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144000 being chosen from the 12 tribes

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Jesus told his disciples to make disciples of the people of all nations (Matt 28:19, 20) since the jews turned their backs to the Messiah. Jehovah said that he's going to gather people from all the nations to call them his people, his nation (somewhere in Acts). That explains to me that it can't be just from Israel.

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Read Revelation 14:3; there it tells us they "have been bought from the earth". Not just from the 12 tribes. Also verse 4 reads these ones are from among the first fruits from among MANKIND! And if you read chapter 7 the other vision John the entire group together, the listing of the 'tribes' is not of natural Israel, remember Levi did not have a tribe. They were special to Jehovah, priests for the worship of the nation. But now since the whole group are to be king's and priests, no need for a special tribe designated for this service,correct?

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