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JW critically injured after being electrocuted in assembly hall

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A newspaper reports that in Bornem, Belgium, a JW volunteer was critically injured after being electrocuted:

BORNEM - A man was electrocuted while performing maintenance on a high voltage installation in the assembly hall of JW in Bornem Friday afternoon. The man was critically injured.

Possibly the man, who is a volunteer with the JW, tried to clean the installation with a vacuum cleaner. While doing that he received a severe electrical shock. The victim was transported to a hospital in Sint-Niklaas.

Because of the incident the power in the neighbourhood went down as well. Large areas of Hingene and Bornem had no power for almost an hour.

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FYI - the OP's news source appears to have updated this story today with some more information - though it is via Google translate

Handyman (80) receives 15,000 volts power: Antwerp is in danger of living after vacuuming a power cab

Gazet van Antwerpen, Saturday, September 9, 2017

An eighty-one from Antwerp was killed in a lifetime accident when he wanted to clean the drinking cabinet of the Jehovah's Witnesses conference hall in Bornem with a vacuum cleaner. In addition, he might hit the electrical system and gained a current of 15,000 volts.

Een tachtiger uit Antwerpen is gisteren levensgevaarlijk gewond geraakt toen hij de stroomcabine van de congreshal van Jehova’s Getuigen in Bornem met een stofzuiger wilde reinigen. Daarbij raakte hij wellicht de elektrische installatie en kreeg een stroomstoot van 15.000 volt.



The following also has a short video

Elderly person in mortality after electrocution in Bornem

rtv, Friday September 8, 2017

In a bizarre accident in Bornem this afternoon, an elderly man was killed in life. The victim wanted to vacuum the inside of a high-voltage cabin, which was widely electrocuted. The accident happened in the areas of a congress center for Jehovah's Witnesses. The facts also cause a nearby electricity team. Hundreds of families and businesses spent almost an hour without power.

Bij een bizar ongeval in Bornem is vanmiddag een bejaarde man levensgevaarlijk gewond geraakt. Het slachtoffer wilde de binnenkant van een hoogspanningscabine stofzuigen, maard werd geëlektrocuteerd. Het ongeval gebeurde op de terreinen van een congrescentrum voor Jehova's Getuigen. De feiten zorgen ook voor een elektriciteitspanne in de buurt. Honderden gezinnen en bedrijven zaten bijna een uur lang zonder stroom.



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I suppose there is some facts missing in the translation,. It appears vacuum cleaner and drink cabinet are mentioned. Usually unwise to mix vacuum cleaner and liquids. Cannot tell if he was shocked or killed. Safety first always. 

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