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A Government lawyer knocked on a door of a poor man dying of a disease.

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A Government lawyer knocked on a door of a poor man dying of a disease. 

When the man opened the door the lawyer said, “I have been sent by the richest man who ever lived to offer you an inheritance by your Father. This inheritance will pay off all your debts, and would allow you to undergo a medical procedure that would cure the disease attacking your body, 

In order for you to receive this inheritance, you must take the time to learn the details contained in this legal document on how and why this inheritance could be yours. 

What would the poor man do? Will he say, “I’m not interested, I’m too busy, I have my own way to help myself? Or would he reason, I love my Father and I know he cares for me, the lawyer said he has a document, even though I doubt that this is true, I will let him try to prove it to me for I may benefit as I am a poor dying man.


WhatÂ’s the meaning of the illustration?


Who is the Lawyer? (Matt 28:19,20; Acts 5:42, 20:20)

What government does the Lawyer represent? (Matt 24:14, 6:10; Dan 2:44; Matt 6:33)

The Document (1 Tim 3:16; Hebrews 4:12)

The reason to listen to the Document (1 John 5:3; John 17:3)

Who is the rich man? Matt 28:20

What is the cure? 1 Tim 2:6; Rom 3:24; Ephesians 1:7 Colossians 1:14

Who is the Father? John 3:16; Psalms 83:18

Who is the poor man? 1 Cor 15:22; Rom 5:12

(It would be my hope that the poor man would let the lawyer read the documents so that the dying man could take the steps needed to gain the inheritance. 

As he learns the truth about all his Father did in his behalf, his love for his father would grow. He would now know all that his Father wants for him and he would now live his life trying his best to do what he knows is best without any doubts about his inheritance.) Please may we all take the time! - ??? Bible Speaks

You DonÂ’t Know Your Already Rich? ?


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