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Reminder: Your Shiny New Amazon Echo or Google Home Is Great for Food Tasks

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Guest Nicole


It’ll do everything but the actual cooking.

This holiday season, a voice-controlled virtual assistant (in the form of Amazon Echo or Google Home) turned out to be one of the most popular gifts. If you’re the newfound owner of one of these futuristic devices, you’re in luck: It just became easier than ever to cook and consume food, because of the following functions:

• Create and edit a shopping list: The second you pour your last drop of olive oil, you can shout to Alexa to remind you to purchase more. Or, you can order your condiments directly through Amazon.

• Set a timer so you don’t overcook your steak yet another time.

• Ask questions about measurements, so you can halve recipes with ease.

• Learn nutrition information, like how many calories are in eggnog. (Not a recommended function until January.)

• In September, the Food Network partnered with Amazon so that you can say, “Alexa, enable the Food Network skill,” and receive the recipes from specific shows, a programming schedule, and more. (If only Alexa could sound just like Ina Garten.)

• After letting you drunkenly order pizza right through Twitter, Domino’s went one step further by creating programs on both Google Home and Amazon’s devices. On the latter, you just have to slur, “Alexa, trigger ‘order pizza.’”

• Make restaurant reservations — which will certainly come in handy after reading this.


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When the price dropped for Amazon Dot (Black Friday), I bought one, only after reading that one of its skills would be "Allrecipes" that actually walks you through a recipe step by step, hands free, while you pull out the pots and the ingredients, etc. I couldn't get the Allrecipes skill to come up on the list of Alexa skills for several days, but it finally showed up and I like it.

My wife liked it so much that we bought an Echo for the living room, which replaces the stereo, because Spotifiy plays through either it or the Sonos speakers in the living room. Got one for my parents, but when I called to tell them, they had just bought the Dot, so I gave the Echo to my daughter and son-in-law. But their neighbor also just gave them the Google Home, so who knows what they'll use the most. The Echo was easier for them to make their automatic shades go up and down through a voice command.

I still like the Echo better than Google Home because, believe it or not, Alexa can edit my Google calendar and Google can't.

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      An Amazon Alexa speaker recorded a user’s conversation inside their home and sent it on to one of their stored contacts, reports The Wall Street Journal. Amazon confirmed the incident and said the device mistook a conversation for commands. The episode “raises questions about the security of such voice-operated devices,” per the Journal.

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      You don't have to purify all the air—just the air around your head.

