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Jehovah’s Witnesses have quite a selection of public talk outlines that elders and ministerial servants can choose from. These public talk outlines are used for giving a sermon at their weekend meetings, held in local kingdom halls around the world. Historically, public talks were of 45 minute lengths. In recent times, the public talks have been reduced to 30 minutes.

Here is the full list of public talk outlines in English. The public talk outlines are provided by Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Note: The numbers in parentheses after the title of the talk outline is the date the outline was published. Dates are formatted as M/YY, MM/YY or YYYY.

English Talk Outlines

No. 1-E How Well Do You Know God? (9/15)
No. 1-E How Well Do You Know God? (3/91)

No. 2-E Will You Be A Survivor Of The Last Days? (9/15)
No. 2-E Will You be a Survivor of the Last Days? (9/07)
No. 2-E Will You be a Survivor of the “Last Days”? (4/73)

No. 3-E Move Ahead With Jehovah’s Unified Organization (9/15)
No. 3-E Serving With Jehovah’s Unified Organization (9/07)
No. 3-E Jehovah Makes Loving Preparations For Earth’s Inhabitants (2/66)

No. 4-E Evidence Of God In The World Around Us (9/15)
No. 4-E Evidence of God in the World around Us (3/91)

No. 5-E Real Help For The Family (9/15)
No. 5-E Family Life That Warms The Heart (1/05)

No. 6-E The Flood Of Noah’s Day And You (9/15)
No. 6-E The Flood Of Noah’s Day Has Meaning For Us (7/91)

No. 7-E Imitate “The Father Of Tender Mercies” (12/15)
No. 7-E Mercy, a Dominant Quality Of True Christians (3/91)

No. 8-E Living To Do God’s Will, Not Our Own (9/15)
No. 8-E Living, Not for Self, but to do God’s Will (9/07)

No. 9-E Be A Hearer and a Doer of God’s Word (12/16)
No. 9-E Never Become Dull in your Hearing (5/08)

No. 10-E Be Honest in All You Say and Do (12/16)
No. 10-E Conducting Ourselves Honestly at all Times (5/91)

No. 11-E “No Part of the World” – In Imitation of Christ (12/16)
No. 11-E “No Part of the World” – In Imitation of Christ (9/98)
No. 11-E “No Part of the World” – In Imitation of Christ (12/73)

No. 12-E Your View of Authority Matters to God (12/16)
No. 12-E Respect for Authority is a Safeguard for you (5/91)

No. 13-E A Godly View of Sex and Marriage (12/16)
No. 13-E A Godly View of Sex and Marriage (5/91)

No. 14-E A Clean People Honors Jehovah (12/16)
No. 14-E A Clean People Honors Jehovah (12/07)

No. 15-E “Work What is Good Toward All” (12/16)
No. 15-E As Christians, We Care About Other People (5/91)

No. 16-E Keep Growing in your Relationship with God (12/16)
No. 16-E Keep Growing in your Relationship with God (5/91)

No. 17-E Glorifying God with all we have (7/91)

No. 18-E Are you Really Making Jehovah your Stronghold? (6/93)

No. 19-E Your Future – How can it be known? (5/01)

No. 20-E Is it Time for God to Rule the World? (2/02)

No. 21-E How do you Fit into the Kingdom Arrangement? (8/99)

No. 22-E Are you Content with Jehovah’s Provisions? (8/91)

No. 23-E Life Does have a Purpose (7/91)

No. 24-E What God’s Rulership can do for us (2/02)

No. 25-E Resisting the Spirit of the World (9/07)

No. 26-E Does God Count you Personally Important? (7/92)

No. 27-E Getting Marriage off to a Good Start (9/98)

No. 28-E Show Respect and Love in your Marriage (9/98)

No. 29-E Responsibilities and Rewards of Parenthood (9/98)

No. 30-E Communication – Within the Family and with God (9/98)

No. 31-E Happy Though Hungry – How can it be? (7/92)

No. 32-E Coping with Life’s Anxieties (7/92)

No. 33-E What is Behind the Spirit of Rebellion? (6/92)

