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Young Norwich driver died when car rolled after sudden change of direction

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Police on the A1067 after a four-vehicle crash between Great Witchingham and Sparham. Pictured is the junction at Lenwade near the Dinosaur Park. Picture: Ian Burt


A 23-year-old died after the car he was driving rolled when he made a sudden change of direction to avoid another car, an inquest heard.

Jonathan Peter Grainger, of Wheatfield Road, Norwich died from multiple injuries after a four-car crash in Fakenham Road, Great Witchingham.

According to area coroner Yvonne Blake, the window cleaner from Norwich “may have been distracted” when he came across oncoming traffic at 8.50am on November 13.

In a tragic series of events, Mr Grainger veered on to the other side of the road to avoid a car turning right.

It is believed he did not see the car, made a sudden change and rolled on to the passenger side.

image (1).jpg

Police are diverting traffic on the A1067 after a four-vehicle crash between Great Witchingham and Sparham. Pictured is the junction at Lenwade near the Dinosaur Park. Picture: Ian Burt


The crash involved a Mr Grainger’s white Volkswagen Caddy van, a red Honda Civic, a black Vauxhall Corsa and a grey Seat Ateca.

One driver had no injuries in the collision, while another had a cut to her face and the third driver came out with severe bruising.

Mr Grainger, lovingly known by his friends as Johnny, was pulled from his car by firefighters who attempted to resuscitate him.

His wife of two years, Harriet Elizabeth Grainger, described her late husband as a motorsport enthusiast who raced model slot cars internationally and dreamed of becoming a motorsports journalist.

The couple had worked in voluntary construction and built places of worship to fellow Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Mr Grainger has a successful window cleaning business, while Mrs Grainger is a hairdresser. The pair met through friends and married in 2015.

A post-mortem examination revealed Mr Grainger had a minor heart abnormality which did not affect his driving at the time of the accident.

He had no drugs or alcohol in his system at the time of the crash.

All four other drivers involved also had no trace of alcohol or drugs in their system.

Area coroner Yvonne Blake gave her condolences to Mrs Grainger and her friend, Katie Whiting.

“It’s absolutely horrid especially to see someone so young,” she added. “It just shows how easy it is.”


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These younger JW's don't realize that racing is against what Jehovah wants?

Every true JW knows better than to dream of a racing career.

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He was a racer and still allowed to be part of a theocratic building team?

What is going on over there?

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@The Librarian It appears to me he was racing model (toy) cars, not full size cars.  If he was doing this internationally maybe he was combining this hobby with overseas construction trips.  

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43 minutes ago, SuzA said:

It appears to me he was racing model (toy) cars, not full size cars. 

Thanks for pointing this out. I thought it was unfair for the paper above (from 2017) to have focused on his racing hobby after a car accident that was more likely caused by distracted driving, the article says. His business was window-washing, but his wife apparently brought up the hobby because that's evidently where more people knew him from:

He was well-known in model racing circles, npi. Looking up Jon Grainger Slot Cars on Google will give you pages of articles and images showing how well-known he was to hobbyists and competitors:

Jon Grainger – The Digital Slot Car Association

Jan 25, 2018 - Jon Grainger of Norwich, UK, first took part in DiSCA competition in the Pendle Slot Racing hosted Group C series of 2013. Joining the Racing ...

Jon Grainger (ferraif40), a life cut short - The Pit Lane - SlotForum

www.slotforum.com › SlotForum › SlotForum Community Forums › The Pit Lane

Nov 14, 2017 - It is with great sadness that I'm sharing the news here that Jon Grainger, know on the forum as ferraif40, has passed away. I'm not aware of the full details of his death other than that he was involved in a car accident yesterday. ... ...So sad and shocking to hear that Jon's life has ...

His web site probably from about 5 years ago (https://strykerracing.weebly.com/about-us.html ) says the following about his hobby:

About Us


-ABOVE The main shape of the car is formed-
Stryker Racing Slot Car Kits specialise in the production of 1.32 scale slot car bodyshells. Stryker Racing is ran by Jon Grainger, an 18 year old slot racer living in Norwich, whos interests lie between building beutifull models and racing them on the track. Hence the cars are not only fantastic models, but also hand picked thanks to their good diemensions, making them perfect for racing.

Some of our models are made using 3D printing, but mainly cars begin their life in the hands of Martin Field, one of the very best model and pattern makers in the world. Martin is well-renowned, and has been employed by some of the biggest firms in the world, and has worked in many different countries.

The main shape of the car is crafted in Ureol, an epoxy modelling board. Further details are soon added, using filler, brass tube and wire, and plastic. This is then
coated in 'self etch' a filler which smooth’s out the shell in preparation for moulding. Further details such as wings, wing mirrors and wheel inserts are also produced by Martin and prepared for casting. The whole master is thinned out so that a two part mould can be produced, perfect for racing, as it keeps its
strength, while losing excess weight.

The finished master is then sent to Steve Francis, a London based caster, who works his magic with silicone and resin, turning the pattern into a resin slot car shell. Its a messy and smelly job, but despite this, Steve produces perfect replicas of the original
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