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A woman sees 99 million more colors than ordinary people....

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A woman sees 99 million more colors than ordinary people.....

A British is currently puzzling physicians in England by her unusual ability to see 99 million more colors than average other people. The extreme multifariousness of the woman is due to the fact that she has four different types of color-sensitive photoreceptors, so-called pegs, on the light-sensitive retina of her eyes.
In addition to some speculative cases, the woman, known only as "cDa29", is the first and as yet only proven case of tetrachromatia, which is probably only affecting women in humans.

The team around the neuroscientist Gabriele Jordan has been looking for a tetrachromat for 20 years, but it is certain that there are other women with this property. Overall, according to the researchers, 12 percent of all women have this ability.

"Just like a colorblocker can not understand how normal eyes can see the color red, she can not describe us how her vision differs from ours," the "Discover Magazine" (discovermagazine.com) quotes the researcher , "I would love to see what that is for a visual impression."

On the basis of the discovery that the genes for the red and green receptor lie on the X chromosome, Jordan already discovered the tetrachromatin trace. Since women have two X-chromosomes, they are most likely to develop an additional altered color receptor by mutation. Their discovery was then published in the specialist magazine "Journal of Vision".

Normally, the human being can distinguish 200 colors within the color gamut of the rainbow. However, since there are numerous bright and dark grades besides the pure rainbow colors, people can only distinguish between 10,000 and 20,000 color gradations.

In the animal kingdom some tetrachromates succeed in their ability to find, for example, the perception of ultraviolet light, for example fruits whose surface reflects UV light. Some species of falcons can, for example, also detect the trace of their prey by means of the different UV reflection of urine and faeces. Whether human tetrachromata have comparable vision capabilities as well - and possibly even "perceptive" perceptions - is still unknown.
Source: Discover Magazine, and Institute of Neuroscience Henry Wellcome Building for Neuroecology Medical School --

( translated  by  google )

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2 hours ago, Queen Esther said:


Maybe 12% of women, the article says.

BTW, If anyone wants to see the original article in English without the Google translation it's also on their website. From the July 2012 issue:

    Hello guest!


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Thanks  @JW Insider  for your link !  I saw different links,  but must one look in German, to understand the story :)  I already read that last year and forgot it to post. Its really an interesting phenomenon...  so many different colors,  gene defect - or Jehovah will give us all in the NW,  maybe ?  We shall see 9_9

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I don't have any "pegs", but I can recognize a ".jpeg" when I see one.


If this ONE WOMAN is the only one that can see these colors ..... AND it is impossible to describe these colors to others ..... and no one else can see these colors .... how is this different than me making the claim that MY DOG TONY  is the world's foremost Quantum Physicist, and thinks at a quantum level, far beyond the abilities of mortal man ?

Having a ONE WORD vocabulary (WOOF!) makes it impossible to verify, and he cannot even hold a pencil . as his "thumbs" are half way up his front forelegs.

He has TRIED to communicate, as I call him for supper, and see the mud on his nose where he has valiantly been trying to communicate by Morse Code by digging holes in my front lawn.

One time he dug up a chewed mummified corpse of a pre-human pigmy , about a foot tall, and Tony  was set to win the Nobel Prize for archaeology  ... but I stupidly sent the decapitated body to the Smithsonian Institute for identification ... and after several months I got a letter back saying that it was a common  "Barbie Dollus".


NOW I am wondering if I dare throw the large double bladed, wood handled knife switch on Tony's Time Machine.



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34 minutes ago, James Thomas Rook Jr. said:

I suspect that once AGAIN .... you have been duped by FAKE NEWS !

Along with your 'time machine' remark:

I have noticed whenever I time travel that CBS's Major Garrett becomes Sargent Garrett or Genral Garrett, depending upon direction.

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