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How do Jehovah’s Witnesses explain the dinosaurs?

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It is a well known fact that the word "Rapture" is not found in the Bible.  The word actually used originally meant "Raptor", and referred to Saurians, which we know today as Dinosaur(ians).

The Dinosaurs had many of the same problems as humans, and add to that, their arms were so short they could not floss, and got gum disease, and went extinct for their sins.

The only surviving dinosaur was for centuries the Thesaurus, which use to hide in peoples' homes, often forgotten behind a sofa, but with the rise of Google, has also become extinct. We used to talk incessantly about "types" and "antitypes", but always being wrong after a hundred years got boring and tiresome, like a tire with a slow leak ...especially with that damned Google rising to ascendancy.

The "Great Dragon" in Revelation was actually a type of Dinosaur, that made it all the way to the Flood of Noah's day, but he and his and her Brethren and Sistern were on Ark No. 2, and did not make it, because they got into  a feeding frenzy, and capsized the boat. 

The only Dragons that survived were the reptiles, such as the salt and fresh water crocodiles, and of course the Komodo Dragon, known for its pacifism and extremely bad breath.

Anytime you can ignore a hundred million years of History, supported by a hundred million tons of hard evidence, one theory is as good as another ... just ignore all facts.



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They  came  and  before  the  humans  coming,  these  giant  animals  had  to  go  again !  I  hope  and  not  believe,  the  Dinosaurs  living  together  with  us !   We  will  see,  how  Jehovah  decided.   Now  its  all  only  conjectures,  not  more.   HUMAN - THINKING :D

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