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John F. Kennedy Assassination

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It is food for thought.

 I used to routinely dismiss conspiracy theories, not on the basis that people are not evil enough...they are easily that, but on the basis that they are not smart enough to keep their stories straight. But as I get older I have come to think that they don’t have to get their stories straight. It is too easy for one side to gain dominance and portray the other as deluded lunatics.

I don’t necessarily go along with this. Unusual actions can spring from many reasons & who can say who is making eye contact with whom? Having said that, the info here would take hours to digest and I have not allotted the time.

@JW Insider is right. If the feed is too long, as it must be with some things, people simply will not or cannot take the time for it. It is one of the basic limitations of being human & allows for all sorts of chicanery to go on. Muddying the waters works, too. Eventually people just throw up their hands and say “Oh, to hell with it! They’re all liars anyway!”

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