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Google is going to drop Android.

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Google announced a new operating system that they have been working on: Fuchsia.


Fuchsia is an open source, real time OS that was announced in August 2016. Unlike Android, it won’t be Linux based, instead it will use a new micro kernel developed by Google called Magenta. Google believes that Android will not be able to keep up with the ever-improving smartphone hardware and plans to release Fuchsia to solve this issue. Whether Android will be completely replaced or not is not clear.

Fuchsia uses a card-based UI (similar to Google Now cards) and its aim is to address Android’s 2 biggest issues.

  1. A lack of focus on smooth UI performance
  2. Rolling out updates to 3rd party hardware ecosystems

Google is dumping Linux and the GPL and most likely Java and all the problems they have had with Oracle.

It will be written in: Go, Rust, Dart, C, C++ and Python. But nowhere is it seen that Java is a language that will be used.

Google is going to use their new Flutter Framework to build apps and have been doing so for Android and iOS, which is another indication that Java is not in Google’s future plans for smartphones.

In short: Yes, Google is going to drop Java, due to the fact that Android is to be replaced by Fuchsia and Fuchsia is not written in Java.


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