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Born: April 14, 1935
Appointed to the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses: October 2, 1999 
Samuel Herd served as an elder in Arkansas, U.S.A. He started pioneering in 1958, and from 1965 to 1997, he was in the circuit and district work. Thereafter, he and his wife, Gloria, have been part of the United States Bethel family, where Brother Herd has been working in the Service Department. He was also serving as a helper to the Service Committee.

Talks by Samuel Herd

All talks on jw-archive.org by S. Herd
Audio clip of Sam Herd explaining Satan's promoting of homosexuality
The Value of Our Theocratic Sisters
Fear of Giants 
Voices of Authority




samuel herd.jpg

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The May 2018 Watchtower is now out and thought I would make a few observations.

In this article we get a story about GB Sam Herd. The recurring theme throughout is the struggles he has had as a black man.

He was born in 1935 in a one roomed log cabin in Liberty Indiana. His mother raised him in the Baptist Church. He served 2 years in the USA Army stationed in Germany. He had grown up, learning to be a macho man. One day, two JW girls, who had given him Watchtower mags before, waved him over as he was driving his red convertible through town. He promised the girls that he would think about attending a book study.

He did attend and was impressed how much Bible knowledge the children had and was determined to learn more. His eyes were opened by learning that God's name was Jehovah. He was baptized in 1957 and was happy to have learnt what real manliness was. He learnt Jesus didn't fight and that he needed to be gentle to all. He started pioneering but in 1958 stopped as he married one of those young ladies that invited him to the book study, Gloria. Soon after their marriage in 1959 they applied for Bethel service but were told that they were not taking in married couples at that time. They were assigned to pioneer in Pine Bluff, Arkansas where there was one white and one black congregation, they were assigned to the black one. He states 

You may be wondering why segregation would be practiced in congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses. And the answer, put simply, is that there was little choice back in those days. There were laws in place to make it illegal for the races to mix, and there was also the very real threat of violence. In many places, the brothers had good reason to fear that if the two races met together for worship, their Kingdom Hall would be destroyed. Such things did happen. If black Witnesses preached from door to door in a white neighborhood, they would be arrested—and likely beaten up. So in order to get the preaching work done, we obeyed the laws, hoping that things would change for the better.

They had applied to be special pioneers and it was a long wait to be accepted. In 1965. He was assigned as a CO. He continued in the travelling work and in 1997 was invited to the US Bethel Service Dept. A year later he was appointed to be a helper on the service committee and in 1999 became a GB member.

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What Sam Herd could have thought was “Why Kofi Atta Annan was elected as the seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations in 1996 when such a thing was not even thought of by GB which was comprised by all white people from its very inception?


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Seit 1999 darf ich in der leitenden Körperschaft dienen.jpg

Seit  1999  darf  ich  in  der  leitenden  Körperschaft  dienen!

LIFE STORY   -   The Watchtower—Study Edition  |  May 2018
A Poor Start—A Rich Ending  ---


As told by Samuel F. Herd  ~~~  The  full  story  by  the  link !


I was born in a one-room log cabin in a very small town called Liberty, Indiana, U.S.A. My parents already had three children when I came along — my older brother and two sisters.

SAMUEL  HERD ----------.jpg

Later, my mother gave birth to my two younger brothers and my younger sister.

Gloria was a jewel when I married her, and she still is.jpg

Gloria,  was  a  jewel  when  I  married  her,  and  she  still  is... :x

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On 2/5/2018 at 6:09 AM, TrueTomHarley said:

Sam Herd likely went through much of his life without thirty dollars to his name. 

He moved on up from the east side thanks to your JW donations! 😉

All the while telling you all to live frugally and send in your donations...


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