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Thank  you,  dear  Blanchie :x     For  me  its  a  lousy  post....

My  own  opinion !    But  just  now  such  a  terrible  report !

ONLY  Jehovah  has  the  plan 1f64f.png  

All  other  reports  are  cheap  jokes 1f92e.png

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2 hours ago, Queen Esther said:

Thank  you,  dear  Blanchie :x     For  me  its  a  lousy  post....

My  own  opinion !    But  just  now  such  a  terrible  report !

ONLY  Jehovah  has  the  plan 1f64f.png  

Here's my opinion. It's a bit more generous.

It was never intended to be a "report." It was someone using their imagination. They were imagining what a newspaper could look like right after Armageddon. Have you ever read a futuristic novel?

It's not so different from this title and first line of Song 134:

  • See Yourself When All Is New
  • Just see yourself, just see me too; Just see us all in a world that is new. Think how you'll feel, how it will be . . . .

These are actually good exercises for all of us. Sometimes if something doesn't seem real, we can imagine very specific actions we would take if it were real. In some cases a mental "run-through" can help us see if we truly have faith in something, or if it doesn't make sense. I think the person showed creativity in a similar way to one who writes a novel.

Edited to add: It's like the final video from the convention as seen here: https://www.theworldnewsmedia.org/topic/56951-jw-convention-2018-final-video-english-version/?tab=comments#comment-91008

It's sensational, and it's not a true report. But it isn't intended to be. It's intended to exercise your imagination.

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NO, not  for  me  as  a  JW !!      NOT  MY  view / belief....   @JW Insider

A  futuristic novel  comparing  with  our  end-time  and  JEHOVA'S  PLAN ?  Also  with  these  wonderful  Kingdom  words ?    NOT  REALLY.....

I  know,  some of  our  special  Members, Guys, JW  here, they  love  that.  For  me  its  a  terrible  post ! Such  of weird  posts  hitting / worry  my  heart 1f625.png

I  am  really  a  sister  for  funny  jokes,  NO  problem,  I'm open  for  SO  many  things  and  love  it  to  laugh,  YES !    The  best  for  that  was  my  Greek  friend   *ARchiv@L*   I  know  him  many  years,  but  he  has  sad problems  and  never  comes  back :(  Also  Kurt  is  away,  now  Sarah / Bible Speaks...   Perhaps  I'm  the  next  one,  time  will  show  it.

Today  I  heard  a  very  special  short  talk  about  the  last  days  before  Armageddon,  coming  from  AT  -  that  I  can  accept !

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Those are the headlines I would love to see and read... not what we are living nowadays: violence, suffering, hatred, etc...

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Guest Nicole
19 hours ago, Queen Esther said:

The  best  for  that  was  my  Greek  friend   *ARchiv@L*   I  know  him  many  years,  but  he  has  sad problems  and  never  comes  back :(  Also  Kurt  is  away,  now  Sarah / Bible Speaks...

Please be discreet, no everybody has to know the identity or problems of other members here. I was wondering what happened with Archivol and asked and they didn't tell me for that being confidential. 

