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National School Walkout

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21 minutes ago, Michael Krewson said:

@TrueTomHarley this is what you were referencing the other day?

I think so, but it has been politicized. I see nothing about any walkout being permanent, pending the problem being fixed.

Of the new plans for symbolic actions and parades, I read: (from the posted article) 

"A number of people have told me it's frightening and powerful, and really sends a message," the 16-year-old told the BBC

Yes, it sounds fearsome, perhaps. But the actual tweet I posted, if acted upon, might have actually gotten something done. The kids have been hijacked by the grown-ups and sold the line that "sending a message" is the same as solving a problem. I can send 200 messages a day online, most of which will be forgotten by the next day.

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The National School Walkout is silly.

There is ONLY one thing that will stop an evil man from killing the innocent.


And all the wishing, and hoping, and legislating in the world will not change that.

It is  good man of courage, with superior firepower, ( that means more bullets, for those in Rio Linda...) to engage and kill the evil man.

The only way to stop a Bad Guy with a gun ... is with a Good Guy, with a gun.

All else is a community intellectual circle jerk fantasy.


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On the other hand, I think it was an Australian cleric who said it best - when will Americans come to love their children MORE than their guns.

Look, one or the other. Strong gun laws or armed veterans. Either will arguably work - probably armed vets in the short run and gun laws in the long run. But neither will come about until kids put adults toes to the fire by permanently boycotting school until a fix is in place.

I mean, there is no possible way Rook is going to yeild on this. He doesn't think there are persons just as intransigent on the other side? So nothing will be done and a few dozen kids will be picked off yearly while these guys scream at each other over who is right.

But if the kids actually stop going to school.....

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The Universe decides who is right and who is wrong ... and liberal fantasies are COMPLETELY disregarded.

The intransigence on the other side is based on fantasy ...

It used to be that, during the late 60's terrorists hijacked Israeli Air Lines Jets, and Israeli citizens ... and in 1974 the Jews sent Commandos to Entebbe, Uganda  and other countries,  and violently rescued their people,  violating everybody's "national sovereignty" ... slaughtered the kidnappers, and took THEM hostage, and back to Israel for trial .... if they survived.

As soon as the terrorist world understood they would NEVER win ... and that they would ALWAYS die. the hijacking of El Al Airlines completely stopped..

The REASON there are school shootings is that THEY ARE GUN FREE ZONES !!!

The Bad Guys (BGs) know they have time to slaughter without instant return fire.

The average "school shooting" is over in three minutes.  The average armed response time is five minutes.

Do the math!

I am also in favor of after a fair trial, hanging the murderers by the neck until dead on a wooden gallows erected on top of the school where the shooting took place ... without a bag over the head of the condemned, and without any last words.

And have it televised nationally.

Even the dull and stupid understand THAT!

...and completely eliminate the "Insanity Defense".  The Insanity defense is in itself total Snowflake  insanity ... by people who care more for their nutty relatives than Civilization.

Armed and trained teachers and school staff with concealed handguns ... and as we saw in Florida with the two Coaches, there are many who WILL  run TOWARD the gunfire, and cannot by nature of who they are do otherwise ... allow them to competently defend themselves and students.

Just as in any Family ... it is a man's JOB to protect the innocent ... himself, and others in his charge.

An incompetent defense is no defense at all.

You cannot have pansy, feel good cum-bah-ya Snowflakes, where a man's responsibilities are subrogated by the State, and all the nut cases that work there ....  and have a stable Civilization.

... as we have seen.




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As Galatians 6:7 rightly states that whatever a person sows they shall reap.

Personally I think that this scripture can be applied to America and the second amendment........."it is my inalienable right to walk around the streets of any city or town with a loaded gun on my person - just in case." One information source quoted that there was 88 guns/100 people.......if my maths is right that only leave 12%+  of Americans who do not own guns, (many of course have their own arsenals).

I also think that the second amendment is something held dear to the hearts of many Americans.......this has made them a violent, gun loving society, many who still think that they are living in the days of the 'wild west'.......a bunch of would be, if they could be, cowboys. I mean what other, so called civilised country can boast 32 single gunman massacres since 2000, not to mention those that did not reach the dizzy heights of a massacre? ANSWER: NONE. No other country would even come near this unenviable record.                            Definitely a sad indictment of American society today.

