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Regional Convention 2017 Rumors

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Regional Convention 2017 Rumors

Theme: The Bible and the Divine Name.

3 Dramas and 2 Dramatic Bible Readings.


Friday: Drama entitled "Jehovah you alone are God.” It will be about the life of King Asa.

Friday afternoon’s Dramatic Bible Reading is based on Matthew.

On Friday, 2 publications: New to 650 countries, the revised 2013 Bible Teach book. Along with the simplified version What Can the Bible Teach Us? in Spanish.

The English already have the book What Can the Bible Teach Us?, so their new publication on Friday will be the video they saw that morning about King Asa.


Saturday: Morning will see a drama entitled: Jehovah’s Great Name. This drama explains the life of King Josiah and how he made Jehovah's name manifest.

The second Dramatic Bible Reading will be based on the book of Nehemiah when he has to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.

Saturday for everyone world wide, we’ll be shown a book that will be used during the Congregation Bible Study:Jehovah's organization behind the name


Sunday: A Drama set in modern times entitled Families: Are you walking in the ways of God’s Great Book? Where we are presented with a family that has 2 children. One is a regular pioneer, and the other is a businessman but not a witness. The drama will be based on valuing the Bible.

Sunday 43 languages (including Spanish) the New Songbook with the Revised Bible will be released. Plus a video, downloadable from the site, with instructions on how to use the Bible in preaching and personal study.

At the end, the last talk on Sunday will be Video of a Governing Body member and talk is entitled: A precious gift.

And the grand finale... A new cartoon series will be presented entitled: Become Jehovah’s Friend.

(Lesson 1) Where we will see Caleb as an adolescent.

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