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    • I am not so sure that Colossians speaking about coincidence.  I never thought this way, but questions comes after reading this Colossians verses. What sort of "created lordships or governments or authorities" already existed in the heavens and on earth, especially in time period before, in the moment and after Adam and Eve were created? Have some idea?  New born human society was made of two. I see, in Genesis, how Adam had sort of "power" over animals. Eve had free will and autonomy, just like Adam. Only after Cain's crime we see how he had big fear over his life because there was possibility, that some people (who they are, where they lived, what structure they created??) will kill him because of what  he has done.  I see here some issues. God didn't punished Cain (God is Lord, Government and Authority). Adam didn't punished Cain (Adam was his father, but he didn't show he had any power over his son). Some unknown people, living who knows where have some thoughts about killing Cain, because he murdered Abel. Why would they be interested in this Adam's family "business"? And why they were interested in "punishing" Cain?  What sort of structure, legislative (lordships or governments or authorities) existed inside this outside group, tribe, society, that show us how they had something what Adam and Eve family, tribe hadn't ?
    • My above comment was an illustration.  If you find it a joke you have not thought it through. It illustrates the need for "barriers" to drive on a road safely and also to drive through life. To not tread on each others toes we need barriers which are not crossed. When they are crossed society does not function properly. There are people here who hate JWs..... so do not take them seriously.
    • 2011, after the Nation realized they could NOT keep their doctor, they could NOT keep their health plan, and the $2500 every person was going to save on their Health Care, was going to cost them about $10,000 more, and if they did not buy it, the IRS would add a whopping fine to their Income Tax return. On a related note, in 1980, the Governing Body in considering the "signs in the heavens ..." actually considered declaring Sputnik to be the fulfillment of Bible Prophesy, Schroeder, Karl Klein and Grant Suiter proposed moving the beginning of the "generation" to the year 1957, to coincide with the 1957 Sputnik event,  and it almost became "new light", except a 66-2/3 majority vote was needed to adopt that policy, and one member of the Governing Body went to the restroom, and when he came back, he changed his vote, and it failed by one vote. In retrospect, perhaps the Brother should have held his water.
    • What year did robocalls from the cloud begin besieging every man woman and child on earth day and night?
    • All jokes have to have an element of truth ..... and THIS one certainly does!
    • It's a difficult doctrine, with an easy explanation. The Earth is about 3.5 billion years old. Each creative day is (3.5 billion divided by 7 = 500,000,000) about 500 million years.. Armageddon will occur at the "End of Days". Therefore ... "Stay Alive, 'till 500,001,975". See? The math works out perfectly, AND it agrees with fossils ! TA DA! Plus! --- the .ORG gets a LOT of "wiggle room". As Marvin Webster sez: "Ya'll think about it."    
    • Like you, I find it difficult to envision Christ's enthronement in 33 CE, for pretty much the same reasons as you. The urgency and keeping on the watch would almost seem cruel, if it was to last nearly 2000 years. Unless you think about those who have been waiting since the end of the 1800's and that have now died. Well for them, it was a lifetime of waiting anyway, so pretty much we could say that there would be no difference between someone waiting their whole lifetime in the middle ages and dying, than someone waiting their whole lifetime and dying now. I mean with respect to the individual. It seems like the scripture "Therefore, beloved ones, since you are awaiting these things, do your utmost to be found finally by him spotless and unblemished and in peace"  would have practical meaning for both individuals. I am assuming that most ordinary folk (at least in Christianized nations) were aware that if they lived a good and godly life they would land in heaven. That was the reward. But you do make a good point when you say that the holy writings were not accessible to ordinary folk, and most couldn't read so would they even know  what Peter wrote about in 2 Peter ch3? On top of that, "Christian" religion, Catholicism, did not advocate millennialism much, if at all. It wasn't until the protestant reformation in the 16 the century that millenialism was revived. Excerpt from the Catholic encyclopedia: (I don't expect you to read it all, just here for info) " Protestant fanatics (lol) of the earlier years, particularly the Anabaptists, believed in a new, golden age under the sceptre of Christ, after the overthrow of the papacy and secular empires. In 1534 the Anabaptists set up in Münster (Westphalia) the new Kingdom of Zion, which advocated sharing property and women in common, as a prelude to the new kingdom of Christ. Their excesses were opposed and their millenarianism disowned by both the Augsberg (art. 17) and the Helvetian Confession (ch. 11), so that it found no admission into the Lutheran and Reformed theologies. Nevertheless, the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries produced new apocalyptic fanatics (lol) and mystics who expected the millennium in one form or another: in Germany, the Bohemian and Moravian Brethren (Comenius); in France, Pierre Jurien (L'Accomplissement des Propheties, 1686); in England at the time of Cromwell, the Independents and Jane Leade. A new phase in the development of millenarian views among the Protestants commenced with Pietism. One of the chief champions of the millennium in Germany was I.A. Bengel and his disciple Crusius, who were afterwards joined by Rothe, Volch, Thiersch, Lange and others. Protestants from Wurtemberg emigrated to Palestine (Temple Communities) in order to be closer to Christ at His second advent. Certain fantastical sects of England and North America, such as the Irvingites, Mormons, Adventists, adopted both apocalyptic and millenarian views, expecting the return of Christ and the establishment of His kingdom at an early date. Some Catholic theologians of the nineteenth century championed a moderate, modified millenarianism, especially in connection with their explanations of the Apocalypse. So it would appear that anyone living from 33 C.E  up to the 16th century (apart from the disciples and early Christian congregation, and some early church fathers) would have no idea about even the existence of the coming of Christ as king of a 1000 year kingdom...  
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