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Is it Dangerous to Call a Fellow Christian an "Apostate"

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How ridiculous. Anyone asking such questions is not reading the material nor either listening to or attending meetings. Uniforms? Smacks of apostate individuals spreading falsehoods. 

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In light of Gehenna being the result of simply calling someone a "despicable fool" wouldn't it be dangerous to ones eternal life to call another person an "apostate"?

Should only men be allowed to do so in the congregation?

Or should any woman anywhere be allowed to call anybody an "apostate" without incurring the wrath of Jesus / Jehovah?

What sort of limitations are there on rebuking another person?

Jesus himself refrained from rebuking the Devil. Should Christians follow His example?

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    • By Jack Ryan
      Here is the quote from Jehovah's Witnesses calling former members "mentally diseased"

      Where in the scripture does it say that apostates are mentally diseased? I guess that's just their translation.
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