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Anti-Masturbation Training Video For Jehovah's Witnesses!

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16 hours ago, Jay Witness said:

With all the focus on the new anti-masturbation vide telling all Bethelites not to sleep inappropriately with a pillow, surely this has to be the very item that will send the GB into fits of despair??

I have often said to my wife, that I wish I had enough money to use a small portion of it to buy a shiny new helicopter.

II would buy about 3,000 of these pillows and load them on the helicopter.

Then I would go to the geographic coordinates of Warwick Bethel World Headquarters, at about 500 feet altitude, push them out the door.

Perhaps I should start a GOFUNDME site ....

Frankly, I wonder how rich people EVER get bored!

Boyfriend Pillow     300   .jpg

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@James Thomas Rook Jr.  On a side note... that restaurant in NYC is 130 years old and serves up the BEST pastrami sandwiches I've ever had. 

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.... probably just a "splinter group".


Hmmm...  just look at the expressions on these two Brother's faces ....


It looks like they are doing this because they are being punished severely for "something", and have to do this or get fired!

You could title this picture "Robots Read The News".

If they are being punished ... it is obviously cruel and unusual, and they have my sympathies.

Now I understand why, under the Bushido Code, the Japanese when they screw up, willingly commit suicide.



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