@Srecko Sostar  [1] This video does not reveal JWs being at and or in sponsorship of sporting/business event, granted that majority of the world knows of what Glasgow area is all about, mind you, the reporter spoke of events that took place AFTER the games, what has been listed are those who simply come to use the venues, example would be MTV, they rented out said venue, JWs did the same. The only thing they got wrong is to say JWs were talking about sports injuries, when actual sources say JWs were preaching and inviting people to said venue, of which their convention is being held. [2] The News media itself was on BBC, the original video in full was about 5 minutes. You really have to dig deep by going back in time, not literal for it is neigh impossible, to find such, but majority is you will find a stockpile of articles on said event in 2014. [3] It is wise to pay very close attention to what these men, Blair MacNAB, Pro. Joe Goldblatt, and Scott Taylor had said in the video, surprisingly they didn’t cut this out. They speak of those being attracted to Glasgow from the Business aspect of things, as well as other things to start a business, in regards to JWs, they were there for preaching and the convention, granted this was not their first time in Glasgow, hence the sources and the very fact that JWs have a presence in the area from the get go. [4] It is unfounded that JWs are selling products, mainly if you understood everything that went down that year. [5] I mean if the Watchtower was reaching out to Scottish ones speaking Gaelic, there is no question that they, as do many JWs know of where conventions are being held or anyone of their faith community being present in Glasgow, granted that the convention not only consist of local Glasgow JWs, but visitors as well as guests from both in and out of Glasgow, perhaps outside of EU. All JWs tend to know where a convention is being held, mainly due to the website of their faith making mention of convention dates and the like as well as location; they tend to hold conventions all over the UK, even in Glasgow and it is not the first, nor will it be the last. [6] The real question is are you accepting a lie of which a former JW is telling you, granted even the video itself and the information out there defeats the whole idea of JWs being part of a sporting event when they themselves are not listed as sports, but listed as those coming to Glasgow to do what they do? There is a reason as to why there are missing comments on that video, anyone putting down facts on the matter gets wiped out, luckily, the one who posted the short video, not even bothering to add the full one, cannot remove the facts here. [7] The activities were merely preaching and inviting, even the sources says that. Clearly if they preached and invited during an event, not many people will be worrying about religion, but more about sports. That is like trying to put a movie you made out for the first time on the same date a Marvel movie is to be released, you’ll have little people going to see your movie because of the Marvel movie, therefore, the best idea was to release said movie not on the same day of a movie that everyone suddenly changes into a little fan boy and girl children to – just does not make sense, at the same time, shows a lack of common sense with such an approach, for no one is going to pay attention to God when sporting events, important to said area, is ongoing. And lastly [8] You posted this before, back in December of 2017, I had not notice it until I searched it. You stated the following in title: JWorg attracted thousands of people and millions of pounds to Scotland on XX Commonwealth Games, Glasgow 2014.   The truth of the matter is, yes JWs did attract thousands, in the 9,000s, but nowhere did they make millions of dollars/pounds in currency from inviting people to a convention being held at a venue of which they had rented. Another fact is you made the claim that, even alluded in your title this took place during the Commonwealth Games 2014 in Glasgow, which was also held at the venue (2 events cannot take place in a single venue), but the video stated that the games had ended and the JW convention, along with others after them, took place nearly 2 weeks AFTER the games since the sporting event was no longer use the venue in question. So why did you say this before when the video defeats your claim and the claims made by former JWs who cut the video as well as deleted all facts posted by those who understood? The millions of pounds of which you had mention, is unfounded. And to say they are part of the world when you yourself didn’t even double check the information, holds no foundation, friend. Now, onward to the information and facts. Actually the only mention of the Jehovah’s Witnesses (called Bible Students by the news media) was that they were listed among those who have a presence in Glasgow after the multi-sporting events have concluded, which resulted (from the sporting event of course) the high interest of Glasgow for all to come and spend their dollar there, for Glasgow is good for business, some using the venues with high availability for use, but such is not cheap to rent out depending on how large and the length of the event hosted by the buyer, like The SSE Hydro, granted there are about 9,000+ (max capacity being 13,000+) JWs with guests included, who all gathered at The SSE (Scottish Exhibition Centre) Hydro in Glasgow, specifically those who originate from Gaelic (Gaels). They were not there to speak of sports injuries as the news media claim, rather, they were preaching in the area, also inviting people to their usual 3 day conventions, since they did spend money to rent the venue, that took places days (18 to 20 days) after the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games (July 23, 2014 – August 3, 2014) for their convention took place around the August 23, 2014 (most likely the 22 to the 24th due to the it being Friday to Sunday). The video also goes on to say (oddly enough the full 5 minute video of this news media is not present) that after the sporting, Glasgow venues have taken the attention of many people, this also includes the likes of MTV, who spent money to rent out the venues, and also the Jehovah’s Witnesses, for it is not unknown to anyone, even the members of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, that they, as do others, rent out venues and or buildings for religious purpose (last I checked they do not have 3 day conventions discussing sports injuries, let alone preach it), the same can be said of them renting out sports Stadiums to hold religious events – again, such things, mainly venues at that size, costs money, mainly if the capacity is at 13,000+. Furthermore, prior to their 3 day convention, they go out and preach as well as invite, hence why the venue rented out by JWs mange to fit more than 9,000 persons consisting of Scottish JWs, visitors and guests all meeting up at the SSE Hydro venue in Glasgow for 3 days. I do not see how