just noticed a typo in the Passover date for 2010: It was 3/30 not 4/30.]

In my lifetime +/- a couple of years, according the Jewish calendar method, Passover has fallen on April 7 about 4 times.

  • Whenever Passover fell on April 7th, it means that the month Nisan had started on March 24th, which was very close to the vernal equinox on about March 21st..
  • For every one of these 4 different years, the calendar NEVER added the leap month of Adar 2 at the end of that Jewish year (as an adjustment for the following year) even though, if they didn't, it would mean that the start of the month of Nisan was definitely going to slip back behind the vernal equinox in that next year.
  • As you might expect, if Passover fell on April 9th, they also never did add it.
  • As you might expect, if Passover fell on April 5th, they always did add the Adar II as the last month of that year.

So you might get the impression that April 7th was the cut-off point for the earliest that Passover could fall before it became necessary to add the Adar II. In fact, if you check April 6th 1985, they did add it, and after Passover on 4/8/1982 they did not add it.

So with just this info you would have:

  • April 5th, ADD IT
  • April 6th, ADD IT
  • April 7th, DO NOT ADD IT
  • April 8th, DO NOT ADD IT
  • April 9th, DO NOT ADD IT

So it might look like there is a uniform process that makes April 7th the cutoff, and any Passover that falls before 4/7 is an indicator that Adar II must be added to the end of that year, so that Spring and Passover doesn't come too early the next year.

But here is the problem with that:

  • April 6th, 1993 (and 1917, 1936) was a Passover date, and they did NOT add Adar II to the end of that year.
  • April 6th, 1985 (and 2004) was a Passover date, and they DID add Adar II to the end of that year.
  • So, although they never added after a 4/7 date, they sometimes DO and sometimes DON'T add one for a 4/6 day.

Those exceptions made "Spring" start more than a month later in 2012, than it did in 1994. In other words, Passover does change. It can be more than a month later (or earlier) in some years.

I think that the Watchtower acknowledged this very well all the way back in the yearly Memorial issue for 1908 where Russell said (pps. 35-36; Reprints pps 4127-8:

From the foregoing it will be seen that, with every endeavor to reach exactly the date specified in their Law for the Passover, the Jews have difficulty, and often there is of necessity a choice between two days equally appropriate. However, they follow the guidance of their leaders in this matter and have a uniformity of celebration, instead of each one trying to fix the date and celebrating according to his personal knowledge, convenience or preference. And this measure of subserviency to leaders was endorsed by our Lord, who said, "The Scribes and Pharisees sit in Moses' seat; whatsoever therefore they bid you observe, that observe and do." (Matt. 23:3.) The Apostle indicated the same course to the Gospel Church. (Heb. 13:17.) Two essential features of the celebration of the Passover were: (1) uniformity, and (2) that it begin as exactly as possible at the full of the moon--which symbolized the fullness of favor to Israel.


So, one way of looking at it is: that by one person's reckoning the 14th of Adar (or Adar II) on one calendar is actually the 14th of Nisan  on the calendar of another person. Both are equally appropriate. One uses a certain method, to keep the start of Nisan as close as possible to the vernal equinox and another uses a different method. Most years, both methods will fall on the same date, , but some years, they won't. In those years when they don't fall on the same date, they are back in sync again the following year. Neither method is due to a Biblical command or injunction; both methods were developed and turned into a pattern over time, through some trial and error.


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I do see what everyone means. Someone asked what I meant about Passover not changing. What I was meaning was that the Passover was to always come after the spring equinox.  Things are supposed to be a certain way for it to be counted.You all sure gave me more information than anyone else and I thank you all for that. Peace to you all! 

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I see three typos, in my last post. One of them was where I even spelled "typo" wrong ("type"). None of it changes the overall point, but if there are any questions on any specifics, feel free to ask. Unfortunately, I keep clicking enter when done, and then when I come back to see what I wrote, it's too late to edit it. :$

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So seeing that! Why was the Jehovah's Witness Memorial a whole month before the passover? The Memorial was always near Passover because he had Passover with the Apostles before he was taken away. So why was the Memorial not near Passover as usual? 

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All you quoted from WT was that it could be a day or two off, but why was it a month early? Just a straight answer will do. It was way off from Passover and what you showed was why Passover is on different times.

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In 1938 as well in 1984 the new moon visible in Jerusalem was on April 2 after 18:00

In 1938 the moon illumination 4.2%
In 1984 the moon illumination 1.2%

Nisan 14 begins well after 18:00 April 15


fi 1,2 AD 1h39m21.jpg

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why do you want coincide our calendar with the Jewish calendar? - 

In 2017 the New Moon in Jerusalem is March 29 after 18:00 - as well as in 1979 and 1998

In 1979 the moon illumination 3.1%
In 1998 the moon illumination 3.4%

in 2017 the moon illumination 3.2%

14 Nisan is indeed April 11, 2017

fi 3,2 AD 1h54m5.jpg

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8 hours ago, tromboneck said:

6419 increase in past 9 years

a whole lot a anointin going on.

All anointing, whether true or mistaken, is self-professed. There are 8 mil JWs worldwide? How significant is a  6.4K jump? I have known several 'modern' partakers - not all for whom you would say 'well, of course!'

I like it that the GB is drawn from persons who are A.) annointed, and B.) annnointed, who have proved their dedication through decades of full-time service, performing a ministry more lowly than most of those whom they later will lead.

