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Boeing’s 787-10 and 737 Max 9, and Airbus’s A319neo Airliners Achieve First Flights

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Boeing and Airbus have both recently achieved first flights for new airliners. These flights are key landmarks on the way to certification, and demonstrate to customers that the programs are on track. Now the aircraft will face months of flight testing as they prepare to enter airliner service.


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IMG_20180612_160017_optimized.jpgMaybe I should find a  picture and post it in here?

I am a private pilot, I fly the Cessna 152, 172, 182, 182RG, Piper Saratoga which I really love to fly.

I also do flight simulator Lockheed Martin P34.V4 and that's where I fly the big birds 737GX 747 400 & the new 747 *8  777  757, 787,

It is just my dream to fly.



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