My comments, of course, do not include our many loving brothers and sisters in America and others of the 12%+ that are not gun owners. We certainly await the time when Jehovah says: "Enough is enough!" and brings this wicked system to its end.

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42 minutes ago, John Lindsay Barltrop said:

We certainly await the time when Jehovah says: "Enough is enough!" and brings this wicked system to its end.

The U.S. Constitution's 2nd Amendment does not GIVE natural rights ... it only protects them by force of law.

Everything that lives has the NATURAL right of self defense .... if he, or it, chooses to exercise it ... and can manage it.

...... even a cat has retractable claws.

The NATURAL right of self defense was not insured by the founders of the United States to protect us from belligerent deer.

Here is the acid test ..... If you could choose any country, at any time in history to live in ... what and when would you choose?

This is NOT a theoretical question.

If you could choose any country, at any time in history to live in ... what and when would you choose?

If you understand History and you are not delusional, the answer is here ... and now.

Like a brass plaque from a Nautical Supply House I have on my filing cabinet says. ...

"Pray towards Heaven

Row towards Shore".


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Just a little item that I copied from A BBC web site: "

"Organisers of gun giveaway competitions in the US have come under pressure following the Florida school shooting that killed 17 on Wednesday.

Republican politicians in Maryland and Kansas went ahead with their gun giveaways, while a county sheriff in North Carolina cancelled his raffle.

A children's baseball team defended its decision to continue with a fundraising effort, in which the winner will receive an AR-15 assault rifle.

That type of gun was used in Florida.

Gun sweepstakes - costing as little as $5 (£3.50) per ticket - are a part of life in some parts of the US, with the National Rifle Association having held raffles for decades.

Organisers have hit back at the online criticism, saying their fundraising events were planned months ago."

Are some Americans really that sick.......and they say: "I wonder why we have this problem?" "What's gone wrong in our society?"...............I think the fruitage is self evident!!!