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16 hours ago, tromboneck said:

Jesus made it clear that some of "this generation" will still be on earth when the great tribulation begins; relatively few are left now. Prophecies about the anointed generation prove that the end is near. This increase is positive, but not all of these anointed partakers are of this generation. They are anointed but do not count in the prophecy about "this generation." Those who are of this generation are, once again, dwindling each year, relatively few are left now.

But you also have to take into consideration the anointed of the overlapping generation, i.e those who were alive before the last known anointed of 1914 died. So that buys the "2nd generation" of anointed up to (approximately) 35 years.

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I am relying on a memory set over 50 years old, but I remember studying that if a traveler or other person could not make it to Memorial for some very serious reason, that they could have a Memorial Celebration one Lunar Month later. We studied that in the KM at the KH, if memory serves.

Does anybody remember this ... probably from the early 1960's?

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On 7/10/2017 at 8:08 PM, James Thomas Rook Jr. said:

Does anybody remember this ... probably from the early 1960's?

Yes. I remember the "rule" but I never remember anyone ever speaking about specific "anointed" persons actually invoking it. Vaguely remember hearing about a natural disaster somewhere that forced the entire Memorial to be cancelled and then handled a month later, but I think even this became frowned up, especially after a formal announcement in the KM in 1999.

*** w60 4/1 p. 224 Questions From Readers ***
Of course, an exception should be made in the case of those of the remnant who, because of infirmity or sickness, are unable to attend. Individual portions are to be supplied to these, regardless of their age or physical condition, by a brother competent to discuss the occasion with them briefly. Such are to be considered as both attenders and partakers. Disfellowshiped persons are not welcome. Should they attend and partake, they would not be counted. Likewise, if any newcomers who are not yet baptized partake of the emblems, they should not be counted.
What if any professing to be of the remnant should, due to circumstances beyond their control, be absolutely prevented from observing the Memorial and partaking of the emblems? It would seem that the merciful and loving provision that Jehovah made for celebrating the Passover a month later by those Jews ceremonially unclean on Nisan 14 would apply in their case. The individual member of the remnant would therefore observe a personal memorial of Christ’s death on the fourteenth day of the following month, Iyar according to the Jewish calendar, or just thirty days later.—Num. 9:9-14.

In the 1999 KM it was announced that everything possible would be done to avoid this, by having elders take the Memorial emblems to anointed persons confined to their homes, etc. Also it was stated that it was NOT necessary for "other sheep" to make any additional arrangements for a missed meeting.

*** w93 2/1 p. 31 Questions From Readers ***
If a Christian is sick or is traveling and thus not able to be at the Memorial celebration, should he celebrate it a month later?
. . . If one who has each year been partaking is this year confined to a sickbed at home or in a hospital, elders of the local congregation will arrange for one of them to take some of the bread and wine to the sick one, discuss appropriate Bible texts on the subject, and serve the emblems. If an anointed Christian is away from his home congregation, he should arrange to go to a congregation in the area where he will be on that date.
In view of this, it would only be under very exceptional circumstances that an anointed Christian would have to celebrate the Lord’s Evening Meal 30 days later (one lunar month), in line with the command at Numbers 9:10, 11 and the example at 2 Chronicles 30:1-3, 15.
Those who are of Jesus’ “other sheep” class, with the hope of everlasting life on a paradise earth, are not under command to partake of the bread and the wine. (John 10:16) It is important to attend the annual celebration, but they do not partake of the emblems. So if one of them is sick or is traveling and thus not with any congregation that evening, he or she could privately read over appropriate scriptures (including the account of Jesus’ instituting the celebration) and pray for Jehovah’s blessing on the event worldwide. But in this case there is no need for any additional arrangement for a meeting or a special Biblical discussion a month later.

I believe the KM had first began to regularly mention this arrangement for going to the partakers who were confined to home, hospital, etc., in 1987. (As it is already mentioned in 1960.) But I recall that this practice might have fallen off somewhat at least in the late 70s and early 80s, and that there might have been some announcement to bring it back into full effect in 1984, because this is when our congregation began making these arrangements, instead of still making special arrangements to bring infirm, anointed brothers to the Hall. This had proved to be a lot of stress for an elderly person for which my own family had provided the transportation, and I remember the switch-over very well that year. [Not important, but I'd be interested if this was the case for any others prior to 1984, in case it was just a couple congregations in my area who seemed to change their arrangements at that time.]

*** km 3/87 p. 3 Preparation for a Special Occasion ***
Are arrangements complete to help older and infirm brothers and sisters? Are arrangements made to serve any of the anointed who may be confined and unable to attend?

That 1993 WT article was brought up again in the KMS assignments in 1999 when Numbers 9 was part of the Bible Reading. But the main point was not about accommodating anointed with the one-month-later celebration, but only to make sure that it was understood that NO special arrangements were to be made for "other sheep" to have a special meeting one month later.

The "Written Review" in December 1999 said:

If a Christian of the other sheep class is not able to attend the Memorial of Jesus’ death, he should celebrate it a month later in harmony with the principle stated at Numbers 9:10, 11. (John 10:16) [Weekly Bible reading; see w93 2/1 p. 31 par. 9.]

The correct answer was FALSE (he should NOT celebrate it one month later).

