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3 very young brothers baptized ? Their smiles say it all ;-))

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Young brothers baptized - Their smiles say it all!.jpg

3 very  young brothers baptized ?   Their smiles say it all :D

Or  perhaps  they're  happy  about  the  new  booklets, before?


Whatever  for  the  next  time...  Congratulations!  and Jehovah's  blessing :x

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.... this makes me SO TIRED ....

I have heard it said many times from the platform at the Kingdom Hall, and at least once at an Assembly, that getting Baptized is the most important decision a person could ever make .... and I agree with that whole heartedly.

It takes insight, dedication, a love for Jehovah, experience, maturity and since 1985, total alignment and obedience to the  .ORG  to make that decision that will govern one's whole life.

So the young Brothers, having exhibited maturity and responsibility and commitment FAR GREATER than what is required as a practical matter in marriage, have shown by actual recognized and approved example that they are ready for that really cute Sister whose head almost comes to the top of the seat, in front of him at the Kingdom Hall.

To the best of my knowledge, the only place in the world that it is legal to get married at that age  ( a much LESSER important decision ... ) is in Saudi Arabia.

The fact that he is eight years old and she is only six years old should not be a problem, what with the age difference and all ... as in 2009 the Saudi  courts ruled to NOT nullify the marriage of an eight year old girl to a man 50 years her senior.

They have several expressions there (translated from from the Arabic) ; "Sharing is caring", which refers to their practice of polygamy under Islamic Law, and; " You know what is so great about twenty eight year old girls?  (wait for it...)

"There are TWENTY of them!"

However, both  bride and grooms parents will need to escort them in the Saudi Kingdom, until they get married, presumably as they cannot see over the car's dashboard.

Besides ... now that the Governing Body has begun blessing the baptism of small children ... perhaps some GB helpers (assuming the parents have as much money as Prince...) could set up a temporary Saudi Kinder Hall, and have a GB member perform the wedding !!

OR ... now that each of the three small brothers are now legally Ordained Ministers ... one could register with the Saudi government and get a license, as it is done in every State in the United States, to perform Weddings !

THAT way, since the three of them would be about the same height ...  the photographer could get better photo compositions, than if the bride and groom were about 1/2 the height of the GB Member officiating.

( ...pause for reflection ....)

I wonder why Jesus waited until he was about 30  years old to get baptized as a dedication to Jehovah. (?)

I suppose he was just not blessed by the Governing Body in Jerusalem at that time, and didn't know what was a proper thing to do.



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    • By Queen Esther
      Very  rare  and  never  seen  in  Europe...   a  SO  young  sister  before  her  baptism !
      But  I  saw  it  in  pic's  and  reports  -  its  really  true !!   I  will  soon  post  it  here...
      Its  great  -  how  mature  the  kids  in  Asia  and  Africa...    wow ! 
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