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Could the ancient Jews eat pig fractions?

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I spent about two hours in the hospital today havin' my very first colonoscopy ... where you lay on your side and a room full of people put tools and cameras up your butt, to see if you have mushrooms growing there ... and I had six baby mushrooms aborted before they developed fangs and ate me while alive. 

Although the probability of excessive bleeding was very low, ... "things happen", and I insisted on no blood or blood fractions, as is my custom ..... so I think Jack Ryan's question is valid, pertinent, and IMPORTANT.

Having that PRINCIPLE firmly answered in one's own mind is the beginning of truth. liberty and freedom from enslavement to the minds of men, and even the vagaries and delusions that we hold dear in our own little minds, made mostly of fat.

The TRUTH will make you free ... anything else will enslave you.

Afterwards, because I had not eaten anything for 36 hours before the procedure, I came home and had a HUGE ham sandwich Hoagie/Grinder.

I even enjoyed the Oink.






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You know what I think is the most enjoyable part of this question and responses? It is that, yes it is silly and comical because of the ridiculousness of the question, it points out the exact same when applied to blood fractions within jws. I know that is the obvious, but you then have those who will make the disgust look on their face (like they smelled something bad) and explain how child like a comment like this is, not realizing that they are promoting exactly the same position. Not only promoting it, but living out such nonsense. 

Do not tell the emperor he has no clothes!!!!

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