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On 7/10/2017 at 9:30 PM, tromboneck said:

but I will take into serious consideration anything until Jesus Christ through his "faithful and discreet slave" explains it.

They have explained it, just like I quoted.

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10 hours ago, tromboneck said:

I'm sorry. Could you go over all that just one more time?

Tom, I am assuming you are asking me this question.

If you remember Br. Splane (in I can't  remember which month's broadcast) explained that the "2nd" generation of anointed would have to be contemporaries of the "1st" generation. This 1st generation would have had to be anointed in 1914 . He used the example of Br. Franz who was born in 1893 and baptized April 1914. Thus, anyone who became anointed during Br. Franz's lifetime and is still alive now, is of the 2nd generation. Br. Franz died in 1992, so anyone who was of the anointed before then (and is still alive) is of the 2nd generation, because their anointed life overlapped with that of Br. Franz. The youngest members whose lives overlapped with that of Br. Franz and who are still alive and who we know of, are in their early 50's (eg. Br. Jackson and Br. Sanderson) So, in theory, this does buy us about 35 years or so, assuming both brothers live to be in their late 80's and the great tribulation hasn't come before then.

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@tromboneck  P.S. We could stretch it even more with using the example of Br. Morris's son who I believe is 43? (or 45) and of the anointed. Assuming his son got baptized when he was 18 in 1992, just before Br. Franz dies, then he will also be among the 2nd generation. So that would "buy" us an extra 46 years (if we were to say he lived to be 89). I think 50 years is about the maximum years you can count. Of course as you say, the anointed don't have to wait until they die. But still, this gives us up to 50 years or so, where the end can come anytime between now and then.

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Well ... without HARD FACTS I am not one to take anyone's advice about invisible things that 5 out of 5 Elders I asked were unable to explain to me ... one being an EXTREMELY brilliant Elder that knows intricate detail about every Star Trek Episode ... and things that make no sense to me whatsoever because of their COMPLETELY arbitrary basis, ( that means completely made-up ... for those in Rio Linda) ... and I will allow that all this "gobbledygook", may in fact be true .... but I just DON'T SEE IT.

However, If I was to take someones' advice on these specific matters, It would be, not from someone who was ALWAYS WRONG about EVERYTHING not specifically stated in the Bible, but someone who was ALWAYS RIGHT about things they published.

You may find it interesting that Sir Isaac Newton was such a man ... and that his Core Beliefs are EXACTLY like the Jehovah's Witnesses Core Beliefs, and although he never published it, it was his opinion that Armageddon would occur PERHAPS in the year 2060, but possibly as early as 2032.  He hand wrote over a million words on Theological subjects, and his writings are in the Hebrew National Museum, in Jerusalem, if memory serves.

So .... should we believe someone who is ALWAYS wrong .. or someone who is ALWAYS right?

The way I look at it, since I have no control over ANY of it ... I don't care! 

I am going to try and live what is left of my life, as best I can know how, and let the rest slide.

May the Farce be with you!


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2 hours ago, tromboneck said:

I did not know that Bro. Morris' son was anointed. Now, that is a revelation. Thank you for that!

I didn't know either, until a friend in Bethel told me....

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11 hours ago, James Thomas Rook Jr. said:

However, If I was to take someones' advice on these specific matters, It would be, not from someone who was ALWAYS WRONG about EVERYTHING not specifically stated in the Bible, but someone who was ALWAYS RIGHT about things they published.

You may find it interesting that Sir Isaac Newton was such a man

The time has come to blow this Newton idiot out of the water. The fact is that Brother Newton was ALWAYS WRONG! ALL of the hogwash he handed down to the unwashed has been PROVEN faulty. He has NEVER been RIGHT. He only gave THE APPEARANCE of being right to those who were content to be LED BY THE NOSE!!!!

Brother Einstein has completely exposed what a pathetic simpleton he was. Not only that, he has EXPOSED the DUPES who followed him. MEN of HONOR, who are not afraid to DIE IN THE TRENCHES OF TRUTH have never blindly followed this MAN!!! Thomas Jefferson would have LAUGHED AT HIM!

The GBoS (Governing Body of Science) tries to foist upon HONORABLE MEN the absurdity that Brother Newton and Brother Einstein belong to the overlapping generation of scientists. It is ABSOLUTE HOGWASH designed to keep the ignorant ones IN THEIR CONTROL!!

Brother Einstein, too, will be shown up as the pathetic creature of dust he is, perhaps five, perhaps ten, perhaps more years from now - but he WILL BE SHOWN UP!!!  What? When I am cruising down the highway in my AMC Pacer, I am really standing still, and the whole world is racing past me at 60MPH? Is he nuts?

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5 hours ago, tromboneck said:

You state: The way I look at it, since I have no control over ANY of it ... I don't care!  You  MUST care!


We are talking about two ENTIRELY different things ... please meditate on what I must have been trying to say in that posting, now that you have that hint.

I am so used to having to read a "million words" that really say nothing of value that I try not to do that ... even when it would help.

Job's three Elder friends sat in front of him for THREE DAYS "consoling" him ( If you have a LOT of money, they will do that ...), and when it was all said and done, they had NOTHING to say .... nothing worth recording in the Scriptures.

NOBODY sits in front of someone for three days and does not talk, even if you are dead.

