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Like Games? ~ ???? ~ This Bible Games Will Help You Remember!

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Like Games? ~ ???? ~ This Bible Games Will Help You Remember! 

“For our Family Worship evening, we devised a really fun memory game to help us remember the correct order of Bible names. 

Using two boxes of wooden blocks from a dollar store, we wrote all the Bible names on them. 

Then on the extra pieces we wrote special positive names or words (i.e. Jehovah, paradise, love, faith etc) as bonus pieces. 

All the pieces are  Was placed mixed upside down on the table. Each player begins by choosing five pieces each. 

Then take turns choosing a piece to try matching Bible books in a consecutive order, using the bonus pieces to fill the gaps. 

If a piece is chosen that doesn’t match up (i.e. Genesis and Psalms) the block is shown to the other players, then placed back face down in the same place it came from. thank you 

Pieces can also be traded with another player as long as it’s mutually beneficial. 

We had so much fun playing this game that we lost track of time!”


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A  very  good  idea,  yes !   My  Pioneer  GF.  also  played  such  of  different  games  with  her  children :)  Thats  a  nice  exercise....  and  children  are  very  good  in  it !  Their  brain  is  very  clean  and  strong  for  memory  things :D  Selfmade  is  great,  bec. games  and  other  toy's  not  cheap !

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