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Jack Ryan

Why didn't God Just Kill Pharaoh?

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Jack, First, of all, this topic was about Genesis 2 and you are in Exodus. Also, why is this difficult question aimed at JWs? You could have started the question as "Why does the Bible say that . . . .?" rather than "Why do JW's say that . . . .?"

We may not like it, but the answer to question is in the Bible itself. The answer is that this particular action would make it much clearer to an entire nation that it was the hand of God himself they were up against. The death of a Pharaoh doesn't necessarily make the kind of news that lasts for 3,500+ years. It would not have proved that God's purpose was involved in giving the Promised Land back to Israel's descendants. It would not have produced the kind of cohesion necessary for over a million people to remain loyal to the leadership of an imperfect man for 40 more years. Ultimately, the Israelites and Egyptians, too, were made to know that all life is given and can be taken away by Jehovah. The temporary unfairness can be overcome 1,000 times over when Jehovah brings justice to the entire earth, bringing everyone back to a chance at eternal life, both righteous and unrighteous.


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But even still...

King Herod slaughtering all of Bethlehem’s babies while searching for Jesus was a “horrible thing.” But, Jehovah killing every first born of Egypt during the 10th plague is apparently just fine.


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