I do not care about things that are unproven, unsubstantiated, and frankly, made up from clear air FANTASIES.

I enjoy fantasies, and usually keep them in a mental box with tall high walls so they do not get mixed in with reality .... usually labeled "Science Fiction", or just plain "Fiction", etc.

I have a mental room FULL of tall boxes, appropriately "labeled".

5 hours ago, tromboneck said:

Brother here is our situation: (1 Corinthians 13:12, 13) 1 " For now we see in hazy outline by means of a metal mirror, but then it will be face-to-face. At present I know partially, but then I will know accurately, just as I am accurately known. 13 Now, however, these three remain: faith, hope, love; but the greatest of these is love."

I agree with that 100% ... and that is what keeps me going ... but a metal mirror that is heavily scratched up reflects light,  but does not reflect any image, at all .. the light is scattered by the sides of the scratches in all directions.

BECAUSE I know that "At present I know partially, but then I will know accurately, just as I am accurately known. 13 Now, however, these three remain: faith, hope, love; but the greatest of these is love.".

I have concluded that obsession with made up drivel (scratches, and even gouges...) is a waste of the pitifully few hours and minutes of my life that are left ...

... and I agree with the Apostle Paule when he said that love ... is greater than faith and hope. 

About those UNSUBSTANTIATED  things ... I Don't care.

It's called "Living with REALITY!"

Tom Rook



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That overlapping generations ploy is just a attempt to keep the money machine going for the very well to do covering body. It is not biblical and has no relation to the pagan memorial.

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After Jesus was arrested, the following morning, the Jews were looking forward to the Passover still as shown in John 18:28. Jesus would not have broken Jewish law  by having Passover a night early with his Disciples for then he would not be perfect but a law breaker. The Feast of Unleavened Bread was started so that is why they were having unleavened bread.  

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  • Similar Content

    • By Anna
      I have noticed many friends seem to be stressing about the acquisition of the memorial symbols during the coronavirus lockdown. There have been quite a few discussions on social media and in person.
      These discussions were mainly regarding the necessity for memorial symbols if such became troublesome to purchase and if no one in the household was a partaker. The elders sent out information, one  of which was the 85 WT 2/1/ p. 31 "question from readers" (
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content. )which says in part: "On occasion, raging storms or floods have prevented a congregation, or some of its members, from meeting together as planned. In rare cases, martial law has been in effect with armed soldiers barring citizens from being out-of-doors after sunset. Other Christians have not been able to be at the congregation’s celebration because of being hospitalized or seriously ill. What can be done in such instances?
      While it is fitting for the whole congregation to unite for this important event, circumstances such as noted above may make that impossible. When extreme weather, a natural disaster, or the like, absolutely prevents a family or a portion of a congregation from meeting with the congregation, the isolated ones can meet and discuss Scriptural accounts such as found in Luke 22:7-23, 28-30 and; 1 Corinthians 11:20-31, as well as discussing the meaning of the occasion. Similarly, if an enforced curfew makes it impossible for a congregation to gather on the appropriate night, meeting in Congregation Book Study groups or neighborhood groups might be the best alternative, the sum of those in attendance serving as the congregation’s attendance report. A brief talk may even be given if a capable, dedicated brother is in the group. There need not be concern that no suitable emblems are available as long as no one in this emergency situation previously partook of the bread and the wine as an anointed Christian".
      It made me think about the whole topic a little bit more. To observe the memorial was a command by Jesus for the anointed, and as far as I am aware, there is nothing in the Bible commanding the great crowd to observe it, even as spectators. However, at the beginning, before the great crowd was identified, all were partakers. After that, the emblems kept being passed, and those who were anointed partook, and those who were not obviously didn't. Fast forward to today, in a congregation setting, even if we "know" that currently no one partakes, that can change. So while all the anointed are not sealed yet, we cannot assume, and stop passing along the emblems on the account that we think no one is anointed in our congregation. No one is asked beforehand if they are going to partake, that only becomes evident when the emblems reach them, and they eat the bread and drink the wine. That way, no one is put on the spot. Of course, on top of that, since we are one flock, and we support the anointed in everything, we observe the memorial with them, as spectators, and also to show appreciation for what Jesus did for us. But, under lockdown circumstances if we know for sure no one is going to partake in our family, then there is really no need for the emblems. That's how I see it anyway. But some prefer to have the emblems to help them visualize things better. Although we are supposed to be walking by faith, not by sight...😀
      I like how our website puts it: "The purpose of the Lord’s Evening Meal is to remember Jesus, showing our gratitude for his sacrifice in our behalf. (Matthew 20:28; 1 Corinthians 11:24) The observance is not a sacrament, or a religious practice that imparts merit such as grace or the forgiveness of sins. * The Bible teaches that our sins can be forgiven, not by a religious rite, but only through faith in Jesus".—Romans 3:25; 1 John 2:1, 2.
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content. Unfortunately, it seems like some are viewing the memorial as some kind of religious ritual, and are even going to pass the emblems among themselves as if touching them somehow makes all the difference....Because I come from a Catholic family, I find this kind of reasoning a little disappointing...
      Also, I don't know if anyone has listened to the memorial talk, the brother says that Jehovah's Witnesses would risk their lives to be at the memorial. In view of all the above, isn't that statement a little far fetched?
      Any thoughts?
    • By The Librarian
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content. observe the Memorial of Christ’s death (also called “the Lord’s Evening Meal” - 1 Corinthians 11:20) because Christians are commanded to. Jesus said to "Keep doing this in remembrance of me.” (1 Cor. 11:24) But how often? The Memorial of Jesus’ death is truly a memorial, and memorials are usually observed annually.
      Additionally, when Jesus was on Earth, Jesus celebrated the Passover with his apostles, and then instituted the Lord’s Evening Meal. Because this meal replaced the Jewish Passover it is appropriate to observe it just once a year.
      Does Paul's use of the word "often" mean that the Lord’s Evening Meal should be celebrated more often than once a year? Referring to the institution of the Memorial of Jesus’ death, Paul wrote: “As often as you eat this loaf and drink this cup, you keep proclaiming the death of the Lord, until he arrives.” (1 Corinthians 11:25, 26) So what did Paul mean here? Did he really mean for Christ's death to be commemorated frequently - more often than once a year? Notice this excerpt from the w03 1/1 p. 31; Questions From Readers; par. 2: "In the context of 1 Corinthians 11:25, 26, Paul was discussing, not how often, but how the Memorial should be observed. In the original Greek, he did not use the word pol·la′kis, which means “often” or “frequently.” Rather, he used the word ho·sa′kis, which means “as often as,” an idiom meaning “whenever,” “every time that.” Paul was saying: ‘Every time that you do this, you keep proclaiming the death of the Lord.’" 

