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Ouija Boards ‘work’ because of the ideomotor effect, where you sometimes move objects, or even yourself, without knowing it. Combined with a strong, subconscious need for an answer, it creates a situation where people can be spelling out words while moving the planchette and still believe 100% that they aren’t the ones doing it. Source

Also, the reason you can get spooky results with Ouija Boards is because you’re unaware of everything you know. A 2012 study had people answer questions both verbally and with a Ouija Board. They were blindfolded and told they’d be using the board with another person, who removed their hands after beginning the experiment.


For the questions that people were unsure about, those who used a Ouija Board answered correctly 65% of the time, compared to 50% of the time when answering verbally. The researchers concluded that people have a ‘second intelligence’ buried in their subconscious that can only be accessed under certain conditions.


ALSO… There’s a ghost behind you.  


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