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The cited WT, is about war, the article is about shaving, Joseph doing so in Egypt, not about beards. There is no article in the study WT of that year, about beards, help me, I'm as dense as mud on the bottom of the Ohio river. So I could have overlooked your enlighten research, that is why I am asking these questions!

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This article was so confusing to me. I'm in southern ohio. I hate shaving. I only do for meetings but since this article I now am letting my beard grow. While at the same time keeping it groomed. Anyone on here having issues in their congregation because of the beard issue. I don't see how it would detract at all from our message since it isn't something that makes you stand out from anyone as a rebel since beards are widely accepted now. Any opinions or help?

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I suppose it boils down to how you understand the word custom - most dictionaries say things like custom means -:

. A traditional practice or usual way of doing something followed by a social group or people.

a habitual practice; the usual way of acting in given circumstances. See more.

a traditional and widely accepted way of behaving or doing something that is specific to a particular society, place, or time:

I would say in most western parts of the world - there are exceptions - it is not the tradition, habitual practice and so is not the custom for men to have a beard and so the later part of the quote from the watchtower needs to be carefully consider by any brother reaching out for positions of responsibilities in the congregation.

Beards today have become a fashion item for many young men in the congregation and so the society are trying to take a balanced view on the matter and so should we

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I agree it's not necessarily a Custom to have a beard. But in today's society a beard isn't frowned upon among men or something that sets them apart as rebellious or something else as was in the past. But if a brothers conscious allows him to wear a neatly groomed beard then I see no reason to fault him for it or hold it against him in thinking he is not trying to remain modest. I prefer a beard and look better with one. Shaving also causes me to break out and face to burn. So I prefer not to. But I don't want to stand out as someone rebelling against the congregation so I'm stuck in guess. Hopefully the brothers will be accepting of beards soon 

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The measuring stick on all aspects of dress and grooming as always been - how are brothers and sisters are portrayed in the societies literature - who get used at the assemblies and conventions for parts on the platform and other privileges

Now i have been in the truth 35 years and as of yet i have never seen a modern day brother with beard portrayed in those areas of service - maybe one day we will but until that happens there will always be ones who feel beards are unacceptable and i would encourage any one who wants such privileges to think carefully about the choices they make and maybe they will play apart in altering peoples feelings on this issue in their own congregation and i hope that does not sound patronizing

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