    • By James Thomas Rook Jr.
      Here is another question.
      If Christ has ALREADY come to Earth as an invisible presence, and is ruling as King NOW ......  starting in 1914 ...... why are we still celebrating the Memorial?
    • By Brother Rando
      The Memorial of Christ is not the Last Supper that the world continues to celebrate. The Last Supper can also be rendered the Last Passover Meal. The Jewish Day began at Sunset.  Since the Sun sets at various times, the Passover Supper would begin after the Sun disappeared from the Horizon with darkness setting in. The Last Passover Meal was Nisan 14th, 33 CE with the abolishment of the Old Covenant.
      When evening came, he was reclining at the table with the 12 disciples. ?While they were eating, he said: “Truly I say to you, one of you will betray me.” (
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content. )   The event that concluded the Last Passover Meal was the dismissal of an unfaithful apostle.  Jesus answered: “It is the one to whom I will give the piece of bread that I dip.” So after dipping the bread, he took it and gave it to Judas, the son of Simon Iscariot. ?After Judas took the piece of bread, then Satan entered into him. So Jesus said to him: “What you are doing, do it more quickly.”  (Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content. )  “So after he received the piece of bread, he went out immediately. And it was night.” (Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content. ) After dismissing the betrayer from the midst of the Faithful Disciples, Jesus instituted a new teaching for His Faithful Followers.  Notice, the whole world wasn’t invited, but those who proved to be faithful and trustworthy up to this point.  Since the founding of the Christian Congregation on Pentecost 33 CE, Christians have been commemorating the death of Jesus Christ every Nisan 14th.  With one simple command,  his faithful sheep “Keep doing this in remembrance of me.” (
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content. ) Please join us for the annual observance of the death of Jesus Christ. This year it will be held on Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content. .   Search for your 
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content. .  
    • Guest Nicole
    • By The Librarian
      memorial get together and picnic tshirts... wear these amazing tshirts to your next get together in your congregation...place the orders now!

      This is the first time I have ever seen such a thing.......
      What do you think?
    • By Jack Ryan
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content.
      The 2018 Memorial will be held on Saturday, March 31, 2018.
      The 2019 Memorial will be held on Friday, April 19, 2019.
    • By The Librarian
      For more details about the Memorial:
    • By The Librarian
      For more details about the Memorial:
    • By James Thomas Rook Jr.
      SCENARIO:  You are at a packed Kingdom Hall on Memorial night, and ten minutes into the remembrance talk, six masked people with weapons enter the Kingdom Hall and begin shooting everyone they can, without any conversation.  
      You are shot in the left side of your face and most of those teeth are gone.
      Before you know what is going on twelve Brothers and Sisters have been shot, screaming and panic ensues, and there is blood and bodies and brains all over, and the shooting continues.
      Would it be fitting for a Brother  to use his handgun to return fire on the murderers to try and save his own life, or the lives of his Brothers and Sisters?
      Or, in PubSpeak ... "Would it be fitting for a Christian to keep a firearm, such as a handgun or a rifle, for protection against other humans?" ( July 2017 Watchtower )
      This raises MANY Theocratic, moral, ethical, legal, and Societial policy questions ... all of which have REAL answers. 
      What is the RIGHT thing for a responsible Christian to do?
    • Guest Nicole
    • By JayDubya
      Celebrating the Memorial of Jesus Christ 2017!
      Share your photos and where you're from.
      The Washington's 
      Maryland, USA

    • Guest Nicole
    • By Queen Esther
      This  graphic  is  showing  the  number of partaking anointed remnant at the  MEMORIAL  since  1938....
      What  a  big  surprise  is  this  curious  curve !
      Many  years  of  lessening # of partaking anointed ones,  until  2007....
      Fred Franz
      b. Sept. 12, 1893 d. Dec. 22, 1992. (possibly a last one of the first group of anointed of "this generation")
      Mark Sanderson born 1965, baptized 1975 (10 yrs old), 27 yrs. old in 1992. ( 17 yrs in truth by this time; one of the last one's of "this generation")
      1993   8,693
      1994   8,617
      1995   8,645
      1996   8,757
      1997   8795
      1998   8756
      1999   8755
      2000   8661
      2001   8730
      2002   8760
      2003   8565
      2004   8570
      2005   8524
      2006   8,758
      2007   9,105 (when increase became
      2008   9,986 without question)
      2009 10,857
      2010 11,202
      2011 11,824
      2012 12,604   
      2013 13,204
      2014 14,121
      2015 15,177   6419 increase in past 9 years  
    • By ARchiv@L
      THE Memorial invitation

      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content.



