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Kingdom Hall in Houston, Texas after Hurricane Harvey

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    • By The Librarian
      The sale portion of the event featured building supplies, tools, trailers, office and kitchen equipment used to repair homes and places of worship during Harvey.   Author: Parris Kane Published: 5:58 PM CDT July 7, 2018 Updated: 6:12 PM CDT July 7, 2018 BEAUMONT — Around 225 volunteers from 22 states are in Beaumont raising money for the Jehovah's Witness Organization's world wide relief operations ministry. The event is located at Ford Park, and started Friday.
      The sale portion of the event featured building supplies, tools, trailers, office and kitchen equipment used to repair homes and places of worship during Harvey.
      Sunday the event will turn into a public auction. Whatever items remaining will be will be auctioned off at 10 a.m. A preview of the items and registration for the event will start at 8 a.m.
      For more information head over to their event page.
    • By Bible Speaks
      Twice saved from the Houston floods, but still, mysteriously, a victim
      Houston - it was a difficult choice, but in the end it was not a choice. A small rescue boat had climbed down the road, offering help. Carl Ellis was with his fragile 73-Year-old, Wilma Jean. The boat had room for one.
      The water was already on Mr..'s knees. Ellis, so there was no time to wait for the rescuers with more space. His mother would have to go alone.
      Using the back of a van as a runway, Ellis helped his mother get into the boat, with his belongings tied in trash bags. There were no life jackets, but it was a short trip and the rescuers promised to return to him.
      He never saw them again, or his mother.
      Any catastrophic climate event has its measurable aspects: inches of rain, wind speed, cubic yards of debris. Others are incalculable: photographs photographs, communities, invisible moorings and security sweeps.
      But perhaps the worst things are the unknowable, lost forever in confusion, mysteries like what happened to Ellis, who was rescued not once, but twice, and yet became a victim of the storm.
      When his son thought he was being transported to a higher ground, he was found floating upside down in the water of the flood. In what became one of the moments of the day, Mrs. Ellis was resurrected by a group of civilian navigators in Louisiana, part of an informal organization known as the Cajun Navy. That moment was acclaimed on National Television and social media as an example of heroism and the link between two gulf coast states.
      But with a huge and chaotic rescue effort going on, much of it handled by private citizens who took things into their own hands, few people paid attention to Ellis's next 10 hours.
      A woman saved twice
      The Peak of despair for the residents of Northeast Houston flooded by Hurricane Harvey came on Monday, August 28 Greens Bayou had swollen to a 43,4-foot record where he crossed tidwell road, evicting cars and tearing apart flats to their poles.
      In the middle-class neighborhood, predominantly black, where mrs. Ellis lived in a three-bedroom brick house, people woke up in the early hours to find the water that was leaking. Hundreds, if not thousands, escaped in ships of all kinds. The water became thick and oily, boiling with angry clusters of fire ants.
      At some point around 7 in the morning, three men on a ship were going up to the entrance to Ellis's house at drifting winds drive.
      Mrs... Ellis was a strong woman, an engaged Jehovah's witness who made sausages sausages from scratch, played video games in a sega genesis, drove a giant truck with a grill the size of a portcullis and enjoyed the occasional pressure from Windsor.
      However, a surgery was recently performed, followed by a stroke, said members of the family.
      So Mr. Ellis didn't stop to ask exactly who the men were on the boat - he just helped his mother on board. She was still wearing the hospital's bracelet from her recent treatment. Without knowing, the ship had just arrived at the corner of the corner when his mother somehow fell into the water of the flood.
      "they were trying to make a right, but the boat leaned over", said a neighbor, Desmond Clark, who was looking through the rain from his window on parkway forest drive. And he added, "I didn't see anyone go for it".
      Mr... Clark said that the person in the water was floating in one direction, accompanied by the garbage bags, while the others supported the boat against a truck to drain, then they went back up and headed to the opposite side.
      "I'm not thinking of myself, ' oh, she's drowning ', ' cause she didn't look like she was drowning", Clark said. It looked like he was swimming.
      Soon, three sailors from st. Tammany, the Cajun Navy members, saw something floating in the water. At First, they thought it was a garbage bag. Then they realized it was a body.
      Two of them, identified in news like Ricky Berrigan and Donnie Davenport, jumped while a third, Joshua Lincoln, stayed with the ship, said Lincoln.
      The woman had lost her dentures and the other was blocking the airway, according to Mr. Lincoln. She seemed to be dead.
      "I don't know what made them do it", he said, but they started doing chest compressions. " after that he began to breathe slowly."
      Unable to lift it on the ship, the men recruited two neighbors to help. "she was alive", said one, Brando Flanagan. She was nodding. I just said, " you're gonna be okay, mommy. You're gonna be okay. " he shrank, remembering. " I looked him in the eye. I told him it was gonna be okay
      At that time, hospitals were practically impossible to reach. The Transporters took Mrs... Ellis to the nearest dry corner, where people get into a nursery and a gas station. " I was worried that she would not install too well in a chair ", said Lincoln, " so we asked them to say that they would be more attentive to her ".