renting out an event makes them part of the world, so the claim is very weak in this sense, mainly if you listened carefully of what is said in the whole video, perhaps it is best to seek out the actually video itself which is somewhat a bit longer on bbc news uk. It is also good to add that, the money spent on the venue for use goes to the owners of said venues, thus they, owning that place, make the profit, not the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Moreover, as done elsewhere on how they get their funds, Jehovah’s Witnesses still have a focus on donations to help further the Great Commission command, helping their members, making more books, etc. that money itself, being donated, does not go to the owner of the venues, but to the Watchtower itself. So the claim to say that Jehovah’s Witnesses are part of the world and speak of them taking part in a sporting event when no shred of information or sponsorship of their presence is known, the only thing known is the presence they have after the events in preaching and inviting people to come to a convention, a convention that is being held in a large venue of which they themselves had spent the money to rent out. Like I said about renting out, they are going to have an English Convention being held at the venue and JW presence in Glasgow is evident, especially since there are JW churches in Glasgow and parts of the UK: July 20 to July 22 English: Glasgow: The SSE Hydro, SEC, Glasgow G3 8YW Link to all information regarding the SSE Hydro: https://www.thessehydro.com/about Article making mention of Jehovah’s Witnesses occupying the SSE Hydro space:  http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/13176456.Scottish_Jehovah_s_Witnesses_start_preaching_in_Gaelic/ Knowing how that area is, the Watchtower is well aware of Gaelic speaking people: https://www.jw.org/en/jehovahs-witnesses/activities/publishing/scottish-gaelic-irish-welsh-translation/ The SSE Hydro is a Big deal: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-30796463 as well as seen here: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-scotland-business-27619909 Also it is ridiculously obvious that the Watchtower has nothing to do with the games itself, again the claim of them being part of the world when the world knows Restorationist are not part of the world, Glasgow games in 2014 has listed it’s sponsors  to show for it also (http://www.glasgow2014.com/about-us/our-sponsors), but the news media has listed are groups that came AFTER the games to use the venues, well in this case, the, at the time, recently upgraded SEC, the SSE Hydro. Further proof of sponsorship regarding the sporting event (https://www.allabouttabletennis.com/commonwealth-games-2014-glasgow.html), it is also evident on their very own social media presence also. One thing for certain, these venues, at a glance are HUGE, and it is a pretty nice area, a lot of people in this town also. Apparently Jehovah’s Witnesses here are pretty much the old fashion type of Scottish folk, some men just like kilts, I, as a Caribbean islander, see such things as weird, but hey, I respect people who have the utmost respect in honoring their culture. FACT: The SSE Hydro is a multi-purpose indoor arena located within the Scottish Event Campus in Glasgow, Scotland. The arena was initially named The Hydro after its main sponsor, energy company Scottish & Southern Energy subsidiary Scottish Hydro. The company then re-branded itself and its subsidiary companies as SSE, however the Hydro name was retained despite it no longer being a trading name. The arena was designed by the London-based architects Foster + Partners and officially opened on 30 September 2013, with a concert by Rod Stewart. Within 3 years of opening, the SSE Hydro became the eighth-busiest venue worldwide. The arena handled 751,487 ticket sales making it the eighth-busiest music arena in the world in terms of ticket sales. It also hosted the UFC's first event in Scotland – an event which was impossible to hold in any other arena in the country. FACT: Attracting an audience of more than a million visitors each year, the venue is consistently ranked by Pollstar in the top 10 arenas globally, alongside iconic venues like Madison Square Garden and The O2. Since opening in September 2013, The SSE Hydro has staged the 2014 MTV Europe Music Awards, the Ryder Cup Gala Concert and the 2014 BBC Sports Personality of the Year. It was also a venue for the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Side Facts: Built on the site of the former Queen’s Dock, The SSE Hydro is the only UK venue of its scale built specifically for live entertainment. It is the largest entertainment venue in Scotland. The SSE Hydro has been designed to be flexible, accommodating a wide range of concerts, conferences and events. The seats and staging can be reconfigured to provide a capacity of 12,000 (all seated) or up to 13,000 (seated and standing in performance bowl). The unique façade of The SSE Hydro, made up of pneumatic translucent cushions, has been made possible by using a special film originally developed for the space industry. This allows natural light to illuminate the foyers during the day and the arena to ‘glow’ at night. The SSE Hydro has a 125 metre wide roof, with the diagonally latticed steelwork forming a shallow silver dome standing 45 metres at its highest point. The distinctive elliptical sloping shape of The SSE Hydro was inspired by ancient Greek and Roman amphitheatres. This shape offers the optimum balance of viewing angle and distance from the stage. So, the following: [A] The former JW not only cut the video, but also removed comments from those who spoke actual fact about the whole Glasgow thing, of which is also expressed here. Very odd. You can tell if a comment has been marked as spam, deleted, and or removed when the comment count is present on YouTube, mainly if you still have the older format.  There is mention of JWs by citizens of that area, stating JWs are seen preaching to houses and having carts near public areas. [C] The JWs simply rented out the venue to hold a religious convention and nothing more; the owner of the venue is SEC Limited, not the JWs. [D] Such of which you have posted does not really make any proof that this faith is part of the world, these guys wouldn’t dare pick up an AK-47 to use against another person, mainly the fact such ones who are dedicated to the faith make claim to God, something that is true, being not partial, that He wants us to work and be good towards all, mainly towards those of different from us in race, nation/tribe, religion, etc. (Micah 4:2,Galatians 6:10; Acts 10:34) [E] Anyone who spends money to rent a venue, a space, and or building, that money goes to the owner, thus the owner in question gains money from those who is using his and or her business and or product – the venue building itself, no different from renting out a Stadium or a small area inside of a Hotel to host an event.
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