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    • Here's a start. But I can't get into Daniel 4 without something like the following as a "preamble:"   "What Does Bible Chronology Indicate About the Year 1914?" The Bible’s answer I will come again and will receive you home to myself, so that where I am you also may be. (John 14:4) For the creation is waiting with eager expectation for the revealing of the sons of God. (Romans 8:19) Bible chronology is a topic that has intrigued many Bible readers for centuries. The desire to see Jesus return has driven many to focus on combinations of Biblical numbers and dates so that these combinations will usually point to Jesus' return in their own lifetime, or at least the very near future. Now that we are 2,000 years from the time that Jesus walked the earth, preached, and died, there are very few ways to manipulate prophetic numbers so they will reach our own time period. There are the 1,260 days of Revelation and Daniel, which are also called "three and one-half times." And there are some other periods mentioned in Daniel including the 1,290 days, 1,335 days, and 2,300 evenings and mornings. The common method for making such periods end in our own day has been to turn each day into a year. But this leaves us in the "middle of nowhere" if we were to count back from today. For example, 2020 minus 1260 brings us to 760 C.E. somewhere in the Middle Ages. Adding 1260 to the date of Jesus' birth, baptism, death or resurrection would similarly bring us to dates in the 13th century C.E. Using the number 2300 from any event in the lifetime of Jesus life would point to a time nearly 300 years in the future, and this would have very little appeal to a Bible scholar or anyone with an eager expectation. And pointing back 2,300 years from today takes us to 280 B.C.E., another point that is nearly 300 years before Jesus and as much as 300 years after any major event in the kingdom of Israel or Judea.  Other "clever" methods have been used to reach modern times. In the 18th and 19th centuries it was common for Protestants to point back only 1,260 years to reach some seemingly important events in Catholic history. (For example, 1800 CE minus 1,260 years brings us to 540 CE., when the Holy Roman Empire was losing its grip on Europe.) Another method was to look at the number of years between the time of Jesus and a "modern" date, and then look at that same period of time in the B.C.E. period, looking for a potentially significant event. In other words, if it were nearly 1843 CE, for example, they would look to see if anything interesting might have happened in 1843 B.C.E. If this method pointed near to anything significant (like the birth of Jacob/Israel or the death of Jacob/Israel) then there was only a need to adjust a few years in either direction to find many other potentially significant dates that were "exactly" a certain number of years before events in Jesus' life. Counting forward that same number of years might be expected to result in dates of parallel significance in their own modern times. A natural goal would be to find a Biblical time period that was either closer to 2,000 to reach events in Jesus' lifetime on earth, or as high as 2,600 or more to reach back to the end of the kings of Israel or Judea. In the 19th century, several writers and preachers began looking for just such a period of time, and they found it in the "seven times." After all, if "three and one-half times" was 1,260 days, then "seven times" would a period that was twice that long: 2,520 days, i.e., 2520 years. This was an ideal way to reach from the 19th century back to the final kings of Jerusalem. Some found that 2,520 reached back to King Josiah and found significance there. Some found it reached back to the time when Babylon began attacking the kings in Jerusalem and found some significance there. Ideally, it would seem more significant if the event were even more spectacular, such as the destruction of Jerusalem and its temple which almost all scholars in the 19th century were dating to about 586 BCE or so. 100 years later, this is still considered about the most accurate date by almost all scholars of that period, especially after thousands more pieces of evidence have come to light. Any date 2,520 years from the destruction of the Temple (the end of the line of kings in Jerusalem) was too far in the future for most Bible chronologists of the 19th century. It reached as far as 1934, which was 90 years after the peak time of speculation in the United States: 1844. But after 1844 had failed, there were still small groups who had continued their speculation. One of these groups had focused on a version of the BCE-to-CE "parallel dispensations" method and had a chronology system that therefore already included 1844, 1874, 1878, 1881 and 1914. With only a 20-year adjustment to the time when all scholars were pointing to 586 BC, they decided to use the date 606 BC for Jerusalem's destruction and therefore made it fit the 1914 date which was already part of their chronology system.
    • Friday, Dec. 6 — crypto markets have continued to rebound after a sharp sell-off on Dec. 4, with Bitcoin (BTC) briefly reclaiming $7,500. The bullish momentum is observed across all the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, with just Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC) and Unus Sed Leo (LEO) seeing some losses at the time of writing. Meanwhile, Chainlink (LINK) and Cosmos (ATOM) are reporting the biggest gains among the top 20 over the past 24 hours, both up around 4%, according to Coin360. Market visualization. Source: Coin360 After trading around $7,400 price point for the better part of the day, Bitcoin spiked to hit an intraday high of $7,576 in a matter of minutes. At the time of publication, the major cryptocurrency is up 1%, trading at $7,450. Despite renewed upward movement, Bitcoin is still down over 3.5% on the past seven days as it failed to retest $7,800 on Nov. 30. Over the past 30 days, Bitcoin is still down around 20% from $9,286. Major U.S. financial regulator approves a new BTC futures-focused fund The new spike in Bitcoin’s price comes alongside news that the United States Securities and Exchange Commission approved another Bitcoin derivatives fund. As reported by Cointelegraph, BTC futures-focused NYDIG Bitcoin Strategy Fund is now allowed to offer its shares to institutional investors. The upward movement on crypto markets may be caused by the approaching Christmas holidays, according to a new report from analysts at crypto exchange SFOX. According to the researchers, Bitcoin searches on Google usually peak before holidays, not after. As such, on Nov. 28 — Thanksgiving in the U.S. — Bitcoin saw three consecutive days of price growth, the firm stated. Meanwhile, Twitter crypto personality Bitcoin Macro recently predicted that 2020 will be a “mind