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Jimmy Carter returned to Habitat for Humanity worksite one day after he was hospitalized for...

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Interesting that you call him a carpenter...  There was another great man who was  known as a carpenter..... i guess you are referring to him. When i read what J Carter   tried to do for the environment, his other policies, I realized that he had way too much belief in the Bible to be a good president. He was a visionary on many things.... but too mild as a man.

one cannot serve 2 masters.  Those in high office are the Caesars of our time. They pretend to please the masses in la-la land..... like the ceasars did....but it  is  only about themselves and their machine.  Not one of the ceasars were decent men...  they ran a desructive war-machine (iron-like) with no respect for anything on earth or God.   What has changed????? 

As witnesses we know who is really controlling the world ..  and as decency dissapates we see it in their ruthless actions.....more unrighteous as time progresses.

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Jimmy Carter WAS a carpenter, after he left the presidency ... he volunteeres to help build homes for the homeless, etc. He has been doing that for YEARS!

A fine and decent man by most standards ... at least I think so ... but a TERRIBLE President ... the original Amateur in Chief.

 Of course if one  judges a fish because he cannot climb a ladder, that does not make the FISH stupid.



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As I said before.... Carter was too decent, too much of a sincere Christian, to be an effective Ceasar.   (He was not a Witness but one can detect that he reads his Bible and this in turn has an inevitable effect on the personality.)

The Ceasars used to give free bread to the masses and gory entertainment to keep them busy. The elite looked down on the poor masses....... while their own wealth and status increased. What has changed in Satan's world-wide system?

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On 7/18/2017 at 1:04 AM, Arauna said:

Carter was too decent, too much of a sincere Christian, to be an effective Ceasar.

I kind of agree.

I also agree that he was not a very effective president. But sometimes when I get bored and just want to see if JTR is healthy, I think about posting something that praises either Jimmy Carter or Barack Obama. 

I think that Obama was one of our most brilliant politicians ever. I think that Carter was one of the most sincere. But brilliance as a politician has nothing to do with how well they effected policy. I think he was almost as bad as Reagan, Bush I, Bush II on that count.

Deep down there is almost no difference in the two major political parties. The American people are easily fooled into thinking that one party is twice as good as the other, depending primarily on their prejudices about rich, poor, big gov't, small gov't, race, class, religion, intervention, military, oil, climate, "American interests," etc. But the undercurrent of dissatisfaction is beginning to trump all those issues as 95% of everyone begins to realize that they have been disenfranchized by reverse socialism: transfer of wealth into the hands of the top 1% merely by playing on fears that are easily drummed up to play upon the stupidity and prejudices of the 95%.

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No human ideas really work and therefore we see that democracy does not work either.  Democracy is "majority" vote and if the majority are uninformed or (stupid - for want of a better word) you see what we get in the world today.  Good example is Egypt with Arab spring.  They all voted for a extreme Muslim government that immediately started taking away their rights of freedom speech and religion.... until the military coupe de' tat.

I call the reverse socialism - absolute capitalism - and the result is the same as communism...... a few on the top with all the power and the rest of the working slaves are plebs.


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