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19 hours ago, John Lindsay Barltrop said:

.........a dog - going places, with the Good News of God's Kingdom!

John Lindsay Barltrop: Ok got this! I'd share a bag anyway with a puppie dog  like this! He would make me "smile" and "laugh!" Sometimes a dog is called a "man's best friend!" However, can it also be a "woman's best friend?" Ha! I'd travel around the world without my husband, he was like never leave the chair waiting for work to come in...So I would go and travel!! I would have loved to have this puppy dog as my companion! Do you think like I could count time with his advertising sign? :D:)9_9xD:x

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19 hours ago, John Lindsay Barltrop said:

Why not!!................I think that is a terrific idea???

John: Now that my children are grown, it's time to see the world! Love visiting the Brothers and Sisters all over the world! 

Agape, Bible Speaks ???

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