No. 34-E Are you “Marked” for Survival? 6/92)

No. 35-E Can you Live Forever? Will you? (6/92)

No. 36-E Is this Life all there is? (6/92)

No. 37-E Are God’s Ways Really Beneficial? (3/17)
No. 37-E Decide Now for Divine Rulership (6/92)

No. 38-E Act Wisely as the End Draws Near (6/92)

No. 39-E Be Confident of Divine Victory (1/96)

No. 40-E What the Near Future Holds! (1/96)

No. 41-E “Stand Still and See the Salvation of Jehovah” (7/92)

No. 42-E How the Kingdom of God Affects You (1/96)

No. 43-E Are You Doing What God Requires of You? (9/07)

No. 44-E Keep Seeking God’s Kingdom (9/07)

No. 45-E Follow the Way to Life (7/92)

No. 46-E Maintain Your Confidence Firm to the End (7/92)

No. 47-E “Have Faith in the Good News” (9/95)

No. 48-E Meeting the Test of Christian Loyalty (1/00)

No. 49-E A Cleansed Earth – Will You Live to See it? (9/07)

No. 50-E Decisions You Face – How Will You Make Them? (12/93)

No. 51-E Is the Truth Transforming Your Life? (6/95)

No. 52-E Who is Your God? (12/93)

No. 53-E Does Your Thinking Agree With God’s? (12/93)

No. 54-E Build Your Faith in Man’s Maker (12/93)

No. 55-E What Kind of Name are You Making with God? (12/93)

No. 56-E Into the New World Under Christ’s Rulership (1/96)

No. 57-E Bearing Up Under Persecution (12/93)

No. 58-E How Should You Serve God? (12/93)

No. 59-E You Will Reap What You Sow (12/93)

No. 60-E How Purposeful is Your Life? (2/97)

No. 61-E On Whose Promises do You Rely? (12/93)

No. 62-E The Only Cure for Sick Mankind (12/93)

No. 63-E Do You Have the Evangelizing Spirit? (12/93)

No. 64-E Lovers of Pleasure or Lovers of God? (12/93)

No. 65-E How to Cultivate Peace in an Angry World (7/16)
No. 65-E Find Honor and Joy in God’s Ministry (12/93)

No. 66-E Slave for the Master of the Harvest (9/07)

No. 67-E Taking Time to Meditate on Spiritual Things (9/07)

No. 68-E Do You Harbor Resentment, Or do You Forgive? (12/93)

No. 69-E Renewing the Spirit of Self-Sacrifice (12/93)

No. 70-E Make Jehovah Your Confidence (12/93)

No. 71-E How to Keep Spiritually Awake (9/07)

No. 72-E Love Identifies the True Christian Congregation (12/93)

No. 73-E Acquiring a Heart of Wisdom (9/94)

No. 74-E Jehovah’s Eyes Are Upon Us (9/94)

No. 75-E Do You Recognize Jehovah’s Sovereignty in Your Personal Life? (9/07)

No. 76-E Bible Principles – Can They Help Us to Cope with Today’s Problems? (8/10)

No. 77-E Follow the Course of Hospitality (9/94)

No. 78-E Serve Jehovah with a Joyful Heart (1/96)

No. 79-E Friendship with God, Friendship with the World – Which Will You Choose? (1/96)

No. 80-E Does Your Hope Rest on Science or the Bible? (9/94)

No. 81-E Who are Qualified as Ministers of God? (1/95)

No. 82-E Jehovah and Christ – Are They Part of a Trinity? (5/95)

No. 83-E Religion’s Time of Judgment (11/95)

No. 84-E Will You Escape this World’s Destiny? (11/03)

No. 85-E Good News in a Violent World (9/01)

No. 86-E Prayers that are Heard by God (1/95)

No. 87-E What is Your Relationship with God? (1/95)

No. 88-E Why Live by Bible Standards? (1/95)

No. 89-E Come, You Who Thirst for the Truth! (1/95)

No. 90-E Reach Out for the Real Life! (3/03)

No. 91-E The Messiah’s Presence and his Rule (11/95)

