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Thiis book was published in 1972 by Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of NY.

Has anyone ever seen a PDF version? If so please share ;-)


If my memory serves me right it dealt with some of the prophecies of Zechariah that I was looking at this morning. I remember it had a good explanation for the identity of the man standing amidst the myrtle trees and who was atop the red horse.


This is how the publication was advertised (Back cover of Awake! September 22 1972)...




*** km 9/72 p. 3 Advance Insight from the Paradise—Theocracy Book ***

Well, we are soon going to be able to gain such advance knowledge and insight, for a special series of seven public talks is planned based on the Paradise—Theocracy book . Working progressively through the book, the talks will give us a rapid coverage of its contents. This will benefit both us and newly interested ones who attend our meetings

If you want a hard copy there are many on

    Hello guest!

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