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Jehovah The Great Potter, Changed Anthony Bostwick's Life

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As a teenager, twenty-five year old Anthony from Detroit, started down a self-destructive path that involved smoking, using and selling drugs, and affiliation with a local gang. By his early 20s, he had been repeatedly incarcerated due to gun and drug possession charges. While he desired to clean up his life, he quickly found himself falling back into old habits after each jail stint. When asked why he started down such a dangerous path, Anthony admits that, as a youth, he was influenced by the entertainment industry and the way it glorified such a lifestyle. Reality soon taught him that this was a mere illusion. An illusion that was soon to be dispelled before his very eyes.

Sitting in his basement one day, he came face-to-face with reality. His marriage had fallen apart, he had no driver’s license, no stable employment, and no purpose. Life was just passing him by. That is when he decided to reach out to JehovahÂ’s Witnesses to help him study the Bible. He started applying Bible principles in his life, and replaced his old destructive habits with healthy ones. Whereas he at one time turned to drugs to escape his reality, he now works out at the gym. He also changed his associations. At his local congregation, he found real friends who truly love him, support him, and encourage him to maintain constructive habits that help him lead a happy, healthy life.
Anthony now says, “I don’t have to look over my shoulder, worry about warrants…I try to help others appreciate the truth about God and the bright future he has in store for us ahead.” These days, he holds a respectable job and spends a good portion of his time volunteering in the community. He assists others in learning the same Bible principles that helped him clean up his life. From blindly chasing after an illusion, Anthony now tightly holds on to the real life that he has found.

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