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My DFed brother got this message regarding an upcoming (non-JW) family reunion

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Isn’t she communicating with him unnecessarily?   A bit much and unloving.

I rest my case ......

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Why is the attendance of the parents contingent on the appearance of the son? Couldn't they just choose to continue to shun while there? Or would that give the impression of conditional love to all of the other family members in regards to how they treat their own flesh and blood? I'm thinking that IS the case. Wouldn't want the rest of the family to see how these two treat their own child. It might give insight into how they may be treated if they choose not to accept what the wt teaches.  

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My wife has actually seen a disfellowshipped Father who after attending his Son's Wedding, followed the people to the local park where the pictures were being taken under the trees, and he was met on the sidewalk by both of his sons and asked not to enter the park.

He asked if he could stand on the sidewalk, and take his own pictures, and they asked him to leave, because it would make the other Jehovah's Witnesses "uncomfortable".

With great anger and obvious great pain he replied "We wouldn't want anyone to be "UNCOMFORTABLE", would we?", as they turned their Father away.

She tells me that he looked like he had been stabbed in the heart, he crumpled, and with controlled rage, and an obviously broken heart, staggered away back to his car.

I wonder how "uncomfortable" it would have been for them, for him to have died right then and there, on the sidewalk, of a heart attack?

Jehovah's Witnesses are becoming universally known for one thing ... their penchant for family cruelty.

It is SO EXTREME .... that Pacifists are getting an earned  reputation for terroristic  cruelty.

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