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Queen Esther

One of Russia's own lawyers says here that his government is making a mistake, if they try to ban Jehovah's people.... very interesting !!

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Though our letter-writing campaign will surely catch their attention, we should not 'laugh' at the spectacle of these guys not being able to move because we have flooded their mail. If anything, we should apologize for it, with the caveat that the situation is desperate for us, we didn't know what else to do, and we felt we had to get their attention somehow.

Fear the king. Do not treat him with disrespect.

I am glad to read Mr. Pshelintsev's statement.


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35 minutes ago, Queen Esther said:

@Bible Speaks  Why you not translated the Russian language for our Members  like I did by my post ?  Lets now await the soon result of Putin !  Only few days :)  Jehovah will make it❤️

Sorry I didn't post Russian. It's in Jehovah's hand no worries.  ???

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Das ist gut. Die Erde öffnen sich und schluckt ...ich habe in einem meiner Briefe a PUTIN auch die NAZI-Bibelforscher Problematik angesprochen. Er wird auch keinen JZ unter den Tausenden Leuten auf der Strasse finden, die gegen ihn protestieren. Die sitzen zu Hause oder in ihren Sälen und beten um Frieden in ihrem Land - also eigentlich FÜR ihn.

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