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Anti-Masturbation Training Video For Jehovah's Witnesses!

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I apologise  .... I just can't help thinking this is the funniest thing in real life I have run across in a long, LONG time.

I hope it is all just a misunderstanding, like when John Candy and Steve Martin have to share a hotel room in the movie "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles".







Always be careful how you fluff up dem pillows!

Pillowgate fluffing .gif

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1 hour ago, Queen Esther said:


This is very true .... and men know this.

The only way we can, as a general rule, get women to take us seriously, is our penchant for WARFARE.

The reason MANY men go to war is ..... the women are watching.


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It may be without commentary, but I believe it is a chopped up (edited) version.

The two Brothers look like they are being severely punished for "something", and made to make this video ... or are under the influence of deep hypnotic suggestion ... or both.

This is better than the version with commentary, which I recognized as the rantings of an atheist, immoral person ... but the TRUTH is the truth, no matter what the source. 

I will wait until I see a complete, unedited version to fully establish the matter in my own mind.

It's like eating Lobster ... there is quite a lot that needs to be discarded ... and MUST be discarded.

I learned THAT lesson the HARD way at a restaurant when I ate Lobster for the very first time, when I was drunk.

Never judge the value of Theology or Seafood by the parts that SHOULD be discarded.

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Hmmmm... I KNEW 18 minutes and 39 seconds had some significance .... that was how many minutes were missing from the Richard Nixon "Watergate" Oval office tape recordings ... and GET THIS! !!! ....

It was also the length of the long version of Arlo Guthrie's "Alice's Restaurant Massacre" (pronounced Masa-creee).


I think NOT!



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On ‎1‎/‎27‎/‎2018 at 8:33 AM, Jay Witness said:

Does anyone know where I can purchase JW GB approved and spiritually safe pillows?

Same place where you can get Mormon underwear?


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Based on the assumption that everything we do, say, and think should be open, transparent and honest ... I have been continuing to look for verification that "Pillowgate" is actually real.

The Society has forced the removal of these two "Pillowgate" Videos from everywhere they can .... but RUTUBE ... the Russian equivalent of YOUTUBE and the WTB&TS are just not ..... just not ..... getting along.

Without comment I present for your inspection.... the original, apparently complete, and un-edited versions of "Pillowgate", from the Russian RUTUBE site.

Since I do not own the copyright, I am ONLY posting the links.

What you do with them is up to you.

The Truth will make us free ....


Christian Sisters - Keep Your Path Clean  720p  (20 min 14 sec)


(downloaded size = 95.0 mb)


Christian Brothers – Keep Your Path Clean  720p  (36min 44 sec)


(downloaded size =  990 mb)




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To be honest, most Christians consider masturbation unclean and vile for a Christian to do. For it in itself is also considered an addiction and like any addiction, if done multiple times, it will be harder to break free from the chains it has placed on you, and the habit can easily be revisited and can prevent one, be it male or female, from fight such urges properly. It can also lead one easily into the murky waters of pornography, which has caused depression to some, and others to commit suicide, a person I know, mutual friend, was cool with some college girl, I will not say her name because I am being respectful to the deceased, who was lured into such industry exploited by the adult industry recruiters on day 1, the “casting couch” as they call it, where they persuaded her to consent and to giving her the thought of “making easy money” if she continues on this path, later on information of her had been leaked, resulting in friends and family alike to find out what she got herself into, this girl later took her own life via suicide, before she even hit 20. Just like her, others suffer in some way via depression from such habits and what such habits lead to.

I personally know some people who have been subjected to this and some who are still affected by such a habit, both males and females, teens to young adults, who fight such a battle with this addiction, others have given in to it and feel as though nothing can help them break from it, heck, my older brother had struggled for 4-5 years (from age 18-22) because some silly college students were talking and watching pornography, and got him hooked on it, eventually over time, he was able to finally break free from the habit, since I, my father and a couple of friends helped him out because it was causing him to feel depressed and feel worthless to God, for because of this habit, he even refused to pray for he really thought of himself as worthless to God, to the family and to his friends, it was that bad.