No. 92-E Religion’s Role in World Affairs (11/95)

No. 93-E “Acts of God” – How do you View Them? (11/92)

No. 94-E True Religion Meets the Needs of Human Society (12/93)

No. 95-E The Bible’s View of Spiritistic Practices (7/94)
No. 95-E True Worship Versus the False (3/70)

No. 96-E False Religion’s End is Near! (1/96)

No. 97-E Remaining Blameless Amid a Crooked Generation (1/96)

No. 98-E Keep Clean from Worldly Defilements (9/07)

No. 99-E Why You Can Trust the Bible (9/97)

No. 100-E True Friendship with God and Neighbor (11/98)

No. 101-E Jehovah – The Grand Creator (5/95)

No. 102-E Paying Attention to the Prophetic Word (5/95)

No. 103-E You Can Find Joy In Serving God (2/99)

No. 104-E Parents – Are You Building With Fire-Resistant Materials? (1/05)

No. 105-E Gaining Comfort in all our Tribulations (5/95)

No. 106-E Ruining the Earth Brings Divine Retribution (5/95)

No. 107-E Hold a Good Conscience in a Sinful World (5/95)

No. 108-E Overcoming Fear of the Future (5/95)

No. 109-E The Kingdom of God is Near (1/96)

No. 110-E God Comes First in Successful Family Life (1/95)

No. 111-E What Does the Healing of the Nations Accomplish? (1/95)

No. 112-E How to Express Love in a Lawless World (1/95)

No. 113-E How Can Youths Cope with Today’s Crisis? (1/96)

No. 114-E Appreciating Marvels of God’s Creation (1/95)

No. 115-E How to Protect Ourselves from Satan’s Snares (4/95)

No. 116-E Choose Your Associates Wisely! (9/07)

No. 117-E How to Conquer Evil with Good (11/06)

No. 118-E Looking at Youth from Jehovah’s Standpoint (8/98)

No. 119-E Christian Separateness from the World – Why Beneficial (5/97)

No. 120-E Why Submit to God’s Rulership Now (6/97)

No. 121-E A Worldwide Brotherhood Saved from Calamity (6/97)

No. 122-E Global Peace – From What Source? (7/97)

No. 123-E Why Christians Must be Different (6/97)

No. 124-E Basis for Confidence in the Bible’s Divine Authorship (5/97)

No. 125-E Why Mankind Needs a Ransom (10/99)

No. 126-E Who Can Be Saved? (11/00)

No. 127-E What Happens When We Die? (8/00)

No. 128-E Is Hell Really a Place of Fiery Torment? (11/00)

No. 129-E Is the Trinity a Scriptural Teaching? (10/00)

No. 130-E The Earth Will Remain Forever (8/00)

No. 131-E Is There Really A Devil? (3/02)

No. 132-E The Resurrection – Victory Over Death! (8/00)

No. 133-E The Origin of Humans – Does it Matter What You Believe? (8/00)

No. 134-E Should Christians Keep the Sabbath? (8/00)

No. 135-E The Sacredness of Life and Blood (9/00)

No. 136-E Does God Approve of the Use of Images in Worship? (1/01)

No. 137-E Did the Miracles of the Bible Really Happen? (11/00)

No. 138-E Live with Soundness of Mind in a Depraved World (11/00)

No. 139-E Godly Wisdom in a Scientific World (11/00)

No. 140-E Who Really Is Jesus Christ? (8/17)
No. 140-E Jesus Christ – Earth’s New Ruler (11/00)

No. 141-E Human Creation’s Groaning – When Will It End? (11/00)

No. 142-E Why Take Refuge in Jehovah (11/00)

No. 143-E Trust in the God of all Comfort (11/00)

No. 144-E A Loyal Congregation Under Christ’s Leadership (11/00)

No. 145-E Who is Like Jehovah Our God? (11/00)

No. 146-E Use Education to Praise Jehovah (11/00)

No. 147-E Trust in Jehovah’s Saving Power (11/00)

No. 148-E Do You Share God’s View of Life? (11/00)

No. 149-E Are You Walking With God? (11/00)