    • By ARchiv@L
      L’INVITATION au Mémorial

      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content.
    • Guest Nicole
    • Guest Nicole
    • Guest Nicole
    • By io.porog
      By any chance are the CO talks and memorial talk outlines circulating?
    • Guest
      By Guest
      You are warmly invited to meet with us to observe the anniversary of Jesus’ death. Find a meeting location near you.
      Want to know more details about the Memorial?
      Facebook Invitation to share
    • By emmsor
      How great to work with  youngers to give glory to our Father

    • By Γιαννης Διαμαντιδης
      Jesus and his disciples ate the bread on the 14th of the month Nisan which is one day before of the 15th of Nisan and the celebration of the unleavened bread (Leviticus 23:6).
    • By Γιαννης Διαμαντιδης
      The Watchtower Society teaches that we must celebrate the Memorial of Jesus on the 14th of Nisan, but this year the date is March 23 which is the celebration of the Fast of Esther on the eve of Purim.
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content.

      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content.
    • By admin
      You are warmly invited to meet with us to observe the anniversary of Jesus’ death. Find a meeting location near you.
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content.  
      “You Will Be With Me in Paradise”
      How will this promise be fulfilled?
      In the hours before he died, Jesus assured his faithful apostles that they would be with him in his heavenly Kingdom. (
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content. ) He later promised a condemned criminal: “You will be with me in Paradise.” (Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content. ) How will those words come true? The fulfillment of both promises is possible because Jesus surrendered his life for mankind, even for sinners like that criminal. Jesus’ sacrifice was so vital that he commanded his followers to commemorate it.—
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in (it's free) to view the hidden content. . This year, the anniversary of Jesus’ death falls on Wednesday, March 23, 2016. Jehovah’s Witnesses invite you to meet with them on that date to observe the Memorial that Jesus instituted. You will hear an explanation of how his death can benefit you and your family.

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    • folens  »  Eric Ouellet

      Bonjour Eric, merci pour cet exposé sur Hanna, Bonne journée. Michel
      · 1 reply
    • Eric Ouellet

