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Any graphic artists in here?

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20 hours ago, The Librarian said:

Many modern JW's haven't experienced other well-read biblically minded people actually question their beliefs as we used to 40+ years ago. Most of them shy away because they aren't "always ready to make a defense"

If it was up to me, this site would be Bible 303 - an elective.

Bible 101 is learning the Bible. It is a requirement. Bible 201 is applying it. It is a requirement. 

Bible 303 is seeing how people reevaluate their vow after a time - who sometimes back out of it - and why. They provide vivid examples of Bible themes that become meaningful only when you see real examples of them. Ultimately, it is simple. The myriad reasons people leave, generally collapse into one: "Demas has forsaken me because he loved the present system of things."

You see people choose individual rights over the Bible-required model of self sacrifice. (rights over responsibility)

You see people who insist upon extracting the straw from their brother's eye. 

You see people who cannot forgive.

You see people who go livid over authority, to the point that Miriam and Korah's carryings on are but polite disagreements in comparison. 

You see modern examples of what seems incomprehensible otherwise - Jews wanting to go back to Egypt - who would even stone those dissuading them.

You see people who stumble even seven times, and lose all desire to get up. The reward is farther off than they first thought. The price to pay is higher.

You see countless examples of a line you might not appreciate otherwise: "Jehovah's let his heart become hardened." I mean, nobody ever yields an inch here or softens one iota. (it is true of many subjects today) Given only the caveat that you never know for sure just who is who, you cannot reason with such ones - their mind is long made up - and you shouldn't even try, IMO. When you address them, you are addressing the audience beyond. To reason with them specifically over time would make me uncomfortable - I would think I am violating such verses as have nothing to do with certain ones. Speaking to whoever might be reading later is not the same. In some cases, the best example you can give for such ones is to slap the villains hard.

The best way to get people to do something is to tell them they can't. New Christians, or immature Christians will come online, and some are like kids playing in the street - blind to the fact that there are villains trying to run them down, swerving like terrorists to nail as many as possible. There is a place for ones more seasoned to hang around, because they can sometimes succeed in hurling a stake into their spokes, sending the nasties head over handlebars. 

Of course, you can also empathize with those who have had hard times and suggest alternatives to their just giving up or even opposing the ones with whom they were once best buddies.

It's not such a bad thing for brothers to see this, IMO. Bible 303 is an elective, because you cannot blow off as nothing the verses, such as Haggai, that say the unclean will rub off on the clean, and not the reverse. "Leave them be, blind guides is what they are," Jesus says, not "Let's rumble!"

Bible 303, therefore, cannot be required and it is not for everybody. But for those so inclined to submit their faith to the tests that will surely come anyway, and see others in various stages of testing theirs - and some having failed outright -  it is elucidating, because advanced Bible themes as love for God and love for the brotherhood and Christian loyalty play out right under your nose. You can ask yourself: "Just why am I serving Jehovah, anyway?"

2 Peter (or is it Jude?) speaks of those who despise authority. I am convinced that was at the root of everything in the first century just like it is today. Even should you want to live immorally, that will not go down as the reason for your apostasy. In the greater religious world, if you want to live immorally, you simply live immorally. It is only when someone tells you that you can't that it becomes a problem - and then the oppressive authority will go down as the problem, not the determination to transgress Bible laws of how we should live.


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On ‎11‎/‎19‎/‎2017 at 11:03 PM, TrueTomHarley said:

Bible 303 is seeing how people reevaluate their vow after a time

This site definitely gives you the chance to prove your faith to yourself! After seeing some of the comments from non-believers it truly makes me search my heart and mind to "call to mind" the truths that I have learned. It also gives me deeper appreciation for those truths and strengthens my faith.

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On ?11?/?15?/?2017 at 11:07 PM, admin said:

I am considering using a logo instead of just "World Forum"..... anyone want to be creative and make a logo for consideration?

It needs to be simple.... recognized internationally... and by that I mean there are many language groups on this website....

it needs to look good small and very small for the .ico version.....

Any ideas?

Here are some rough ideas with rough graphics. If interested, I'll make them accurate graphics. Let me know if you would like something different on the face of the clock...

Two samples show how the logo could be used with the text "World Forum."

The first one uses the blue that you are currently using.

Let me know what you think. : )Clock-FBblue-white dots-text-ORG-World Forum.jpg

Clock-blue-white dots-text-ORG-World Forum.jpg



World Forum Logo.jpg

Clock-blue-white dots-text-WF.jpg

Clock-blue-white dots-text.jpg

Clock-blue-white dots.jpg



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Two things:

1. News [like "BREAKING NEWS"]

(see the next post...I could not copy and past in "edit" mode from a prior page)

2. The time is near for God's Kingdom/Armageddon


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4 minutes ago, Queen Esther said:


That's what I was thinking of...that the time is short before there is no more time.

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YES,  my  sister...  we  were  thinking  the  same :)  I  had  NO  other  thought  to  that  picture !  But  men  often  thinking  different  -  we  all  know  that....   SO  simple  your  way  :D  THANK  YOU  @DeeDee .....

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