      He took a picture of her, still with the black head of style that had left him at home, with a warm brown blanket covered on her. He took a close-up of the hospital bracelet that had his name and date of birth.
      Just after 8 am, another evacuated posted on Facebook that an Wilma Ellis had been rescued and needed help.
      More than 10 hours later, Mrs. Ellis arrived at Lyndon B. Johnson in a body bag. She was brought in, according to the records, by the coast guard - or maybe a hospital spokesman said later, the fire department. The hospital bracelet was missing. Wilma Ellis was a jane doe.
      Acclaimed as a hero
      That night, China Davis was at the hospital where he worked when the phone rang. "someone called me and told me my sister was floating in the water", she said. "' China, your sister's on CNN '".
      Mrs... Davis was confused: His nephew, Carl, had told him that Mrs. Ellis had been taken to a nearby school. I was still waiting to be rescued.
      But there was Mr..'s voice. Lincoln on TV, describing how he'd found mrs. Ellis in an extremely intense current.
      The journalists are to the words of Mr. Lincoln. - were they moved to act? They asked. " how is she now?"
      As it is common in natural disasters, accurate information is scarce. On Tuesday, Mr. Lincoln told MSNBC: " now he's with his family, they say, and he's fine." he had received an address, he said, so he could return his dentures.
      But Ellis's family didn't know where he was.
      They called hospitals and shelters. They got in touch with Mr. Lincoln, who joined the search by posting on social networks and conducting follow-up interviews. A man said he'd seen her in a shelter. But still, no one could find her.
      It wasn't until Thursday that Mrs. Davis got a call from the morgue.
      Combing through tracks
      Mrs... Ellis, who spent his childhood collecting cotton in Northern Louisiana and later became a nurse in Houston, was a matriarchal figure in an extended clan - had seven brothers, six children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. They called her mom, or Jean.
      To find her, they had been eagerly panning through the meager tracks, left as fragments of storm debris hooked on a chain fence. But now that they knew she was dead, those clues refused to add. How, if he had almost drowned, was the turban stuck in his head? In The Photograph taken by Mr. Lincoln, didn't it look dry?
      More importantly, where'd he stay and with whom? Had there been a dirty game? Or did anyone ever wonder, just didn't care enough about a lonely, old black woman?
      The bureaucracy didn't help. His son, Carl Ellis, went to get his medical records, but he came out empty-handed because he didn't have a death certificate. The Autopsy report wouldn't be available for weeks. Mrs... Ellis had been identified using fingerprints, said the medical examiner's office.
      But there was an official cause of death: drowning. Who raised more questions - if he had been revived, how did he drown? Had he been fished out of water to be swallowed again? Could he have gone through something so destructive to boot the bracelet from his wrist?
      "my mom wouldn't have left", said Ellis. He wondered if he had left it to himself. " if I saw an old man or an old woman, I wouldn't do that. I'll stay with them, make sure they're okay.
      But medical experts said that drowning could be listed as the cause of death even if mrs. Ellis initially survived. The Autopsy could have found fluid lurking in his lungs, or the nearby drowning could have led to fatal complications due to weakened organs, blood-Unbalanced Chemistry or a swollen airway. With Immediate medical attention, he could have survived. If the emergency medical workers had tried to treat her at any time, they might well have cut off the hospital bracelet to get her out of the way.
      Ellis could have been watched, but no one seems to remember. A man who worked at the gas station where mrs. Ellis was abandoned for the first time. He said he couldn't remember seeing her during the storm. Less than two miles away, near an emergency station, there was another gas station, where hundreds of evacuees had been taken.
      The employees there didn't remember mrs. Ellis. But one, karim musani, took a second look at the photo that Mr. Lincoln had taken. " I can remember this brown thing," he said, indicating the plush blanket. " I picked him up. When I picked it up, it was so heavy.
      Picking up the pieces
      More than a week after his mother died, Ellis took out his mother's truck on the road to his ruined house; his own car had been flooded. Using a pair of denim monkeys, he prepared for the job of getting rid and sorting.
      The day before, he had avoided a meeting of 13 family members on the road, and still seemed to be lost in self-reproach about what had happened. Asked about what he had thought when he heard about his mother's rescue on the news, he objected. " when my mother left here ", she said, " I thought it was her rescue."
      A few days later, Mr. Lincoln returned to Houston for Mrs..'s funeral. Ellis. Emotionally overwhelmed, he said, lost on the way. Mr... Lincoln said that he had been "drastically" affected by finding, then losing, Mrs. Ellis. "all this sounds spiritual when reborn, or born again, when I found her", he said. It's like I can't lie anymore.
      But in the memorial service, he found a family still under tension of unanswered questions - perhaps never to be answered - about the late hours of Mrs. Ellis.
      Mrs... Campbell, Ellis's sister, said he had tried to help. "I tried to gather them one by one and sit and explain something: time and unforeseen events happen to us all", he said, to paraphrase the scriptures. "there are only two people who know what really happened: Jean, and Jehovah".

