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9 hours ago, DespicableME said:


She Wasn't a Witness when she became a porn star!!!

When Kim Holland was interviewed back in 2000 for this *DUTCH* newspaper article. They didn’t ask her if she was a baptized publisher or an unbaptized publisher. We have to assume the answer when that question is asked.

The thing we can say with a more definite answer is she WASN'T a witness when she started her career as a porn star at about the age of 23, after being married at age 18.

She did state that her mother died when she was 10, and her GRANDMOTHER was a JehovahÂ’s Witness, just like SelenaÂ’s GRANDFATHER was. Many affiliates of the Watchtower (unbaptized) like Michelle Rodriguez went door to door. That in itself doesnÂ’t prove they were baptized. She also stated in another interview that when her FATHER died, she disassociated herself from the organization. This had to occur before her 23rd birthday when she met RUUD. She went on her way after that. That makes her a Self-Disassociated (DÂ’fd) baptized publisher OR an unbaptized publisher (Wrongdoer). Either way, the congregation would have been notified. She was no longer part of the organization and divorced when she started being part of the adult industry.


Story 1. “I just turned 18 when I got married. I had this really weird image of it in my head: a white dress, cooking and sewing for my family, that kind of thing. We did have sex, but that was because it was part of being married. Then one day my father died and then the whole religion became useless to me. I had outgrown it and I realised how screwed up it all was. I wanted out and eventually I got out. It was difficult though because you can't get divorced unless one of you commits adultery. You can live separately, but you are still tied to one another. I packed my things and soon after that I met Ruud, my current husband.”

Story 2. “Kim Holland speaks about her 'pre-pornographic' time:
"I was very decent. I was even a Jehovah's Witness who went from door to door with magazines and tried to convince people they had to convert in order to live after Armageddon."
On the question how she became a Jehovah's Witness she answers:
"My mother died when was ten years old. My grandmother was a Jehovah's Witness and told me that I could see my mother again if I would believe too. Of course I did this. I was bloody fanatic and married as a virgin when I was eighteen years old. At the meetings I learned that men outside the faith desired just one thing. I wasn't occupied with sex and never had an orgasm."

To qualify as an unbaptized publisher, an individual must already be "an active associate of Jehovah's Witnesses", regularly attending congregation meetings. Prior to 1988, unbaptized publishers were referred to as "approved associates", "unbaptized associates" or "regularly associating"

Watchtower 1988-11-15 p.17 par.10

10 A person who has qualified as an unbaptized publisher of the good news has moved in the direction of becoming a ‘man of goodwill.’ (Luke 2:14) Although he is not dedicated and baptized, now he can report his witnessing activity along with the millions of active ones earth wide who are “publishing the word of God.” (Acts 13:5; 17:3; 26:22, 23) An announcement that he is a new unbaptized publisher can be made to the congregation. He should continue studying the Bible, participating in the meetings, applying what he learns, and sharing it with others. Before long, he will want to take the step of Christian baptism, thus becoming approved by God and ‘marked’ for salvation.—Ezekiel 9:4-6.


38 What should be done when unbaptized publishers become involved in serious wrongdoing? Since they are not baptized members of the congregation, they cannot be formally disfellowshipped. However, they may not fully understand the Bible’s standards, and kind counsel may help them to make “straight paths” for their feet.—Heb. 12:13.

39 If an unbaptized wrongdoer is unrepentant after two elders have met with him and have tried to help him, then it is necessary to inform the congregation. A brief announcement is made, stating: “[Name of person] is no longer recognized as an unbaptized publisher.” The congregation will then view the wrongdoer as a person of the world. Although the offender is not disfellowshipped, Christians exercise caution with regard to any association with him.(1 Cor. 15:33) No field service reports would be accepted from him. [ORGANIZED TO DO JEHOVAH’S WILL] pp.144-145


(See also Disfellowshipping)

Sexual immorality

From the Greek por·nei?a, a general term for all unlawful sexual intercourse. It includes adultery, prostitution, sexual relations between unmarried individuals, homosexuality, and bestiality. It is used figuratively in Revelation with regard to a religious prostitute called “Babylon the Great” to describe her consorting with the rulers of this world for power and material gain. (Rev 14:8; 17:2; 18:3; Mt 5:32; Ac 15:29; Ga 5:19) —See PROSTITUTE.

Again, this article was produced in the year 2000. By the Watchtower Standards and the Biblical law of any year, she had broken a cardinal rule, with grounds for divorce.

If there was ever a funny part of this sad story, it would be that all cover stories in ex-JWs sites were *REMOVED* for copyright infringement. Not to mention, this story is 17 years old. Plus, we also know the intent of the Dutch News towards Witnesses.



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