      UNE femme de foi adresse une prière à Jéhovah. Convaincue que c’est Dieu qui l’a relevée de la poussière, transformant son abattement en exultation, elle le loue à haute voix.
      Cette femme, c’est Hanna. Qu’est-ce qui explique son spectaculaire changement d’état d’âme ? Pourquoi est-elle à présent si joyeuse ? En quoi ce qu’elle a vécu peut-il nous être utile ? Intéressons-nous à son histoire.
      Une famille sous pression
      Hanna est l’une des deux femmes d’Elqana, un Lévite de la région d’Éphraïm (1 Samuel 1:1, 2a ; 1 Chroniques 6:33, 34). Bien que n’entrant pas dans le dessein originel de Dieu pour l’humanité, la polygamie est autorisée et réglementée sous la Loi mosaïque. Elle est néanmoins une source fréquente de discorde. La vie de cette famille, qui pourtant adore Jéhovah, en témoigne.
      Hanna est stérile, tandis que Peninna, l’autre femme d’Elqana, a plusieurs enfants. Peninna se comporte en rivale. — 1 Samuel 1:2b.
      Pour une Israélite, la stérilité est un déshonneur, et même un signe de la défaveur divine. Mais, dans le cas de Hanna, rien n’indique que son incapacité de procréer soit liée à la désapprobation de Dieu. Peninna ne la console pas pour autant ; elle se prévaut au contraire de son statut de mère pour l’humilier.
      Au sanctuaire de Jéhovah
      Malgré ces tensions, la famille entreprend le voyage annuel en direction du sanctuaire de Jéhovah, à Shilo, pour y offrir des sacrifices. L’aller-retour de quelque 60 kilomètres se fait vraisemblablement à pied. Cet événement doit être particulièrement pénible pour Hanna. En effet, Peninna et ses enfants reçoivent plusieurs portions du sacrifice de communion, alors que Hanna, elle, n’en reçoit qu’une seule. Peninna trouve là une opportunité supplémentaire de la blesser et de la mettre dans l’embarras ; il semble que Jéhovah ait “ fermé sa matrice ”, et elle ne manque pas de le lui rappeler. Tous les ans, c’est le même calvaire. Tous les ans, Hanna pleure et cesse de manger. Ces voyages qui normalement devraient la mettre en joie la plongent dans une profonde détresse. Hanna se rend néanmoins chaque année au sanctuaire de Jéhovah. — 1 Samuel 1:3-7.
      Voyez-vous en quoi Hanna est un bel exemple ? Comment réagissez-vous lorsque vous êtes déprimé ? Vous isolez-vous et évitez-vous les contacts avec vos compagnons chrétiens ? Ce n’est pas ce qu’a fait Hanna. Les rassemblements avec les adorateurs de Jéhovah étaient pour elle une habitude de vie. Même face à des circonstances éprouvantes, il devrait en être de même pour nous. — Psaume 26:12 ; 122:1 ; Proverbes 18:1 ; Hébreux 10:24, 25.
      Elqana tente de réconforter Hanna et il l’amène à exprimer ses sentiments profonds. “ Hanna, pourquoi pleures-tu et pourquoi ne manges-tu pas ? Pourquoi ton cœur a-t-il mal ? lui demande-t-il. Est-ce que je ne vaux pas mieux pour toi que dix fils ? ” (1 Samuel 1:8). Peut-être n’a-t-il pas conscience de la malveillance de Peninna. Et peut-être Hanna préfère-t-elle se taire plutôt que de se plaindre. Quoi qu’il en soit, cette femme spirituelle se tourne vers Jéhovah dans la prière pour retrouver la paix intérieure.
      Le vœu de Hanna
      Les sacrifices de communion étaient consommés dans le sanctuaire. Après avoir quitté la salle à manger, Hanna prie Dieu (1 Samuel 1:9, 10). “ Ô Jéhovah des armées, implore-t-elle, si tu ne manques pas de regarder l’affliction de ton esclave et si vraiment tu te souviens de moi, si tu n’oublies pas ton esclave et si vraiment tu donnes à ton esclave un descendant mâle, oui je le donnerai à Jéhovah pour tous les jours de sa vie, et le rasoir ne viendra pas sur sa tête. ” — 1 Samuel 1:11.
      La prière de Hanna est précise. Elle demande un fils, et elle fait le vœu que cet enfant sera toute sa vie un naziréen de Dieu (Nombres 6:1-5). Ce vœu nécessite l’approbation de son mari, et certaines actions ultérieures d’Elqana montrent qu’il approuve l’engagement pris par sa chère femme. — Nombres 30:6-8.
      À cause de la manière dont Hanna prie, le grand prêtre Éli la croit ivre. Il voit effectivement ses lèvres frémir, mais il ne l’entend pas parler. C’est qu’en fait Hanna prie dans son cœur, avec ferveur (1 Samuel 1:12-14). Imaginez ce qu’elle ressent lorsque le grand prêtre l’accuse d’être ivre ! Pourtant, elle lui répond respectueusement. Comprenant alors que Hanna était en train de prier “ dans l’abondance de [son] inquiétude et de [son] dépit ”, il lui dit : “ Que le Dieu d’Israël accorde ta requête. ” (1 Samuel 1:15-17). Sur ces paroles, Hanna s’en va ; elle mange et “ son visage ne par[aît] plus soucieux ”. — 1 Samuel 1:18.
      Que nous enseigne tout cela ? Lorsque nous prions Jéhovah à propos de nos inquiétudes, nous pouvons lui exprimer ce que nous ressentons et lui adresser des requêtes sincères. Si nous avons fait tout notre possible pour résoudre le problème, alors nous devrions laisser les choses entre ses mains. C’est ce qu’il y a de mieux à faire. — Proverbes 3:5, 6.
      Après une prière fervente, il est fréquent que des serviteurs de Jéhovah ressentent une sérénité comparable à celle que Hanna a éprouvée. Voici ce qu’a écrit l’apôtre Paul au sujet de la prière : “ Ne vous inquiétez de rien, mais en tout, par la prière et la supplication avec action de grâces, faites connaître vos requêtes à Dieu ; et la paix de Dieu, qui surpasse toute pensée, gardera vos cœurs et vos facultés mentales par le moyen de Christ Jésus. ” (Philippiens 4:6, 7). Après nous être déchargés de notre fardeau sur Jéhovah, nous devons le laisser s’en occuper. Puis, comme dans le cas de Hanna, il n’y a plus lieu de s’inquiéter. — Psaume 55:22.
      Un fils “ prêté ” à Jéhovah
      Dieu se tourne alors vers Hanna. Peu après, elle porte un enfant. Elle met au monde un garçon (1 Samuel 1:19, 20). C’est l’une des rares fois où la Bible fait état de la responsabilité de Dieu dans la naissance de l’un de ses serviteurs. L’enfant d’Elqana et de Hanna, Samuel, deviendra effectivement le prophète de Jéhovah, un prophète qui jouera un rôle important dans la mise en place de la monarchie d’Israël.
      Il est certain que Hanna parle de Jéhovah à Samuel dès sa petite enfance. Mais oublie-t-elle le vœu qu’elle a fait ? Absolument pas ! “ Dès que le garçon sera sevré, je devrai l’amener ; il devra paraître devant Jéhovah et habiter là pour des temps indéfinis ”, déclare-t-elle. Et en effet, une fois l’enfant sevré — peut-être à l’âge de trois ans ou un peu plus —, elle l’amène au sanctuaire, comme elle l’avait promis. — 1 Samuel 1:21-24 ; 2 Chroniques 31:16.
      Après avoir offert un sacrifice à Jéhovah, Hanna et son mari présentent Samuel à Éli. Hanna tient certainement la main de son petit garçon lorsqu’elle dit à Éli : “ Pardon, mon seigneur ! Par la vie de ton âme, mon seigneur, je suis la femme qui se tenait près de toi, en ce lieu, pour prier Jéhovah. C’est à propos de ce garçon que je priais, pour que Jéhovah m’accorde ma requête, ce que je lui demandais. Et moi, à mon tour, je l’ai prêté à Jéhovah. Oui, tous les jours qu’il sera, c’est quelqu’un de demandé pour Jéhovah. ” Ainsi commence, pour Samuel, une vie au service de Dieu. — 1 Samuel 1:25-28 ; 2:11.
      Le temps passe ; bien sûr Hanna n’oublie pas son fils. Les Écritures relatent : “ Sa mère avait coutume de lui faire un petit manteau sans manches, et elle le lui montait, d’année en année, quand elle montait avec son mari pour sacrifier le sacrifice annuel. ” (1 Samuel 2:19). Hanna prie sans aucun doute pour Samuel. Tous les ans, lorsqu’elle lui rend visite, elle l’encourage à coup sûr à demeurer fidèle dans son service pour Dieu.
      Pendant l’une de ces visites, Éli bénit les parents du garçon. Il déclare à Elqana : “ Que Jéhovah t’assigne une descendance de cette femme, à la place du prêt qui a été prêté à Jéhovah. ” C’est ainsi que le couple est récompensé par la naissance de trois autres fils et de deux filles. — 1 Samuel 2:20, 21.
      Quel formidable exemple pour les parents chrétiens ! Beaucoup de mères et de pères se montrent, eux aussi, disposés à prêter, figurément parlant, leurs enfants à Jéhovah ; en effet, ils les encouragent à entreprendre une forme de service à plein temps, même si cela implique que leur fils, ou leur fille, vive loin d’eux. De tels parents aimants méritent des louanges pour les sacrifices qu’ils font. Jéhovah les récompensera.
      Une prière qui déborde de joie
      Comme Hanna est heureuse, elle que la stérilité affectait tant autrefois ! Les Écritures ne contiennent que peu de prières faites par des femmes. Mais, en ce qui concerne Hanna, elles en rapportent deux. La première expose ses sentiments alors qu’elle est humiliée et affligée. La seconde exprime son exultation et son action de grâces ; elle commence par ces mots : “ Oui, mon cœur exulte en Jéhovah. ” Hanna se réjouit ensuite que ‘ même la stérile ait mis au monde ’. Et elle loue Jéhovah, celui “ qui élève [...], qui relève le petit de la poussière ”. Vraiment, il est celui qui “ de la fosse aux cendres [...] fait remonter le pauvre ”. — 1 Samuel 2:1-10.
      Cet épisode de la vie de Hanna, dont le récit a été inspiré par Dieu, montre que les imperfections, voire la malveillance, des autres peuvent nous blesser. Toutefois, nous ne devons pas permettre à ce genre d’épreuves de nous priver de notre joie de servir Dieu. Jéhovah est, par excellence, Celui qui entend la prière, qui répond aux appels à l’aide de ses fidèles et qui les délivre de l’affliction. Il leur accorde une paix profonde et de nombreuses autres bénédictions. — Psaume 22:23-26 ; 34:6-8 ; 65:2.

