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Queen Esther

The three horses....and the paradise seems here!

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The  three  horses....     ( and  the  paradise  seems  here ! )

The sun beams embraced you like a hug. Her honey-colored hair was somewhat disheveled from the warming breeze of the late afternoon. She was asleep, leaning against the gnarled trunk of an apple tree. Full of satisfaction, and very slowly, she awoke from her slumber, not quite ready to give up the comfort of sleep. To her ear, that after the long sleep now gradually began again his activity, the cheerful rippling of the nearby brook, the rustling of the leaves, the cheerful chirp of the beetles, eagerly pursued their activities.

The heavy scent of apple blossoms tickled her nose; The sunshine shining through the branches danced on your face and carefully opened your eyes. Her first reaction, while she awoke, was "to smile, stretch, and ask: What day was today? And what you wanted to do. Then you sat up with a jerk, but careful enough to pay attention to your shoulder, otherwise, if you had been lying on it. Always very painful. But that was not the case now! She could move your shoulder and arm well...,  but, ............

Wait a moment ! What? Where ? Just a moment ! How did I get here? For a moment she was confused and looked to the left and right. She was on a gentle hill with spring-green grass, wild flowers surrounded her tree, other flowers lined a small creek that spilled into a glass-clear mountain lake. Soft light illuminated the snow-capped mountain in the distance.

"The mountain of Jehovah ... to HIM,  all nations must flow."

These words suddenly struck her.  But as you continued to think about it, the idyll, which was reinforced by a pair of swans floating silently over the waves, was suddenly interrupted by the ardent fun of a young tiger who fell into the water. The swans fluttered in fright. After his short bath, the splendid animal went quietly to a grass-grown flat spot; Shook the water in a rainbow-colored haze from his fur and then lay down slowly.

"They will not cause any harm, nor will they anyhow spoil ..."

Again, these words flashed in your consciousness. And again, you were prevented from pondering their importance, for a sudden whirling right in front of your face distracted you. A hummingbird hovered only a few inches before her, glittering like a gem, and swarmed over you. As your gaze followed the dazzling figure, she discovered a foxglove-sized nest nestling between the apple blossoms. Two little birds begged for a sip of nectar with wide-open beaks.

In the few minutes since you had perceived the peace and the awesome beauty of their environment, you were overwhelmed by the realization that rose in your heart. It was almost too much to accept the truth, but she must!

PARADISE ! That was it ! She had done it! Her legs trembled as she knelt, covered her face with her hands as she prayed and shed tears of joy and gratitude. Her heart was almost bursting with praise and gratitude: Jehovah had included you in HIS 'wonderful intent! It was almost impossible to find the right words, and yet they were pouring out joyfully and bubbling over your lips.

This was paradise, the New World, the new earth. For years, you had been convinced that Jehovah would keep his promise; For years, you had tried to convince others of the same hope. Now you were here.

But stop ! She did not remember the battle of Armagedon. Your last memory - what was that? The sad faces of your loved ones, in whose eyes your suffering reflected. Pain, tubing, injection needles. For the first time, you looked at your body now more precisely: Young people's muscles, elastic and firm, played under your freshly tanned skin.

Even your teeth were all fully present! But there was a tooth in your memory that had made her a lot of years. Now there was in his place a tooth that felt just right! Even your eyes could see near and far, equally sharp. Nothing hurt. Absolutely no pain!

"Death will no longer be, nor grief, nor cry, nor pain will be more. The former things are past! '

She was now the living proof of this! She was really alive! She was so deeply engrossed in your prayer, so busy exploring herself that you had not even noticed the three great animals that were slowly coming up the hill. Suddenly you felt like a thick pink tongue, the salt of your tears.

Three horses with shining fur, gorgeous in appearance and color, were hovering around you like a reception committee.  All three greeted you with their big, kind eyes.
She stroked her silky necks and let her fingers slip through the dense manes. The most curious of them sniffed at her soft nasal tip, gently thrust her in the ribs and pushed you a few steps farther. She turned his powerful head as if to invite you to ascend. And now you did. With a gentle touch of your legs and a small pull on the mane, it went in the direction where you steered it. What a power under her! How you felt your body, healthy and strong! How you enjoyed the splendor of the landscape and overflowed with gratitude: for the love of GOD.

Suddenly your companions stopped, set up their ears, and listened in the direction of an abandoned path that led along the lake and through the forest. Now you heard it too: laughter! Who was still here? Again the laughter hovered over a light breeze. But this time ... could it be possible? This time she recognized the voices, which made themselves joyful shouts! She took a strand of the mane and urged your horse to hurry.

It obeyed and fell into an intoxicating gallop. At a breathtaking pace, it went downhill. All three horses pushed through the ford that the water sprayed like this, and the young woman was already flying back up the embankment as if she were one with the beast. The group, gaily gathering on the banks of the lake, turned around at the sight of the rushing horses.

A few people came out of a wooden hut and then issued disbelieving cries of recognition: "She's back!" "She's back!" "Oh, thank God, she's back!" ' Together, they hurried to meet the rider, the arms spread to the welcome.

"And there shall be a resurrection of the righteous."

This wonderful truth filled your whole being. Again, overwhelmed with gratitude, she asked herself, "How can I bear so much JOY?" The faces you saw the last time marked full of anxiety; Radiated now full of enthusiasm. "The gift that God gives is eternal life." She knew the words, but now she could feel her full meaning. Her hands were drawn out, and her arms were helping her down. With warm embraces was welcomed you. All wanted to touch your face and hold your hands.

A frenzy of pure joy gripped the group. People who had survived Armagedon were keen to welcome you and tell of JEHOVA'S great day. And you wanted to know from her: "How was it when you awoke?" The setting sun warmed you like a hug. Her dyed-blond hair was a bit disheveled ... of the happy hands that you had welcomed. She was accompanied to a swing on the porch, where she cuddled into the soft plush pillow. Jehovah had a miracle for you personally! - this realization was only now being introduced to her. JEHOVA had remembered everything that concerned you. Your family members! The sound of her voice, your favorite dish ... Food?

Her stomach began to growl, and she realized something: "She was hungry !!!" How long ago was it when you had eaten the last time? At that moment a little child came toward you, with glowing pauses and glittering eyes. The girl held two round, ripe plums in her hand and handed her one. The little one said, "I was born here in paradise. Do you remember how it was in the old world? '' The conversation was gradually fading, so you could answer. Blurred scenes of suffering arose from your mind's eye and faded away again.

Her gaze wandered over the charming surroundings and the beloved friends and relatives. She breathed deeply into the clean, perfumed air of the pines, and entered the sight of pure joy in the eyes of your loved ones. Then she turned to the girl, took his little hand; Laughed loudly and said:
"Of course I CAN remember. But why should I have WANT? " (Isaiah 65: 17b).

(Author unknown)


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