No. 150-E How Real is God to You? (1/01)
No. 150-E How Real is God to You? (11/00)

No. 151-E Jehovah is “a Secure Height” for his People (11/00)

No. 152-E The Real Armageddon – Why? When? (10/01)

No. 153-E Keep Close in Mind the “Fear-Inspiring Day”! (6/11)
No. 153-E Keep Close in Mind the “Fear-Inspiring Day”! (11/01)

No. 154-E Human Rule-Weighed in the Balance (3/02)

No. 155-E Has Babylon’s Judgment Hour Arrived? (12/02)

No. 156-E Judgment Day – A Time of Fear or Hope? (6/03)
No. 156-E Judgment Day – A Time of Fear or Hope? (10/02)

No. 157-E How True Christians Adorn Divine Teaching (5/03)

No. 158-E Be Courageous, and Trust in Jehovah (11/03)

No. 159-E Finding Security in a Dangerous World (10/03)

No.160-E Safeguard Your Christian Identity! (11/11)
No. 160-E Safeguard Your Christian Identity! (6/04)

No. 161-E Why did Jesus Suffer and Die? (12/04)

No.162-E Deliverance From a World of Darkness (11/14)
No. 162-E Deliverance from a World of Darkness (12/04)

No. 163-E Why Fear the True God? (6/05)

No. 164-E Is God Still in Control? (11/05)

No. 165-E Whose Values do you Cherish? (11/05)

No. 166-E Facing the Future with Faith and Courage (5/06)

No. 167-E Act Wisely in a Senseless World (12/06)

No. 168-E You Can Feel Safe in this Troubled World (11/06)

No. 169-E Why be Guided by the Bible? (11/07)

No. 170-E Who is Qualified to Rule Mankind? (12/07)

No. 171-E You Can Enjoy Life in Peace Now – And Forever! (1/08)

No. 172-E What is Your Standing with God? (5/08)

No. 173-E Is There a True Religion from God’s Standpoint? (9/08)

No. 174-E God’s New World – Who Will Qualify to Enter? (11/08)

No. 175-E What Marks the Bible as Authentic? (8/09)

No. 176-E Real Peace and Security – When? (9/09)

No. 177-E Where can you get Help in Times of Distress (1/10)

No. 178-E Walk in the Way of Integrity (6/10)

No. 179-E Reject Worldly Fantasies, Pursue Kingdom Realities (11/10)

No. 180-E The Resurrection – What That Hope Should Be Real To You (5/11)

No. 181-E Is It Later Than You Think? 6/11)

No. 182-E What God’s Kingdom Is Doing For Us Now (9/11)

No. 183-E Turn Your Eyes Away From Worthless Things! (8/12)

No. 184-E Does Death End it all? (7/12)

No. 185-E Does The Truth Affect Your Life? 11/12)

No. 186-E Unite With God’s Happy People (3/13)

No. 187-E Why Would a Loving God Permit Wickedness? (7/13)

No. 188-E Is Your Confidence in Jehovah? (1/14)

No. 189-E Walking With God Brings Blessings Now And Forever (4/14)

No. 190-E A Promise of Perfect Family Happiness (7/14)

No. 191-E How Love & Faith Conquer the World (4/15)

No. 192-E Are You on the Road to Everlasting Life? (8/15)

No. 193-E Rescue From World Distress (11/15)

No. 194-E How Godly Wisdom Benefits Us (5/16)

S-99-E Public Meeting Talk Titles (7/12)

S-99a-E Public Meeting Talk Titles – Listed by Subject (1/16)

S-99a-E Public Meeting Talk Titles – Listed by Subject (7/12)

S-141-E Reminders for those Assigned Public Talks (4/16)

Memorial Talk Outlines

S-31-E Appreciate What Christ Has Done For You! (2/17)

S-31-E Appreciate What Christ Has Done For You! (12/15)

S-31-E Appreciate What Christ Has Done For You! (2/13)

S-31-E Appreciate What Christ Has Done For You! (7/12)

S-31-E Celebrating the Lord’s Evening Meal (11/90)