      · 0 replies
    • Eric Ouellet

      1 Samuel 2 : 1-10
      Hannah pria Dieu en ces mots:
      Mon cœur se réjouit au sujet de Jéhovah
      ma force grandit grâce à Jéhovah.
      Ma bouche s’ouvre toute grande contre mes ennemis,
      car je me réjouis de tes actes sauveurs.
      Il n’y a personne qui soit saint comme Jéhovah,
      il n’y a personne qui soit comme toi,
      il n’y a pas de rocher comme notre Dieu.
      Arrêtez de parler avec orgueil ;
      que rien d’arrogant ne sorte de votre bouche,
      car Jéhovah est un Dieu qui sait tout
      et il juge les actions avec justice.
      Les arcs des hommes forts sont brisés,
      mais les hommes faibles reçoivent de la force
      Ceux qui mangeaient bien doivent trouver du travail pour avoir du pain,
      mais les affamés ne souffrent plus de la faim.
      La femme stérile a donné naissance à sept fils,
      mais celle qui avait beaucoup de fils est devenue stérile.
      Jéhovah tue et il garde en vie,
      il fait descendre dans la Tombe et il en fait remonter.
      Jéhovah fait devenir pauvre et il fait devenir riche,
      il abaisse et il élève.
      Il relève le petit de la poussière
      et fait remonter le pauvre du tas de cendres
      pour les faire asseoir avec les princes
      et leur offrir une place d’honneur.
      À Jéhovah appartiennent les fondations de la terre ;
      sur elles, il pose le monde
      Il veille sur les pas de ses fidèles,
      mais les méchants seront tués dans l’obscurité,
      car ce n’est pas par la force que l’homme triomphe. 
      Jéhovah anéantira ceux qui combattent contre lui ;
      pour exprimer sa colère, il fera gronder le tonnerre dans le ciel.
      Jéhovah jugera jusqu’aux extrémités de la terre,
      il donnera du pouvoir à son roi et il fera grandir la force de son oint.

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    • anniemsbelle@gmail.com  »  Queen Esther

      Do you have the print out for the regional convention 
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    • anniemsbelle@gmail.com  »  Queen Esther

      Do you have the print out for the regional convention 
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