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When I click on the site to see the topic it says. Forbidden. Why?

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Because when our site was supposedly experiencing a DDoS attack during a very heavily trafficked day our hosting company decided to block ALL AT&T phones. My phone still shows “forbidden” as well.
Invision Power Services seems to think it is not them though but rather another service that is preventing ALL AT&T phones from accessing their website.
I wonder if this has blocked ALL AT&T phones from EVERY IPS 4.x website out there?
Are there any other admins experiencing the same problem?

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Sounds  NOT  good  ;-(    But  I  remember  that  "forbidden"  word / site  etc.  on  and  off  here  too,  mystery,  yes !    Maybe  another  problem,  after  short  time  it  was  mostly  okay  again :)

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Guest Nicole

Ningún problema 

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I NEVER - NEVER HAD problems with any of the Librarians pages.. NEVER ... 

it is only of recently that this FORUM has got thousands of visits from all over the world, that I could not even open a single page of this forum because of too many hits / visits / traffic.

I only experienced problem with FIre-fox that the forum could not open for some days.

now that problem is gone ., days ago .... both browsers firefox and chrome are working well for me (and my laptop)

thank you very much @admin and @The Librarian


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for example .... see what is going on

everyone is talking about virus, or "attacks" ....  this only happens with your personal fb profile for example, but never had this problem here. !!

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