Funeral Talk Outlines

S-32-E Funeral Discourse (2/16)

Marriage Talk Outlines

S-41-E Honorable Marriage in God’s Sight (9/07)

Other Talks

2012 Convention of JehovahÂ’s Witnesses

Hotel Arrangements for 2015 Regional Convention

How Parents Can Protect Their Children From Misuse Of Blood

CN-25-E Respect for Jehovah’s View of Safety (4/06)

Strengthen Your Hands for the Good Work (2013)

Circuit Assembly Talk Outlines

CA-brtk17-E Maintain Love For Jehovah

CA-cotk17-E Increase Your Faith in Jehovah

Regional Convention Talk Outlines


CO-tk17-E Don’t Give Up

CO-tk16-E Remain Loyal to Jehovah


CO-tk12-G ??????????? ??? ?????? ???

Elders Meet with Pioneers, Special Pioneers and Field Missionaries

S-211-17-E Be Skillful “Fishers of Men” (10/16)

S-211-16-E Listen and Learn From the Illustration of the Sower (11/15)

S-211-15-E Stir Up Like a Fire the Gift of God (12/14)

S-211-14-E Remember Those Who Are Taking the Lead Among You and Imitate Their Faith (11/13)

S-211-E Guard What Is Laid Up in Trust With You (11/12)

Pioneer Meeting (12/70)

Circuit Overseer Public Talk Outlines

S-319a-10-E The Resurrection – Why that hope should be real to you (4/09)

S-319a-11-E Turn your eyes away from worthless things (4/10)

S-319a-12-E Unite with God’s happy people (12/10)

S-319a-14-E How love and faith conquer the world (10/12)

S-319a-15-E How Godly wisdom benefits us (3/14)

S-319a-16-E Are God’s ways really beneficial? (12/14)

S-319a-17-E Is this world doomed to ruin? (11/15)

S-319a-18-E What is religion’s future? (11/16)

S-319b-11-E How does the truth affect your life? (12/10)

S-319b-13-E ‘Good news to every nation, tribe and tongue’ (9/12)

S-319b-14-E Rescue from world distress (10/13)

S-319b-15-E The scene of this world is changing (10/14)

S-319b-16-E Who are the Real Followers of Christ? (11/15)

S-319b-17-E Are you conscious of your spiritual need? (11/16)

Circuit Overseer Meets with Pioneers, Special Pioneers and Field Missionaries

S-335-11-E Keep on holding fast what you have (8/10)

S-335-12-E Do not put our the fire of the spirit (7/11)

S-335-13-E Imitate the master teacher’s pattern (4/12)

S-335-14-E What is looked for in Stewards is for a man to be found faithful (5/13)

S-335-15-E Go on walking orderly in this same course (7/14)

S-335-16-E Imitate Jesus by effectively teaching from God’s Word (7/15)

S-335-17-E Continue to be “Nourished with the words of the faith” (12/16)

Circuit Overseer Meets With Elders and Ministerial Servants

S-337a-11-E Shepherd the Flock with Knowledge and Insight (7/10)

S-337a-12-E Throw all your anxiety upon Jehovah (7/11)

S-337a-13-E Teaching by Word and Example – A Rewarding and Weighty Assignment (4/12)

S-337a-14-E Develop thinking ability as appointed men (5/13)

S-337a-15-E Cultivate the “Art of Teaching” (7/14)

S-337a-16-E The things you heard from me …, entrust to faithful men (5/15)

S-337a-17-E Be Refreshing and Encouraging! (5/16)

S-337b-10-E Let all your affairs take place with love (1/10)

S-337b-11-E Enhance your ‘appreciation for sacred things’ (1/11)

S-337b-12-E Hate what is bad, and love what is good (1/12)

S-337b-13-E Encourage one another all the more so as the day draws near (11/12)

S-337b-14-E Assist inactive ones to return to Jehovah’s flock / Maintain the Qualities of a genuine shepherd / Reminders regarding handling child abuse matters (12/13)

S-337b-15-E Allow Jehovah to “Finish your training” (1/15)

