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Contraceptive app hit with complaints after being blamed for 37 unwanted pregnancies

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Guest Nicole

The Natural Cycles app uses an algorithm to determine when women are fertile

Natural Cycles, a contraceptive app that became certified in the EU as a form of birth control, has been hit with a complaint after being blamed for causing 37 unwanted pregnancies, reports Swedish publication SVT. Södersjukhuset hospital in Stockholm reported the app to Swedish regulator MPA (the Medical Product Agency), after 37 women visited the hospital for an abortion after becoming pregnant while using Natural Cycles.

Read more: https://www.theverge.com/2018/1/16/16895978/natural-cycles-contraceptive-app-unwanted-pregnancies-complaint

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Anyone could have foreseen that this would happen.  I bet it is still within the statistical probabilities range though.

No one using that app should ever have gotten the idea that they were 100% safe.

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An  APP  for   BIRTH-CONTROL??   hahahahahaaaa xD  what  a  nonsense....  That  can't  work,  NEVER !!   Every  BODY  is  SO  different  -  then  I  would  probably  have 10  more  children 9_9  My  special  'app'  for  that  was  ALWAYS  in  my  brain  &  working  more  exactly !  We've  so  many  other  good  helper....  but  an  app ?  thats  really  a  modern  joke :D  Maybe, some  clever  men  wanted  get  rich  by  such  of  crazy  idea  and  the  result  came very  fast!  But,  how  stupid  these  women...  instead  a  pill,  thermometer,  condom  etc.  they  using  an  app.  haha,   oh  NO....      A  women - body  is  no  robot....  it  can  daily  change,  too  complicated  for  an  app !!

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It is a little known fact that Aspirin, ( for women only ...) used properly, is a VERY effective method or form of birth control.

As long as contraception is desired,  take two 325mg Aspirin ... and put them between your knees, and press hard.

Ummmm..... assuming one actually HAS knees.

Contraception    600   .jpg

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Reminds me of a story an elderly lady told me about a traveling merchant who came to all the farms in the old days peddling a birth control. He said not to open the box for so many days. When the time was up he was long gone and all that was in there was a note saying don’t do it!

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