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The Russian government has sent the European court of human rights (Echr) to the European court of human rights (Echr) objections in the case, "

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The Russian government is responding to the European court of human rights.
Our organization had sued this government for the pursuit of our religion. We copy the complete article understandable to what the Russian government is responding to. In my life I've seen more lie per square meter.
The Russian government has sent the European court of human rights (Echr) to the European court of human rights (Echr) objections in the case, "Jehovah's witnesses in Russia" and its leader vasily kalin, who at the end of last year complained of the Illegal settlement of a religious organization and the seizure of witnesses of the property complex located in the elite district of st. Petersburg, which costs about 2 billion rubles. According to the Russian authorities, the elimination of the organization of Jehovah's witnesses was a " positive obligation of the state."

Russia says that Jehovah's witnesses appeal to the echr inadmissible. Article 17 of the European convention on the violation of the rights of the applicants - and asked to deny them. " the liquidation of a religious organization " the administrative centre of Jehovah's witnesses in Russia " was carried out under the provisions of existing legislation, interference with the applicant was proportionate to the legitimate objectives pursued and necessary in a democratic society ", - he declared in the Russian government's objections. At the same time, according to the document, the elimination of Jehovah's witnesses is not simply a right " the positive obligation of the state."

The government also draws attention to the echr of the fact that the decision of the Supreme Court (SC) and the appeals board of the armed forces there is no specific prohibition or restriction of the teachings of Jehovah's witnesses. In addition, Russia said that the applicant has not provided in the complaint that the data about when and how it was owned was confiscated according to the bc decision to liquidate the "Jehovah's witnesses in Russia" and consider the " Non-reasonable " and " Abstract " statements on the value of ownership - " tens of millions ".

Representative of Jehovah's witnesses artur leontyev considers the chances of winning the case in the echr as a " big ". " the arguments put forward by the Russian authorities in their comments, have already been done - in other similar cases, the Echr and evaluate them, take a decision in favour of the applicants and deny Russia. For example, an attempt to present the situation of the Russian authorities so that people can continue to practise their faith individually, does not hold: they already have practice of attracting people to justice.

Religious organization "Administrative Centre of Jehovah's witnesses in Russia" and its nearly 400 regional offices were abolished in April last year by the supreme court, in the administrative statement addressed to the ministry of justice. According to the ministry of justice, the activities of Jehovah's witnesses did not meet the goals and objectives, declared in the statutes and federal law violated, in particular, the "Anti-extremism" Act. , the materials about 100 of the Jehovah's witnesses distributed have been recognized by the courts as an extremist (" how life arose?", " learn in the school of ministry," and so sucesivamente. d) and are included On the federal list of extremist materials. Prosecutors have 13 subjects received RF 18 warnings to the regional offices of the religious organization "for extremism and the spread of extremist materials". and some offices of the Lord have been liquidated by the courts.

In the RF armed forces, the representatives of the accused denied the charges against Jehovah's witnesses. In addition, they stated that if the demand of the ministry of justice was met, the provisions of the European convention guaranteeing freedom of religion and freedom of association would be violated. However, the armed forces agreed with the arguments of the administrative claimant and, in addition to the liquidation, decided to convert the property of the organization into state ownership. In July 2017, the supreme court of appeal recognized this decision as legitimate and justified.

In the same year, the st. Petersburg District Court, at the request of The Supervisory Authority has paid the property of Russia property complex in the elite neighborhood of the capital of the north - the people of solar and is owned by a Legal person "Watchtower" (Watch Tower Bible and mathematical society of Pennsylvania, United States). Uu. ), the main organization of Jehovah's Jehovah's witnesses. It consists of two plots of land and 14 buildings, houses and offices, cadastral value of which is about 850 million rubles., and commercial, according to Jehovah's witnesses, around 2 A billion rubles., including the equipment in the building. This decision was confirmed by the court of appeal of the st. Petersburg municipal court in early may of this year.

In the autumn of last year, "the administrative center of Jehovah's witnesses in Russia" and its leader vasily kalin an appeal to the echr, bearing in mind that the Russian authorities had violated the European Convention: Art. 9 (freedom of thought, conscience and religion), art. 11 (freedom of assembly and association), art. 14 (Prohibition of discrimination) and art. 1 OF PROTOCOL 1 to the European Convention (protection of property). The echr communicated the complaint and invited the government of the Russian Federation to answer questions thereon.


Translated from Russian 


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