• “Your Leader is one, the Christ.”—
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  • ... 9 What can we learn from this account? We may not at times fully comprehend the reasons for new initiatives  put forth by the organization. For example, we may at first have questioned the use of electronic devices for personal study, in the ministry, and at the meetings. Now we likely realize the benefits of using them if possible. When we see the positive results of such advancements despite any doubts we might have had, we grow in faith and unity.
  • ... 16... André, a newly appointed elder, has always been attentive to changes in direction within God’s organization. He says: “The reductions in branch office personnel remind us of the urgency of the times and the need to focus our energy on the preaching activity.” [Edited to add: There was a time, not long ago, when the increase in branch office personnel was supposed to remind us of the urgency of the times, see below.]
  • 18 If we perceive the spirit behind the instructions we receive from Jehovah’s organization and their beneficial effect on us, we will likely follow that guidance with joy. We certainly appreciate that reducing the amount of literature being printed saves money; using new technologies allows us to further the Kingdom work throughout the earth. Having this in mind, we may be able to use electronic publications and media more extensively if possible. In this way, we will reflect Christ’s concern to use the organization’s resources wisely.
  • 19 When we earnestly uphold Christ’s direction, we strengthen the faith of others and contribute to unity. Reflecting on the reduction of the size of the global Bethel family, André remarks: . . .

Times and methods change of course, but I remember many talks just before and after I applied to Bethel about how it was due to the urgency of the work that there would be a huge increase in branch office personnel:

*** yb04 pp. 215-216) ***

  • In 1976, I was surprised to receive a letter of invitation to Bethel. The words “urgent” and “immediately” were underlined in the letter. . . .  I have now served at Bethel for more than 27 years. Although I have some physical limitations and have not had much secular education, I keep exerting myself so that Jehovah can use me. There are still urgent and immediate needs at Bethel!

*** yb99 p. 28 Highlights of the Past Year ***

  • The 50-percent increase in the number of publishers during the 1980’s had resulted in an urgent need for more space at Bethel.

*** g75 1/8 p. 17 A Unique Family That Serves Others ***

  • All of these who are now members of the Bethel family were moved by the urgent need of people to hear the good news of God’s kingdom, and so came to Bethel to share in furthering the preaching work from there.

*** w08 5/15 p. 20 par. 17 While You Are Young, Choose to Serve Jehovah ***

  • Have you considered . . . . Kingdom Hall construction, Bethel service, and the missionary field . . . . Since time is running out for Satan’s wicked world, entering these avenues of Kingdom service becomes more urgent every day. Will you go through the “large door” while there is still time?