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Rotterdam’s Museum Boijmans van Beuningen is full of shit

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When I was 16, an 18 year old friend played parts his favorite Cheech and Chong album for me. I recall about three things from the album that were funny and not too embarrassing to tell. One of them was an imaginary conversation between two dogs walking down to the street when one of them has to do his duty. The other dog is impressed by the shape and symmetry of the production. The conversation includes: "Wow! Did I do that?" and the response "Yeah! You're a real Rembrandt!"

The fact that this is in Rotterdam seemed to trigger the fecetious memory.

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Circa 1978 I was at a Kingdom Hall in Angleton Texas, arriving late in the pouring rain, to go out in evening Service and the District Overseer, who had never met me,  got there ahead of me, but he did not have a key to the Kingdom Hall, so there he was, huddled up against the building, under the KH overhang, looking down. 

I got out of my truck wearing my large brimmed cowboy hat, and hunched down against the rain,  ran over and joined him, and straightened up.

Without looking up he started talking about Dinosaur Poop, which apparently fossilizes, and it is called Corporalite.

He collected Corporalite.

He knew a LOT about Corporalite.

After awhile he looked up ( I am 6'6" tall ) and saw I had a full beard, which surprised him.

It was clear his mental vocabulary had a switch in terminology.

He did not speak to me after that.


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