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How do JWs pronounce COBE?

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On 12/4/2017 at 10:30 AM, tromboneck said:

"Presiding Overseer" was dropped,

It translates into 'El Presidente' in some languages. Hence there is COBE.

It caused me trouble. I do nothing but raz our COBE, and he me,  and we are on good terms. When a new Bethel bigwig came to visit and was staying with our COBE, I said to him at our first meeting: "Are you the hotshot from Bethel who comes down to straighten out our no-good COBE?" Only I didn't say COBE. Inadvertently, I said CO. He got a shocked look on his face and wilted away.

When I realized my mistake I called the COBE by phone and said he had to bail me out. He did - but he said I owed him one or two (or three).

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