      A decade ago, on flights to visit his family in Beijing while he was an engineering student at MIT, Raymond Wu started to think about the increasingly filthy air in the city. "My parents, my grandparents, were all breathing this not-so-good air," he says. "I could definitely tell that their health wasn't good as a result."
      Ten years later, after stints in management consulting and venture capital, Wu is focused on solving the problem of bad air quality. Wynd, his startup's new device, is a portable, water bottle-sized air purifier that he says can surround you in a bubble of clean air, no matter how polluted the air is around you.
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      "We didn't want to just build a sensor and drown people in data," he says. "We wanted to give them the means to actually do something about it."
      The purifier pulls air through small holes in the side and uses a medical-grade filter to remove particulates—cat dander, mold, bacteria, or pollution from traffic or power plants. (The tiniest particles, such as gases, are not filtered out). Then purified air comes out the top, creating an invisible cone of clean air around a user.
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      Technically, you could walk down the street holding Wynd, though it might be a little awkward to carry, and it works best in enclosed spaces. Most uses are indoors, though it can also fit inside a baby stroller, filtering out pollution from traffic or construction sites on a walk.
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      As more people start using the detachable air quality sensor, Wynd plans to collect that data to help understand the broader state of air quality. Because there are few permanent air sensors in cities today, having thousands or hundreds of thousands of people walking around with sensors would make air quality maps much more accurate.
      "Right now, in all of India, for example, there's about 40 stations in operation in the whole country," says Wu. "Most are in New Delhi. If you live far away from a station, you don't really know what the air quality is in your home, business, or on your commute. The same thing is true in the United States—in San Francisco, there's one station. We want to change that, and create this Waze of air quality where people can help each other, help their community, and help the environment."
      Source: http://www.fastcoexist.com/3061363/this-device-surrounds-you-in-a-bubble-of-clean-air/1
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    • No, not all. Many sports organizations  and institutions etc have closed down.  But JWs will be accountable for every one.... because we will not close down and operate under a new name.....and it is fair for the victims. But as usual - the press will only single us out even though the injustice was not "planned" or tolerated.   It is just an extremely sensitive issue and most people - even today - do not completely know how to cope with it because it can destroy families. Elders who deal with it are under severe strain....  but this is why an elder must excuse himself if he does not feel able to handle it.  Luckily the new laws are in place which stipulate that this crime  must be reported to the authorities - in most first world countries.  So this takes pressure off them.      There is nothing wrong with not having the full picture or making a mistake - GB and JWs are imperfect people after all.  But I am absolutely sure that JWs understand the teachings of the bible, they do have a slave that is working hard on the preaching work and giving encouragement at the proper time. I am sure the bible is absolute reality and Jehovah has a nation on earth which comes from all nations and they do not learn war any more. They have unity because they do apply the bible principles that promote unity as a nation on earth.  Are they perfect people?   By no means.... ordinary people who try to stay faithful to Jehovah and the good and bad he set for us.  We are NOT better than anyone else ...... just extremely blessed to be drawn by Jehovah and receive his spirit to remain in the truth.  We cannot remain in the truth without his spirit.    For a while they can but eventually the develop a bad attitude. Of course, a KGB agent can infiltrate JWs and become an alder........ but his motivation is similar to Judas Iscariot. He is paid by the government and supported by them. Jehova will judge him. Most of us are just simple people who honestly and unhypocritically try to serve Jehovah....  So we remain because Jehovah gives his spirit to us....... and where else can we go where there is one nation under Jehovah?.
    • Which reminds me of JW 'parties' here in the UK. I know of such parties where Elders dress up in costumes. One such Elder who's name is Andy, dresses up as Andy Pandy. Others dress us as the Incredible Hulk, Batman etc. No part of the world of course   I do wonder what Jesus thinks as he looks down on them.  
    • @Arauna Quote " My friend, this is only a wish these days - justice is becoming a thing for the rich only who can afford good lawyers and get off. "  Not so with JW Child Sexual Abuse Victims. Some of them are not rich but they are getting justice at last. In many countries earthwide CSA victims from many 'walks of life' are getting some justice. Not just in JW Org of course, but it's good to see justice for all victims.
    • Different situations were present in ancient times. i.e. Israelites were allowed to have a concubine for instance..... BUT Job was a good man because he was generous with his possessions and he was faithful to only one wife - even though se was a nagger - lol. Does this mean that Jehovah will judge these people by the standards set by Jesus of one wife only? Yes, the laws of justice, mercy,  being honest are universal laws and will be in effect - no matter what the era or time period..... but some other considerations will also be taken into account.  After all - Jehovah is perfect and he will judge perfectly.  Unfortunately we do not judge perfectly.  Some persons did things as a young stupid person and society still hold them accountable for their entire life and treats them like outcasts....Jehovah can read the heart and he knows.  There are many situations where we cannot judge perfectly.... 
    • @Arauna Quote "Things are moving ...... not  exactly in timing as mommy WT organization predicted BUT as the bible predicted." EXACTLY. The Bible is never wrong. Watchtower and GB and JW Org are OFTEN WRONG.  Arauna, you are so helpful to us some times. When you actually admit that the W/t GB and JW Org are wrong.  But go careful, because you could be accused of being Apostate by actually admitting your Org / W/t gets it wrong.  After all that is why some of us are accused of being Apostate isn't it ? Because we believe God, working through Christ, as ruler, rather than men.   
    • I do the same.. You will notice that I do have my own opinions on some things.... which comes from meditation......  .  I  will of course not go and teach this to others.  I teach the basic core teachings to my studies and help them to appreciate that they must do self study for maturity...  I also prepare them for their time as a witness when they will see that everyone is not perfect....... they may even bump their toe on a rock below the surface of the love-feasts.. Most new witnesses face a test with fellow witnesses after baptism -  or a new congregations - it is inevitable..... just depends on how big the test is.  I also help them to get life-skills as a witness.  Some did not learn this while at home or had too many bumps in life.  The qualities to survive and the attitudes that assist in cooperating with others and being kind and fitting in. The realit y is: we are social animals and want to fit in , be successful in the group and it is hard on some people- especially if one has some weird personality quirks..... Navigating life - no matter where you go - is hard.  For us the workplace can be a specially hard because people expect us to be "better" than others...... when we are just ordinary people like everyone else..... The only difference is that we try to be faithful to god........ to the best of our very imperfect ability. Sometimes we must face ridicule for that...so as ordinary people we have to build up courage and work on our social skills to navigate out of difficult situations. I have a very friendly personality and stand out easily..... as a woman this is not always a good thing.  So I have learnt to be smart and gauge the right time to say what I think.  Last year I went to see two Arabic brothers and spoke to them about their attitudes towards women..... because Arabs have an inbred attitude which the truth does not completely correct.... years and years of training in a certain way is not just going to disappear.  I waited for the right time and managed to do it successfully....   did they take my concerns to heart?   I do not know....  but I seemed to do OK afterward.  As I grew older I learnt to not keep quiet about my concerns....... but wait for a long time until the time is right and then talk.  Every time I was successful, I grew in maturity.  Now I help the young sisters to also grow strong and become pillars in the congregation.   
    • @Arauna  I agree with you here, but the problem arises when, on thinking of spiritual things and reading the scriptures privately, we then find ourselves in disagreement with the teachings of the the GB  / JW Org.  I have always been encouraged to pray for guidance of holy spirit and read the scriptures. But I do find that on reasoning on the scriptures, I have been troubled by the way the GB / JW Org have dealt with and are dealing with things. 
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