S-337b-16-E Prove yourself to be a shepherd of the sheep (1/16)

S-337b-17-E Set a proper example, for “the time left is reduced” (10/16)

Circuit Overseer Service Talk Outlines

S-341a-16-E Believe Inspired Truth, Not Inspired Error (6/15)

S-341a-18-E Loyalty – Part of the new personality (5/17)

S-341b-17-E How we recommend ourselves as ministers (10/16)

Kingdom Ministry School Talk Outlines

No. 3(b)-E Exercising Discernment and Insight as Elders – Addendum (9/02)

No. 6-E Updated Direction Regarding Judicial Matters – Part 1 (1992)

No. 16-E Assisting Elders to Handle Judicial Matters Properly (9/01)

No. 19-E Preach the Word – Be At It Urgently! (10/94)

No. 21-E Questions and Answers Relative to Handling Problems (1992)

No. 22-E Jehovah Makes Provision For Our Needs (10/94)

No. 23-E Assisting Elders to Make Recommendations for Appointment of Elders and Ministerial Servants (9/01)

No. 45-E Proper Handling of Judicial Matters (7/01)

No. 46-E Giving Attention to Needs in our Field – Part 1 (9/01)

No. 51-E The Congregation Book Study Conductor – Shepherding (8/01)

No. 53-E Giving Attention to Needs in our Field – Part 2 (10/01)

No. 54-E Making Recommendations for Appointment of Elders and Ministerial Servants (7/01)

No. 57-E Maintain the Peace and Cleanness of the Congregation (9/05)