No Christian is safe from it either, especially when in today's world they promote that such is okay and normal when the reality is it is not. There are also communities built for helping people with these addictions so they can turn themselves around, and those I share this information with they take the opportunity to try and give it a go.

Masturbation is a growing problem for teens and even adults and no one is going to speak of their struggle unless you are a trusted person, friend, teacher, church member, etc. For Christians it is even harder because they know they, those who suffer from it, have succumb to this problem and feel as though God cannot forgive them for what they do, their church will be shocked about their actions, etc.

A battle with consequences, even if someone does a PSA about it, it is still important to speak to those affected face to face to see what is up with them, even going as far as to giving encouragement and solutions to the person who is dealing with the problem.

That being said, I can't blame the JWs for trying though, for desires of the flesh is part of our imperfection, doesn't matter if someone is an experienced Christian or not, imperfection is a daily struggle, you cannot conquer it and be done with it, for desires of the flesh is like a shadow you cast, that follows you everywhere you go. I am happy that I had good parents that made sure I never fall into such a path, but with their examples as well as stories, testimonies and the like from others who are either affected or broke free, such information can prove helpful when shared with others who are suffering from such.

That is all I have to say, since that is somewhat the topic, anti-masturbation” of this thread, I feel as though such things should be addressed.

At the end of the day, we are all imperfect, for what doesn’t cause one to stumble, will cause someone else to stumble, but just because you fall, doesn’t mean it is over, just get back up and keep fighting. I really don’t care who the person is, friends and family will take some time, but God is always ready to forgive and forget the sin one has committed if he or she proves repentance.

But yeah, Proverbs 24:16 - for the righteous falls seven times and rises again, but the wicked stumble in times of calamity.


One's internal struggle and conflicts should not be laughed at, as some do, for what they struggle with internally is like a cry for help and those who sees the problem can only hear that cry for help.

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Some people have the same problems with eating, drinking alcohol, and (insert list here).

The Bible says MUCH about stealing, honesty, justice, mercy, lying, and hundreds of other things. 

But guess what is NOT mentioned?

The Apostle James admonishes the brothers NOT TO MURDER EACH OTHER  (James 5:6).  How often have you seen THIS.  Probably never.

If Jehovah God  cared about such things ....... CONSIDERING it is an almost universal practice, and always has been, AMONG 95% OF ALL MEN, AND ABOUT 80% OF ALL WOMEN ON THE PLANET EARTH .... you might think he would have at least MENTIONED IT AT LEAST ONCE?

Actually, I believe it was "kinda sorta" mentioned ONCE, in the Old Testament., depending on your perception ....

CHRISTENDOM is where we get the idea that it is shameful, it is THEY who believed it DESTROYED THE SOULS OF THOSE WHO DID IT, as back then (and this is true...) the common perception was that little tiny men and women were in the semen ( no kiddddiding...)

Christendom's clergy has a vested interest in making people guilty over things God has NOT expressed any opinion on ... and these things go all the way back to the Jewish times before Christ.  It is easier to extort money from people who are "guilty", or make them slaves.

It's called "paying the preacher".

Onan was chastised by Jehovah for NOT IMPREGNATING HIS BROTHER'S WIDOW! not "Onanism" as defined by Christendumb ... which actually makes the Bible's interest in this practice exactly ZERO.

Men Ejaculate ... women menstruate ... and we all swallow boogers when we have sinus drainage, and occasionally leak .... which is why we wear underwear.


Even the hot water heater in your home has a pressure release valve.

If I am wrong... please correct me with a CLEAR AND COMPLETELY UNAMBIGUOUS Scripture.

Playing with words does not count, any more than playing those words, playing with your dandruff, playing with with your food, or ... uh ... well ... you know .....

If we REALLY ARE going to model our lives on the word of Jehovah ... let's NOT MAKE STUFF UP ...  like Christendumb did for our personal guilt trips.

If you want to know what the Apostle James said .... start with James 1:27.

 "The form of worship that is clean and undefiled from the standpoint of our God and Father is this: to look after orphans and widows in their tribulation, and to keep oneself without spot from the world."

Life gets simpler when you stop making stuff up.





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