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National School Walkout

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I left my 18 shot 9mm pistol on my front porch swing, with two additional magazines for a whole afternoon ... and to my surprise ... it did NOT KILL ANYONE.

Years ago.... Australia was disarmed ... and the murder rate by knives, baseball bats and poison went up.

... I am not counting the Tasmanian Massacre where a rifle turned in to the police according to law was sold illegally BY THE POLICE to an assasin, and was used in the massacre.

Crazy or EVIL people kill innocent people.

Guns by themselves have no sentient will.

What part of DUH ... do you not understand?



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Going back to my original comment about public hangings ... the LAST public hanging in the United States was in 1936.

THAT is when the Liberal Snowflakes began to accumulate.

Since public hangings were stopped,  the dull, and stupid, and crazy have been accumulating like snowballs on a downhill slope.



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Wrong question Queen Esther!

I feel it should have been; "Is Rook really one of Jehovah's Witnesses?????" I think he just likes "stirring the pot." I maybe wrong!!!

One wonders WHY he would have a gun in the first place!!!...........and a 9mm to boot, with at least 2 extra magazines, [I am not unfamiliar with 9mm weaponry, in a  past life I had a German Luger, (The Japaneses also used to make one and they had a booby trap on theirs) - about 64 years ago - and In Australia, back then, you had to have a permit to obtain 9mm ammo - at 14 years of age I obviously could not get a permit - I used to steal it], .......are you looking to start a war somewhere.....what else do you have in your armoury???

Just on this subject..........what other country in the world has the unenviable record of the USA for massacres/murders/deaths/injuries from guns and/or rifles from single gunmen, who are the, so called, 'ordinary' Joe Citizen. The answer is very simple. Too many 'cowboys' that think they still live in the days of the wild west........NO COUNTRY comes anywhere near those statistics.

Oops! I forgot this does not really have anything to do with guns.........or does America have a lot more 'crazies' AND MORE GUNS than any other country.

I am sure Jehovah understands your motives - but, I certainly don't. Still I am only human - and imperfect at that.

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4 hours ago, John Lindsay Barltrop said:

.....this has made them a violent, gun loving society, many who still think that they are living in the days of the 'wild west'.......a bunch of would be, if they could be, cowboys.

Americans are a curious blend of gunslinger and crybaby.

3 hours ago, James Thomas Rook Jr. said:

What part of DUH ... do you not understand?

The part that guarantees schoolchildren will continue to be shot in school while you refuse to give an inch to the other side, and they the same to you. It is not as though you haven't had plenty of time to pound them into submission, is it?

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Give them a beak TT..........they don't really know why they are the only country in the world with this problem..........I mean what other country has had 32 massacres by a single gunman since 2000.........about 88% of Americans have guns........and it appears that they cam walk around cities and towns with loaded guns on their person...........and they still don't know why they have a problem.

BUT, "its not the guns that are the problem; its the people".............of course its not the guns, what a cop out that is..........most, just do not get it...........if they did not have the guns, life would certainly appear to be more meaningful.

A lot of them want to be John Wayne, Gary Cooper, et al.............or they blame the 'crazies'.........all I can say is, boy! they must have a lot of crazies!!!!

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1 hour ago, John Lindsay Barltrop said:

they don't really know why they are the only country in the world with this problem

I just kick back at Rook because he is  - well, because he is. But it is not as though I do not concede that there is a 2nd amendment or that I push for its repeal - it is just his relentless cheerleading for guns that grates on the sensibilities.

I did read a source from Russia decrying the barbarism of Americans with their guns. Someone replied 'how many Russians have died because they were powerless when government thugs showed up to corral them?'

So I see the other side. It is not our concern, anyway, as we stand for something else. But I am reasonably confident that not one of the 17 children who died thanked his lucky stars for the 2nd amendment before he breathed his last.

All the children want to do is go to school and not get shot up. Is that too much to ask? It happens anywhere else. They shouldn't have to propose the solution. That is for their mentors to figure out. That one kid said it right - and he has been apparantly preened and given front stage by a manipulative left - but nonetheless he said it right: "We are the children. You are the adults. You are supposed to protect us."

To quote James again: 

What part of DUH ... do you not understand?


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During World War II, the Japanese Military High Command  considered invading America ( and actually did have troops stationed in Alaska for awhile, in the Aleutian Islands ...) but that suggestion was nixed when it was pointed out that "EVERYONE" in America was armed, and the Japanese soldiers would be shot at from behind every tree, rock and building, without letup.

Those that do not read and understand History are by nature Liberal Snowflakes, because of a world view that is NOT based on reality, the way reality really is.

I, too, look forward to the time when the tools of self defense are not mis-used, or even necessary ... but that is NOT NOW.

Only a fool deliberately makes himself helpless.


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7 hours ago, Queen Esther said:

STILL  MANY  PEOPLE  HAVE  TO  DIE  BEC. YOUR  CRAZY  LAWS  IN  THE  USA ;-((   poor people  and  kids 1f625.png

Germany for a hundred years has had EXCELLENT and almost total civilian gun control ... so had the old Soviet Union, and the Empire of Japan ... and now the Russian Federation.  So does North Korea, and China.

... and as far as it is possible for a person to be peaceable with all people , we all remember 75 years ago what a comforting people the Germans and Japanese were.

Pillowgate fluffing .gif

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