HLC Talk Outlines

Outline for Discussion of Care Plan with Publisher



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    • Just as the WT knows how to work the global market by investing their money in hedge funds, they know how to manipulate a developing mind with persuasion techniques.  I perceive the downplay of higher education as a safeguard from losing members.  While the organization warns these young ones of Satan’s worldly traps when pursuing higher education, in reality it appears to me that it’s all about keeping JWs captive to the organization’s “empty philosophy”.  Col 2:8  Knowing how the young mind develops sheds light on the org's use of persistent warnings not to pursue higher education.  “Developmental Tasks and Attributes of Late Adolescence/Young Adulthood (Ages 18-24 years) http://www.amchp.org/programsandtopics/AdolescentHealth/projects/Documents/SAHRC AYADevelopment LateAdolescentYoungAdulthood.pdf This is a time of life when very little is normative. It is a period of frequent change and exploration that covers many aspects of their life: home, family, work, school, resources, and role. Develop and apply abstract thinking skills Adolescents experience significant changes in their capacity to think. In changing from concrete to abstract thought they are increasingly able to understand and grapple with abstract ideas, think about possibilities, think ahead, think about thinking, and “put themselves in another person’s shoes.” In general, this changes their ability to think about themselves, others and the world around them. This is a gradual process that spans adolescence and young adulthood. For example, early in the process youth are limited in their ability to hold more than one point of view – understanding something from one perspective but not another. ·        Capacity for abstract thought becomes established; can think abstractly and hypothetically; can discern the underlying principles and apply them to new situations; and can think about the future, considering many possibilities and logical outcomes of possible events. ·       Able to hold and manipulate clusters of abstract ideas and create systems for organizing abstract thoughts. ·       Greater ability to consider different points of view at the same time can result in increased empathy and concern for others, and new interest in societal issues for many. It also allows youth to better value the diversity of people (and their perspectives) and appreciate that there may be many right answers to a problem. Adopt A Personal Value System Adolescents develop a more complex understanding of moral behavior and underlying principles of justice. They question and assess beliefs from childhood and restructure these beliefs into a personal ideology (e.g. more personally meaningful values, religious views, and belief systems to guide decisions and behavior). ·        Decisions and values are less influenced by peers. ·       Able to see multiple viewpoints, value the diversity of people and perspectives and appreciate that there can be many right answers to a problem. ·        Identify values and viewpoints that work for oneself while respecting viewpoints/values of others I would imagine there is a high risk of young JWs entering a college or university after high school, with the same age group, and going through the same mental development stages ...leaving the Watchtower altogether.  
    • John 17:14-16 The comments in the study Bible on John 17:15 say: "Jehovah...could even separate his people physically from the rest of the world and place them in a a safe and peaceful environment. However, regarding his disciples, Jesus prayed to his heavenly Father: "I request you, not to take them out of the world, but to watch over them because of the wicked one." Jehovah has chosen not to take us "out of the world." Rather, it is his will that we live among the general population of this world in order to proclaim his message of hope and comfort to others. (Rom. 10:13-15) But, as Jesus implied in his prayer, by living in this world, we are exposed to "the wicked one." Disobedient mankind and wicked spirit forces cause much pain and anguish, and Christians are not immune to distress." 1 Peter 5:9 So while we recognize we have to live in a world under Satan's control, it doesn't mean we should go out of our way to expose ourselves to potentially dangerous influences and bad association. There are of course necessary things we must do to survive and provide for our families - such as employment, which as you correctly pointed out, can mean rubbing shoulders with worldly people and attitudes whatever level of education we choose. But even on that, we are selective so as to minimize our exposure to potentially harmful influences. It may include being selective as to what type of work we are willing to accept, or whom we work with/for. Many caring parents know they can't completely eliminate bad influences at school for instance (since kids have to have some type of schooling and it is beneficial), but they may choose to be selective as to whom they allow their kids to spend their extra time with. So living in the world, we recognize there are certain things we must do whether we like it or not. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't exercise caution and be selective as to what we choose to involve ourselves in. I could rationalize that I need a job to support myself and my family - a legitimate and necessary need,  but would I choose to work for the mafia to do so? No, I would be selective and cautious.  I agree with you. I often have the same problem on both phone and tablet. Fortunately I've recently discovered that we can edit and make corrections. I wish I had known that earlier before "auto-correct" ran roughshod over my posts.  As for my level of education, I provide as little information as possible to identify me. As a "whistleblower" on some things, there would be an opportunity for "blowback" from men in authority who have something to hide. I don't even post what country I'm from. So when I have written that at times there are men in authority who act as wickedly as people in the world and hide behind their authority, I know exactly what I'm talking about. That's why I don't buy into the "Jesus is in full control of everything..." stuff, because I know some of the stuff that goes on is about as unChristlike as you can get. He doesn't cause/control it just because he allows it for a time. I also question some of the decisions men (not Jesus) have made when I am in possession of all the facts - especially when removal or disfellowshipping has as it's objective to silence whistleblowers who expose their corruption. I have never been DF'd, but I know if they thought I was spilling the beens on them, that's exactly what would happen. So I don't mention any names either that would tip them off. Just letting people know that you can still maintain your faith and relationship with God despite the evil that (some) men do - and get away with for now.  Sorry if this rant is off topic.
    • Perhaps it can be as you said. And perhaps this can be true with many other similar "stories".   What I see as important in this "story", is fine moral message and inspirational, motivating injection that in this materialistic and superficial everyday life offers a spiritual upgrade.... said with different order of words. 
    • Some do. Like the Rainbow Mountains, and some of the Caucasus (Svaneti) look more like rocky Alps. I'd love to see those mountains, and I planned to visit Georgia within two or three years if possible. I've never been to Georgia, the closest so far has been to northern Turkey (Ankara, Zonguldak, Samsun). If Jehovah did not intervene, and nature was left to itself, moving the tectonic plates would have caused thousands of violent aftershocks and tsunamis for quite some time after the floodwaters settled. Even on water, during the Flood, the Ark would have to be given divine protection. Settling on a high mountain might protect from tsunamis but not the quakes. I'd like to look up some info on these. Where should I start?
    • The story has also been told that it was a "black boy" who offered him the newspaper for free: https://mylife-chapter.blogspot.com/2017/08/who-is-richer-than-bill-gates.html When my wife was a school principal, teachers were always putting up posters about, for example, the "Ten Things Bill Gates Says about School" or "What Bill Gates Said Were the Most Important Things in Life" etc. He may have told a story like this, but usually people create such stories so that their own moral lesson comes across with more authority.  
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