blowing year for crypto,” while “2019 was, and still is, the year to accumulate.” ... The total market capitalization accounts for $202.5 billion at the time of publication. Keep track of top crypto markets in real time here Speaking at ELEV8CON in Las Vegas on Dec. 10, founder and CEO of Celsius Network Alex Mashinsky said that there is a war brewing between centralized and decentralized networks. "The centralization of the Internet by companies such as Facebook and Google has created a distorted reality where fake news and blatant lies get the same treatment as documented truths,” said Mashinsky. Mashinsky said that the rise of centralized social media networks has resulted in an increase in fake news, causing a great deal of confusion regarding the basic facts of issues and events. Mashinsky also noted that fake news stories tend to increase reader engagement, which is then gets converted into huge profits for companies like Facebook and Google. “If such lies bring engagement (which is immediately converted into huge profits) then they deserve to be pushed and promoted by the world’s best algorithms, which work tirelessly to extract every dollar out of them. No need to worry about our democracy or human rights, corporate mega-profits can cure all ills if we just issue PR that we donated 1% of what we made to a school or the disabled,” said Mashinsky. A blockchain-based solution Mashinsky told Cointelegraph that a blockchain-based data platform is the only solution capable of combating fake news. A system such as this can verify the identity of users and the authenticity of data, bringing a much-needed layer of transparency to the online world. Mashinsky mentioned that a project like EOS Voice, which uses blockchain technology to record the inner operations of its network, will be one of the first decentralized applications to bring trust to the internet. EOS Voice is a social media platform that was unveiled by EOS creator Bock.One. The beta version is scheduled to launch on Feb.14, 2020. Unlike centralized social media networks that extract personal user information without permission, all operations across EOS Voice are recorded on the blockchain. Moreover, while Mashinsky noted that social networks are vulnerable to fake news due to the fact that anyone can post whatever they please, EOS Voice users must verify their identities. This provides a way to decrease fake accounts and illegitimate content, as everything posted can be traced back to specific people. Yet while platforms like EOS Voice are being brought to market, Mashinsky pointed out that gaining user traction remains a challenge. “Platforms designed to protect us and act in our best interest already exist. We are just waiting for 7 billion people to discover them. When they do, the entire internet will become an application on the blockchain” said Mashinsky. Blockchain economics To his point, Mashinsky presented a slide during his keynote entitled, “Blockchain Economics.” Written on the slide was “E=MC2”. In this case, E stood for Ethereum, M stood for members, and C stood for Consensus. “If you want the Ethereum blockchain to ever be valuable you need members and consensus,” explained Mashinsky. Mashinsky ended his keynote by explaining that we already went through the blockchain hype curve, but that we still need to cross the chasm. He noted that stable coins are a great stepping stone to get people to understand the potential of cryptocurrency. He also recommended to stop using centralized networks entirely: “The amazing thing is that if we stop this addiction, Facebook will lose their power and disappear just as fast as they got hold of it. How do I know that? I helped make the old phone companies that charged $700 a month to disappear. Now, it’s free because [Voice over IP] allows us to take the power back and leave these toll collectors behind. It is up to us to decide if the future will be more centralized or decentralized.” https://cointelegraph.com/news/bitcoin-briefly-breaks-above-7-500-after-sec-approves-btc-fund
    • I was there about a month ago, having flown into Orlando for the wedding of my nephew. I arrived near closing time, and was only able to walk around the outside of the fort. But I had just before came from Ft Matanzas, about ten miles south, party closed due to hurricane damage. The next day I went to Ft Caroline, outside of Jacksonville. Ft Caroline was French. They send a raiding party to the Spanish Ft Matanzas, but the party got upended in a squall. When the Spanish discovered that, they took those French soldiers captive and slaughtered most of them. (Matanzas literally means ‘slaughter’—landmarks, businesses, and roads all around that area are named Matanzas this or Matanzas that.) The docent at Ft Caroline told me the Spanish commander sent a letter to the French king saying the prisoners were killed, not because they were French, but because they were Protestant. The few captured French soldiers that were Catholic were spared.
    • Hahahahahaha! Thanks Space Merchant, I needed that! It is so much fun watching snowflake liberal's heads explode all over the ceiling at the slightest thing that is actually funny! It is like watching the movie "Mars Attacks", when granny is listening to the radio in the nursing home, and yodeling comes on the programming. CNN was once my very favorite Cable News Network, for their superb coverage of the First Gulf War, but now they are pathetic, and a comedy show of utter and total cluelessness.. If they did not have contracts to be in most of USA Airports, supplying equipment and programming, I suspect ONLY Democrats who consider it the "Clinton News Network", (.. which CNN is ...) would watch it.   I downloaded the CNN video from the YouTube link ... Don Lemon's reaction is PRICELESS!  
    • One can only open someones eyes if they are really searching for the truth.  I apologize if I have become too skeptical about the motives of people who contribute on this forum.  There is enough evidence here to suggest that I may be correct. 
    • Jesus said they will know my disciples because the love among them. What kind of love? The love of Jesus which is self-sacrificing love.  Yes, I am prepared to give my life for my brothers. This is love in action. During the Rwanda genocide brothers hid other families from the other tribe under their homes in holes..... if they were found out they faced immediate death by machetti  or gun.... this is self-sacrificing love amongst our African brothers. Do the other churches in USA teach this kind of love?  I bet your grear great grandmother who lived then (if she lived in USA) was a great racist.... just indicating that historical context does matter. 
    • True.  There are things we do not have control over. Kreutzers disease is a result of cannibalism..... feeding animals their own kind. 
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