    • By Bible Speaks
      Germany. The Kingdom Hall Fire, provoked.
      A few days ago we reported that a kingdom hall in Germany had been set on fire at 9 points. The Fire Department controlled the fire.
      The Police, after viewing the security cameras in the building, have arrested the arsonist, who has proved to be a witness to the Lord of this hall.

    • By Bible Speaks
      A heavily damaged Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's witnesses. Martin (Dutch side) after hurricane Irma where there was no hurt. Brothers and sisters are now preparing for Hurricane Jose (4. Categories) that should pass today (14:00 local time 20:00 CET).
      By  Edmond Jashari

    • By TheWorldNewsOrg
      US - Chemicals, sewage mix with Harvey floodwaters
    • By Bible Speaks
      The Kingdom Hall in Port Arthur, Texas

    • By TheWorldNewsOrg
      Pumps running empty after Hurricane Harvey shuts down oil refineries
    • By TheWorldNewsOrg
      Harvey Aftermath: Witnesses share their story
    • By TheWorldNewsOrg
      US - Houston's most vulnerable feel abandoned after Harvey
    • By TheWorldNewsOrg
      Media coverage of Hurricane Harvey
    • By TheWorldNewsOrg
      Hurricane Harvey: Are Houston's zoning laws to blame for the damage?
    • By TheWorldNewsOrg
      How much is tropical storm Harvey linked to climate change?
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      Location: Galveston, Texas. Note: Feed is mute at source. 

      Harvey, a category 2 hurricane, is expected to reach the Texas coast as a Category 3 storm with at least 111mph (178 KMH) winds and up to 35 inches of rain. 
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